Hachi: A Dog's Tale (2009) Poster

Kevin DeCoste: Ronnie - 11 years


  • Ronnie - 11 years : I never met my grandfather, he died when I was just a little baby. But when I hear about him and Hachi, I feel like I know him. They taught me the meaning of loyalty. That you should never forget anyone that you loved. And that's why Hachi will forever be my hero.

    [class applauds] 

  • [first lines] 

    Heather : So even if Columbus got lost and wasn't the first to discover America, he's still my hero. He was really brave to sail in such a tiny ship over a really big ocean. And because of him, we get Columbus Day off of school.

    Teacher : Thank you Heather. Uh, Ronnie? Tell us about your hero.

    Ronnie - 11 years : [writes HACHIKO on the blackboard]  Hachiko was my grandfather Wilson's dog. Everyone called Hachi a mystery dog because they never really knew where he came from. Maybe Hachi escaped from a dog pound. Or maybe he jumped out of somebody's car some place far away, like Florida or New Jersey. But no matter how, Hachi was lost.

  • Ronnie - 11 years : Where did Grandpa find Hachi?

    Cate Wilson : Ronnie, actually, Hachi found your grandfather.

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