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Season 3 Finale: Extremely Good
the_rent_god23 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The season 3 finale of "Grey's Anatomy" was done perfectly well with the best acting in it. The storyline was well thought out by the best, Shonda Rimes, which involved (SPOILERS!!!) Burke leaving Cristina, only minutes before she walked down the aisle. Cristina has a teeny-tiny freak-out when she found out that she washed off the vows on her had by mistake. But she was ready when Burke came in and basically told her that this wedding has turned her into something that she is not. He didn't want his wedding to be a mistake. When we see Cristina in her apartment alone in her wedding dress (by the way, which looked great!) she tells Meredith that he was gone. She said, "I'm free... damn it. Damn it. Damn it!" Sandra Oh did such a fabulous job on her part. She will definitely take home a Emmy this year just for that scene only. It surpassed the season 2 finale, because it involved ALL the characters this time. Everyone had there own set of problems just like people in real life. I was blown away by this show. It has redeemed itself.
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The feeling of freedom.
stavroylaki25 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
When I watched that episode I was going through a situation where I couldn't get off an abusive relationship. But I did it. And I remember watching the moment Christina says "I'm free". It was such an emotional moment for me, definitely my favourite episode of the whole series. And nothing will change that.
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Forced Melodrama
irishboy14122 July 2019
This episode has the most convoluted and melodramatic ending I've seen in a long time....

George is still a boring A-hole who can't decide between anything. Katherine Heigl's character undid what she did several episodes ago for the sake of more drama.

Meredith and Shepard are fighting for the sake of drama and to have another relationship issue to bring people back for the next season. Peter lets Ava go, then predictably regrets it like every single romantic comedy ever...

And OH MY GOD the whole Burke/Yang thing was B.S. and flies in the face of who they are and what they wanted at the start of the episode, it all feels so forced and stupid.

The theme of this episode is Unnecessary drama, it's so boring and transparent.
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