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heffay11131 January 2009
Superjail! reminds me of the brilliant animation that one found 20 years ago in those animation festivals that toured college campuses. Sure, it is twisted and sick, but it is so unpretentious and loyal to its own universe that it is simply genius.

From the massive body counts to the animation that makes 'Yellow Submarine' look drug-free, Superjail! is a gift from above.

I cannot believe how lucky we are that this network, whose bread and butter is cartoons for children, turns around and embraces the cutting edge while little ones sleep. I wish that I could do more than just write this to show the network my support.
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The one show on Adult Swim that you'll be thinking about all week.
niceguymolly-120 November 2008
It takes something special, a quality that possibly cannot be named, save for whatever the combination of 'violent' and 'awesome' could possibly make-- Maybe that 'awesolent' quality-- the one that makes you sit back in your chair, or couch, or edge of your bed respectively, and say "This show is so 'awesolent', I wish *I'd* created it.." Maybe I'm projecting, but we should all, as proper Adult Swim watchers, be so very thankful to have the work of Augenblick Studios at our beck and call.

Superjail is comprised of a cast of characters that are so unique-- (save for the odd resemblance of the Warden to... I'll let you finish that one..) and yet somehow relative... if only on the abstract sense.

The animation is amazing, creative doesn't even begin to describe-- there is clearly so much thought in this series, from every single aspect -- artistically, audibly-- the thoroughness is almost enough to make your gut churn, because it's so pleasing to see something so *different* from the current line up of Adult Swim. Don't get me wrong. Thereare shows that I shan't name, that do actually have excellent stories-- but the animation is garbage, it's careless, and it's done on a low budget-- okay, I know, I'm sorry the economy's bad... but Superjail..

Ahhh.. just say 'Superjail..' aloud, and sigh. Doesn't it feel good? Don't you just want to stop reading this and watch it? The shows always leave the viewer in a state of awe at the end, which is excellent. I'm not talking' dumbfounded, not sure what happened awe, I'm talking' the 'oh, holy $h!t!!!' AND THAT IS WHAT WE WANT, WHEN WE ARE WATCHING AN ADULT SWIM PROGRAM, AMIRITE? This show gets an A+, as far as I'm concerned. It's the best show on Adult Swim right now, hands down.
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Psychedelic Violence
TheExpatriate70011 May 2010
"Superjail" is a great cartoon from Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block that combines psychedelic imagery with a bucket load of graphic violence. Focusing on the exploits of an insane jail warden and his crew, Superjail is perfect for cult audiences.

One of the best parts of this series is its use of imaginative imagery. The show packs as many weird images as it can into a fifteen minute cartoon, creating a dense visual style in which a single frame can contain multiple jokes.

The psychedelic visuals coexist with a flood of graphic violence, as prisoners kill one another or fall victim to the warden's various schemes. At times, the show comes across as the unholy offspring of an R. Crumb comic and the Happy Tree Friends. Although some reviewers have suggested this show is best watched under the influence of drugs, the amount of blood makes it at best questionable eye candy.

Ultimately, this show is best appreciated by cult audiences.
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brilliant, violent animation.
drewf787 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This show evokes Beavis and Butthead, Ren and Stimpy and an old school animation style rarely seen today.

The plot swings wildly from point to point, And hardly gives the viewer a chance to catch up. The humor is on point and the brilliantly violent action "scenes" (the whole episode is pretty non-stop, the action rarely stops) The animation is the real beauty of the show however. The hand-drawn style, and non stop perspective and point of view shifts are wonderful, and the liberties taken with style are perfect,

its worth watching twice. Perhaps not for the faint of heart, but a really wonderful example of how original animation is alive and well. Not to mention hilarious and artful.
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Whatever, haters...
rdiorio15 February 2011
This show is brilliant. Yes, it's for people on hallucinogens, but the last two episodes (Time Police 1 & 2) show how deep the story can get. There are some poignant statements made about totalitarianism. If the end of Season One can illustrate what's ahead in Season Two (premiering April 3, 2011), then this show will top itself. The animation makes Rob Zombie jealous. Jared shoots evil cupcakes!

What a funny, dark, and sadistic psychedelic mind f***. Thanks Superjail! You made me decide to trip for the first time in 10 years. And it paid off! I have been checking monthly for two years for Season 2. I cannot wait to see what is next!
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Absolute Insanity
davideno30 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Superjail is an absolute acid trip. It's just a creative, crazy, and superviolent little show. To give those who have never seen it an idea, the show always starts off the same way, Jackknife a career criminal commits or attempts to commit a crime and gets beat down in hyper-violent intro by the jailbot. The story then moves to superjail which is basically a prison for supervillians. Some insane plot is enacted with the main cast consisting of the The Warden (David Wane), who incident makes the show, who is willy wonka with a playfully mad sadistic streak, Alice a sex changed super tough-as-nails prison guard, and Jared a former alcoholic henpecking clerk. After that it's balls to wall insanity until the episode ends in a 5 minute fantastic fight montage. Honestly, this show has to be watched to be believed.
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Not the most brilliant, but mind-blowing
jeffsparks1220 October 2008
I am certainly not a television or movie critic but I believe I have good taste for what at least a portion of Adult Swim fans want. Like any AS show, Super Jail takes the viewing an episode or two to appreciate and understand what the show is really about. If a viewer tries to comprehend everything in an episode of Super Jail they will have a stroke. This show has such a fast-paced and unexplained plot that it can really give someone trying to analyze it a headache. Just watch it, sit back, relax, and think about how high the writers and artists for Super Jail must get. Don't judge it before you see more than one episode, maybe you will grow to like it more this way.
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A cross between Willy Wonka, Richard Scarry, and HBO's "Oz"
Xerxes20048 December 2008
The Adult Swim lineup generally has its hit or misses but this is one of the few true animated gems in the bunch. The show follows The Warden of Superjail who brings his Wonka-esquire, Scarry inspired fantasies to life in every episode. He is flanked by Jared the neurotic accountant, Alice the "female" prison guard, and Jailbot a merciless robot enforcer. Throw in the ultra violent prisoners, two time traveling techno-twins, and an experimental doctor and you have a recipe for some crazy plot lines.

The show shines brightest in the animation department. Every episode is richly colored and detailed unlike most animation on television (are you listening Adult Swim lineup?). The pace is fast and exciting and one really doesn't know how the next inmate will be killed- knife impalement, chainsaw, being clobbered to a bloody pulp by his own arm. Did I mention the ultra-violence in this show? The blood and gore that flows in every episode brings another comedic element to the show since most of it is done for, well, comedic effect. So... NOT FOR CHILDREN! In conclusion, if you enjoy the often violent, non-sequitur tales of Don Hertzfeldt, Bill Plympton, or Ren & Stimpy- this show is for you. If not, at least give it a try.

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Brilliant animation livens up an otherwise average show.
Skibz77719 October 2008
I would not label myself as an Adult Swim connoisseur, but I've watched enough of it to realize that it's quality has greatly declined in the last few years. Though AS was and is more a showcase for offbeat, randomness-based humor than top-notch animation, recent programs have begun to severely push the limits of tolerable quality in both fields - that is to say, they aren't funny and the animation sucks (there is no excuse for '12 Oz. Mouse'. There is no excuse.).

By no means is 'Superjail' adult swim's saving grace. In terms of premise, it's no surprise it'd be in their programming block (a violent, surrealist comedy set in a violent, surrealist futuristic prison), nor is it quite chock full of gutbusting humor or even a foreseeable future beyond one or two seasons (but I feel I'm being too harsh).

See, what makes 'Superjail' stand out far above it's fellow Adult Swim shows is it's art. In a complete 180 from AS' usual preference of poorly animated Flash cartoons, 'Superjail' is psychedelic, vivid and detailed, recalling the best of early 90s alternative comics and cartoons (think Mike Judge and 'Liquid Television'). Each second of animation is pure mania, crammed with as much action as the eye can take, but never in a way that seems too busy or distracting. It's a sheer blast to the senses and you can't take your eyes off it. Simply, the art breathes with LIFE, which is a lot more than I could say about...well, ANY Adult Swim cartoon.

Not to say that the art is the show's only positive point; the consistently hilarious David Wain (of 'Wet Hot American Summer' and 'Stella') supplies the voice of "The Warden", the series' protagonist who, though slightly two-dimensional, is just as lively and wild as the animation, both in character and voice. And, though not as often as I'd have liked to, I had a hard chuckle here and there at some of the show's clever 'ATHF'-esque use of non-sequiturs ("four hearts was one too many", indeed).

Though it certainly won't become the next 'SeaLab' (or whatever), 'Superjail' is definitely worth the time for those into offbeat animation or anyone who just wants to see something *different* on TV for once. I only hope that the demented aesthetics 'Superjail' will spark a similar line of Adult Swim shows in the future and get the block back on the right track...after all, future generations simply can't endure another "Assy McGee"...
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A bizarre, surreal show with the best animation I have seen in a long time
badstrong3114 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
When I first saw this show, I noticed that it had AMAZING animation, but was still sick, twisted and bizarre.I loved it!!! Superjail is so trippy it makes Yellow Submarine look like an anti drug PSA. The show is set in what else but a jail? But it's a SUPERjail, a weird facility the size of a city that houses the most vicious inmates. It's located inside a volcano that's inside a volcano. Just a warning to protective parents, the animation is very lively, colorful and psychedelic, and the animation looks amazing, so it may end up attracting younger children. Don't let it fool you though. While it is a hilarious show, it is also very violent.Most of it is comical, but it's still really gruesome. Entertaining,but gruesome.

Even though there's only been 21 episodes as of today, there's still been time to grow fond of the characters. Every episode starts with a criminal called Jackknife committing a crime, and being captured by Jailbot during the opening theme. Jailbot is a robot that does the wishes of the Warden, and is often shown dealing with the inmates. The Warden is the owner of Superjail who likes Alice, and reminds me of a hilarious, deranged version of Willy Wonka. Almost every episode revolves around his latest schemes to improve Superjail or get what he wants, which usually results in hilarity. Alice is the the security guard. She is obviously a transvestite, very masculine, and violent. Jared is the lovable, short, panicky accountant who is recovering from almost every addiction imaginable and is often seen helping the Warden. The weirdest characters are probably the Twins. While this is more out of playfulness than out of evil, they serve as antagonists to the Warden. Most of the time they are seen messing up the Warden's plans, which inevitably leads to more violence. Although it turns out that they are in Superjail on vacation.

So basically an episode follows this format. The Warden comes up with a plan for Superjail, Jared complains, the Twins mess it up, extreme brutal violence, credits. It's simple, it's shocking, and it's hilarious. I highly recommend it to anyone who's looking for something weird.
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Nothing Tops That First Season
Better_TV14 April 2018
I was excited when I saw more Superjail episodes were being produced after the first season, but I was less excited when I saw how the show was starting to become yet another surreal pothead Adult Swim animated comedy.

The acid-trip hellscapes and grimy, underground feel of the first season disappears in subsequent seasons, so that the show is a shell of its former self. A major problem is that the animation gets cleaner and brighter; the rough-around-the-edges, scrawled-on-a-bathroom-stall look was vital to season one's in-your-face insanity. Season 2 in particular really feels like a second-order pastiche or detached parody of season 1, with awful writing and painfully unfunny new characters like the unnecessary supervillain "Lord Stingray".

But nothing tops that first season. When I first laid eyes on it, late at night on Adult Swim, I thought I'd borne witness to another plane of existence, some abominable, squirming, televised thing that could only have been the sum total of a drug-addicted, homeless 30-something's soul vomited onto animation cells and then blasphemously beamed into homes around the nation. The show disgusted me, captivated me, and left images seared into my brain that I'll never be able to scrub away.

From the sound design, to the voice acting, to the fight and torture scenes, to the angry and violent end credits, the first 10 episodes of this show are to be savored by animation fans and those looking for something to watch that pretty much amounts to religious defilement. Can't say the same for the other seasons, though.

Oh, and "Time Police" Parts 1 and 2, the final two episodes of season one, will forever be one of the best two-part finales of any television show, ever - live action or otherwise. Watch those two episodes, if nothing else.
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Good/rarely bad.
iamnessie2 December 2008
This is a better than average show. It's completely surreal and almost as original. i've watched Adult Swin ever since the beginning and while this is not the best show ever on CN, it's not even close to the worst.

Every episode starts out with the same criminal being arrested by the jailbot. After he is arrested he gets carried off to the Superjail. It gets crazy from there. The warden who is greatly played by the great David Wain is a crazy man in a purple suit. He has an assistant who is a highly pitched timid little man. And he guard who is a man looking woman (who has a bulge?) that beats the guts out of anyone who gets out of line.

It's extremely violent and over the top. It reminds of of the movie El Topo only it makes more sense, kind of. It's very surreal and gets out of hand easily but that's not a bad thing. While i've never laughed at it, it's very entertaining and never predictable. The only thing you should expect is it almost turns into chaos and twists completely. The writers most likely don't even know where they'll be going with it.

The animation is very old school and looks great especially compared to shows like 12 oz mouse. It isn't the best animation, but it's still nice.

But the shows is very entertaining and i enjoy it a lot. But if you're off put by the surreal craziness need a constant plot of it then it obviously not for you.
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If your nightmares about Sgt Pepper had a baby with a hell demon
digitalbeachbum10 August 2019
This is one of the strangest shows ever produced but it is stimulating visually. Everything is uber far out there and there are no obstructions to get in the way of the story, usually there isn't much of one.

I like it because it blows away reality and rips it to pieces, then it eats them, then poops them out in to a fire pit of hot lava which is then smeared on the entrails of a dead person, only to be used as a bandaid on Satan's ass.
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Weird, Wacky, and Sick (but in a good way)
rolfesam15 October 2016
Superjail is far and away one of the strangest pieces of animation ever allowed on the small screen. This show is much more of a bad acid trip than almost anything else you will ever see without breaking the law.

the series follows the eccentric cast of characters that inhabit Superjail and their daily sadistic adventures.

In particular I enjoyed the episodes that included the characters simply known as the twins in a supporting role but nearly every episode is graced by the show stealing Warden who's crazy shenanigans are often violent and grotesque but never boring.

I would not recommend this to the average viewer and I would never recommend this for viewing by a child but if you have read all that I've said and you want to give it a shot then by all means.

Long live Superjail!
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Life on the outside ain't what it use to be
Siberianhusky8916 March 2009
Super Jail is probably one of the most bizarre shows I have seen on Adult Swim and is, in my opinion, one of the best in a very long time. Super Jail is about a sadistic warden who wants to perfect the "art" of incarceration. The staff of Super Jail consists of the Warden, Jared, Jail Bot, and Alice. The show usually starts off with Jack Knife (A criminal) breaking a crime and Jailbot taking Jack Knife to Super Jail, the prison for extreme criminals. Jack Knife normally escapes Super Jail in some way or another.

The Warden usually comes up with a diabolical plan for the prisoners of Super Jail or some other wacky idea to get what he wishes, he also has a thing for Alice. Jared is a recovering alcoholic who tries to take care of the Warden's budget and usually gets picked on by the Warden and others. Jail Bot is a tombstone shaped robot that goes and kills whatever causes trouble, though it seems to have been programmed with sympathy. Alice is the Jail Guard of Super Jail and does a very good job at it as well as the prisoners seem to somewhat fear her, she is masculine and is a transsexual. Other characters in the show are presented throughout the series, some more important than others such as the Twins.

The Twins usually ruin The Warden's plans in some way and cause trouble. The Warden has given them more privileges than the other members of Super Jail. They can teleport, have their own laboratory, and like the Warden, can somewhat bend reality. The episodes usually end in many of Super Jail's members dieing and much panic and chaos erupting. The show is very much random and very much amusing and the plots are somewhat simple. Many people don't like this show because the drawings are "half assed" and Adult Swim couldn't find any good artists apparently, however, if you are observant, you will notice that some of the things in the back round are very well drawn. I guess it wasn't a possibility to them that they were just using that art style because it would make the show more funny and amusing to watch. I hope the show's drawings DON'T get better because if they did, they wouldn't be as amusing as they are now. There is much blood and gore in this show along with creative deaths.

@mallninjanate Dr. Venture isn't really all that sadistic first of all, he's just very self centered and is trying to live up to his father in a way. And no, the Warden is living up to his own standards, why? Because he did the exact opposite of what his father did.

Jared doesn't care about the well being of the other jail mates, he's concerned about the budget, he's no goody two-shoes, on the last episode, he looks like a Hitler type creature and blows someone's head off and acts like he's the bad ass of Super Jail in another, sure, Venture Brothers 100% "TEAM VENTURE! LET'S GO KILL PEOPLE AND GET DRUNK!" Very goody two shoes. The robot slaughters people and is efficient at doing it. The Venture one is a screw up and helps out when it's needed. Brock and Alice is probably the closest thing to being similar and even then there's not too much similar besides the fact that they can kill people quite well, Alice isn't a thinker, she just kills people, Brock is a thinker AND he kills people, but he also takes things into circumstance.

Anyhow, this is a very interesting show and proves that there still is good T.V. out there.
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One of the best of all time
chocolatedonut19 October 2016
If you love dark humor this if for you! There is not a lot of dark Humor shows out there such as the robot chicken. If you are a fan of other adult swim's series such as robot chicken you sure would love this!

There is a lot of detail unlike any other show and great humor. Some references are so funny I got hooked for the show on the first episode. If you not a fan of dark humor you should probably try at least one episode you might end up liking it.

The voice is perfectly done too. The creators of the series are very creative. There is not much of a story plot but each episode of filled with a surprise!
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Occasionally brilliant in it's execution.
andyrew67012 October 2016
It's the same thing I said for King Star King and Mr. Pickles: It achieves through it's design, environments, execution, and animation.

This show is one of Adult Swim's most TRIPPIEST shows. It's very violent, but it more often than not adheres to surreal comedy than violent situations, opposite to the case of Mr. Pickles (which more relies on gore to satisfy it's demographic). I love everything Adult Swim has been throwing at us as of late, and all the new seasons of Super jail are worth checking out. The characters are fun, most of them are very-well voiced, and it's just as mind-boggling as it's been from the beginning, never letting up on it's insane world and premises.
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The psychedlia of an LSD trip, the blatant disregard for human life as in Deadman Wonderland, and the egregious violence of Metalocalypse..In other words: AWESOME
deideiblueeyez11 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Superjail! is one of those titles where you love it or hate it. Love it because of the morbid humor, the absurd situations, and the woefully irresponsible characters as they try to clean up the messes that the Warden somehow cooks up in that brilliant (read: completely and utterly insane) brain of his. Hate it because of its apparently "bad" art work and its little-to-no plot except via a reverse Deus Ex Machina where some little idea is run with in order to get the ball rolling in the first place as well the ruthlessness and apathy of the characters that will make trying to empathize with them a chore and ultimately pointless.

Superjail! is about an alternate universe in which a comically oblivious and fairly psychopathic man-child named The Warden is in charge and the "Father" of his deceptively colorful and exotic project called Superjail, a penitentiary set some millions of miles--or perhaps dimensions--away from the rest of the world (as seen by the various opening sequences). Here prison life is taken up a few dozen dangerous notches with the prisoners attempting to brutally murder each other every chance they get, even during "down time" and the presence of the potentially lethal facilities designed to house and "rehabilitate" the prisoners, if rehabilitate could be the word to use. Really they are just cannon fodder for The Warden's weird and fatally whimsical factories, machines, and various creatures that have no qualms in completely massacring dozens of convicts every few seconds. This is normal and virtually everyone but the main characters are expendable. Even the recurring inmates, such as "The Gays" Jean and Paul; the mute Jacknife; the silent bird-lover are prone to cartoon deaths in which they are not to return to life until the next episode.

The story overall features plots that are surprisingly linear despite the chaos and due to certain forces that are beyond control, or the scheming of inmates, things take a turn for the crazy which results in a calamity that ultimately destroys what could only be assumed as billions worth in infrastructure damage and the loss of hundreds of prisoners in bloody and gruesome fashions. Indeed, the "execution" of these poor bastards is reminiscent of the freak accidents that occur at every Dethklok concert, courtesy of Metalocalypse: Squished, bludgeoned, shanked/shivved, stabbed, pureed, torn apart, eaten alive, stripped of skin, head explosions.. it doesn't matter, there are creative and absurd ways that people are going to be offed in each episode, one way or another.

Despite the seemingly shallow synopsis there are glimmers of humanity that are present within a few select characters, especially the most unlikely ones, and for the most part their emotions are played straight but in a way that would make you question whether to laugh nervously or genuinely feel for them: Jean and Paul, the aforementioned "gays", are together due to the circumstances of being incarcerated for such a long time, but they are a devoted couple and no one harasses them for it. Paul (the feminine half) is snippy with his beau but they make up in the end each time. Ash, a pyromaniac (and it shows since his body is completely covered in burns) with the ability to control fire. In one episode he discovers a little girl while working down at the Incinerator and takes her in, naming her "Sanser" (misreading her wrist band that said CANCER) and decides to throw her a birthday party. Despite the gruffness of the other inmates, they are fairly protective of her for that episode and reveal their vulnerable side while trying to entertain her, something I personally thought was touching.

What is also refreshing is how this story both imitates prison life and parodies it with the unsavory tenants, the brutality of the head prison guard (a trans-gendered woman named Alice), the spidery tattoos that color most of their bodies, their cravings (cigarettes, alcohol, women, and most importantly, freedom), and the bemusing innocent pleasure that The Warden takes in controlling and overseeing this rainbow-filled bloodbath of a prison, oftentimes with amusing "games" or activities that after a few adjustments have become a force to run away from as fast as your feet can carry you. Something also quirky are the presence of The Twins, two identical aliens that have made Superjail! their home, confusingly enough. They are prisoners but have the ability to teleport as well as conjure up objects from thin air; they apparently have their own lab and they are given free reign over Superjail! since it is pretty much impossible to stop them. They are the cause of a handful of disasters that occur in Superjail! but they aren't malicious per se, just mischievous. They also are frequent commentators of the chaos occurring around them and may even speed things along if they're bored.

This show is something that would be best to watch by yourself, then watch with a friend, then watch by yourself again, as you're sure to find something different each time (and your friend may bring something to your attention that you hadn't noticed before). As my review title notes, if you like at least one of those things then I recommend you watch this.
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a perfect series!
ivyli-637971 April 2020
Well... I've watched the whole series for twice,honestly,I can't understand everything the writer wanna tell us , it's kinda weird but I love this animation a lot.
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Another show that shouldn't be good
Pukeonthestreet11 February 2020
But is. The premise alone is insane as is most of the plot. But there's something magical and enjoyable about it.
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Hell Yeah!
nasdagoodshepherd2 June 2019
Superjail! is without a doubt one of the best Adult Swim cartoons ever made, I mean really, guys, really! The Warden, Jared, Alice, The Twins, Stingray, and other characters are all cool! I love the writing, I love the blood and glore violence, and I love the variety of the background, everything about this show is simply cool! Give this one a 9.8/10
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GREATEST Miniseries of all time!!
amberlese15 August 2012
The only negative thing about Superjail, is The Twins, these two blond, identical twin aliens with European-sounding accents...they almost make the show Unwatchable. But aside from those two annoying FREAKS, the show is Unbelievable!! Superjail is so Fast paced & unpredictable, I never know what'll happen next. There is so much Gruesome violence, it's unlike any other cartoon I've ever seen before. I've never seen a show this violent & hilarious at the same time. By the end of every episode, I'm always stuck in Awe. I can never get enough of this show, I really wish they'd give this show more often, instead of the same old dreadful shows, like Family Guy. (I'm a HUGE fan of Superjail! I LOVE this show!)
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The show you shouldn't watch
0maro029 January 2019
This show is very bad, and not in the fun way. It's deeply disturbing, since it's nothing but extreme amount of violence. There's no good writing, no charisma in characters, animation is awful. All of the above could've been exused if there was some deep commentary on society normas and prison system, but there isn't any of that. Why this show needed to be done? The only thing I can think of (aside from creator's needs to sublimate some very problematic urges) is that it was intended as a show no one should actually watch, because of how bad it is. In that case, of course, it would be a great piece of art. Unfortunately, something tells me it's just an awful animation with nothing inside whatsoever. Why some people like it so much is beyond my understanding, but I will assume that it's because they are as problematic as creator of this piece of...culture.
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What's going on?
oscarchapm21 July 2021
I watched the whole show and still don't know what it's about.
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Zachpowless4278 April 2021
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