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Me Am Writer of "Meet Spartans". You Like Me Movie!
randycoates21 February 2008
Me movie is good. Me am smart. Make funny ha ha joke! Ha Ha! Me show you... ug.... people you am know from pop culture tabloids. Me make fun of them! Me show you fat person and you laugh! You laugh at little midgets and farting! PBBBLLLP! Fart noise! HA HA Funny! Me poop my pants. In funny movie Meet Spartans I make fun of other movie. I take scenes from movies you know and make them funny. I add farts or have people kicked down into a hole. I make funny gay jokes about gay people! Ha ha! Don't forget, you laugh at Kevin Federline because he is big loser! Him think he can rap just like me think me can write joke! Me write movie! You remember Epic Movie? Me write that too. Me write with crayons or my own poop that I scoop out of toilet after I fart and go pooh. Me make funny jokes about Paris Hilton. She so stupid! She am loose sexually. Ha HA HA! Me write sequel soon. Me deserve bazillions of dollars for buying things me stupid family deserve. Me ug fbloduad boodle! HAHA!
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The movie you'll watch when you dine in hell.
tymothy26 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This is perhaps one of the most awful films I've seen. Much as I enjoy tacky spoof humor, this movie just falls flat. So many of the film's jokes are so drawn out that whatever humor originally present just gets diluted. It was funny kicking a celebrity into the pit of death once. Five times later, it's just stale and dragging. If you've seen the trailers to this, you've basically seen about 90% of the film. The script could have been easily condensed to a 10 minute sketch for Saturday Night Live. The humor is so repetitive; almost all of the jokes play off either the Spartans questionable sexuality or celebrities' promiscuity. A blurred-out vagina just isn't that funny, why did the movie choose to use it 5 times? While there were numerous pop-culture references, there simply wasn't much done with it. Someone forgot to tell the middle-schooler who wrote this that having a poorly impersonated celebrity appear isn't funny by itself.

Don't see this movie, even if you liked similar spoof movies (like Scary Movie).
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Terrible in every way possible.
Queer-qatfm27 January 2008
A dismal failure of a spoof with only the slightest bit of funny. This dreck breaks all the rules of good spoofing.

1. Be timely. A joke about Ellen in Mr Wrong? Really?

2. Be funny when offensive. Accident prone kid in Scary Movie 3, mildly funny. Assault on a kid by Spartian, not funny.

3. Be subtle sometimes. Not everything has to go to the extreme.

4. Be broad. Go everywhere for your spoofs, not just the same wells over and over.


5. DON'T EXPLAIN EVERY RIFF AND SOURCE MATERIAL. If you have to tell your audience where it comes from, chances are it's not funny.

The fact that this film is only 60 odd minutes plus one of the longest credit sequences loaded with even more unfunny deleted scenes (seriously can't those wait for the DVD no one should buy either), that's just adding insult to injury.
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Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer are hacks
ToppsyKretts27 January 2008
Anyone who would remotely consider themselves to be a fan of the spoof genre would reject this trash. I'll be the first one to admit that taste is subjective, but the guys that made this movie lack any sort of talent for this type of movie

I implore anyone to check out the following spoof movies:

Airplane! Top Secret The Naked Gun The Naked Gun 2 1/2 Hot Shots Hot Shots: Part Deux Kentucky Fried Movie (yes, its "old" but a classic none the less) Mafia! BASEketball Scary Movie 3 Sacry Movie 4

Not all of these are great. Many are a product of their era. Some are downright "average" spoof movies, at best. But compared to "Meet the Spartans" (or Epic Movie or Date Movie) they are a BILLION times better. And they have one thing in common... Zucker / Abrahams / Zucker (also must give props to writer Pat Proft). These guys INVENTED this genre. Watch these films and you will realize Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer are talentless hacks who think just making a reference to pop culture is funny.

If Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer are reading this, I suggest you might want to watch these movies as well. You might learn a thing or two.
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Imagine Death on Film
charmeleonaire26 January 2008
I don't know how my brain allowed me to see this picture. I thought it would be like trying to suffocate yourself; your body would just shut down before you could do it. Apparently I was wrong. I sat through this movie and laughed once, and that was during the preview for another movie. There was the odd part where I might have cracked a smile or thought, "This might be funny if..." but there is a very good reason for that. Instead of making good jokes and thoughtful humour, the writers decided to just constantly send an endless stream of jokes at you and hoped one of them made you chuckle. This movie was truly atrocious. You would think after having their last two films be on the bottom 100 of this site, the makers would say, "Lets try something different," but no, it is the exact same as Date Movie and Epic Movie; Bad.
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An All Time Low for Comedy
bowtiecinema26 January 2008
I work at a movie theater, so the only reason I went to see this movie was because it was free and I thought that it just might be the kind of movie that's so bad me and my friends could entertain ourselves by making fun of it. However, Meet the Spartans left us completely dumbfounded and speechless. It's beyond bad! There was nothing you could say that could make of this movie, it does it all by itself and it doesn't even allow you to laugh while you watch it going down in flames. I considered its predecessor, Epic Movie, to be among one of the worst movies ever made. I didn't think it could possibly get worse, but it did. It's like watching 300 all over again expect with ridiculous pop culture references that aren't even funny. The guys who made this movie obviously don't understand comedy in the slightest bit. I hope that this is the last one of these ridiculous comedies that gets to occupy a theater over another film that might actually be worth something. This film is a waste of money for starters, but even if you don't have to pay, it's just a waste of time.
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I left the movie tired and depressed.
TOMNEL27 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The only reason I went to see this movie, was because I knew it was going to be bad. That's obviously not a good reason, but in retrospect, some really bad movies are funny when thought about later. I've had chuckles about how bad Epic Movie was, but this....this was different. Maybe it was the fact that half the audience was laughing at these awful jokes, or the fact that this stupid monstrosity was even green lighted, but after this ended I felt drained of my life. No movie has ever made me feel this way.

"Meet the Spartans" has the sparse running time of 65 minutes (not counting the lengthy end credits), which was a blessing to the audience. The jokes all feel like ones that 9 year old boys would find hysterical, where everyone else would just hate them. Other than spoof jokes, every other joke is one involving pain. There were dozens of crotch hits and back breaks. There are also many gross out, vomit, sneezing, and boil bursting jokes. There was one joke that had me mildly chuckling, but then they killed the joke by over explaining it. It didn't need to be explained, a monkey could understand it. Repetitiveness was the only word that comes to mind when watching this. King Leonidas knocks a messenger in the hole, then his two men. Okay, not funny, but at least it's over....right? Nope. Then he knocks Sanjaya, Brittany Spears, Kevin Federline, The American Idol judges and Ryan Seacrest in the hole. After the credits seem to be over, deleted scenes are shown simply to make the movie more than 70 minutes. During the deleted scenes, Dane Cook, George W. Bush, Tom Cruise, and Ellen Degeneres are also knocked in the hole. The joke is done 10 times over.

The two extremely untalented writers of this mess want to include every movie possible, and mention every celebrity they can, and include any show they can cram in. There are 3 instances of celebrity panels judging the Spartans in this, and it's not like it was a running joke either. It was just lack of ideas. Much of the celebrity humor was just the celebrities pointing out their character traits. Paris Hilton, who is in a few scenes, but ultimately disappears with no point, talks about her jail time. Brittany Spears acts crazy. Lindsey Lohan gets out of rehab. Tyra Banks shows her cellulite. And every other celebrity that is made fun of, has the exact same role. Also, there is a joke in poor taste. When Leonidas is going to be killed by a talking penguin, it says, "Say hi to Anna Nicole Smith for me." These idiot writers are stooping as low as to make fun of people being dead? It's terrible. References to TV were thrown around, usually making no sense and totally pointless. Ugly Betty is the oracle. Just plain stupid. The movies were also thrown about all over so people in the audience could say, "Duh, I know what they're referencing." To give away a mild spoiler and one of the dumbest scenes in the movie, Carmen Electra's character turns into Spiderman and she beats up the Sandman, who is then pooped on by a cat. It made no sense why it was thrown in here. That's how I felt about pretty much every part of this movie though.

Now, back to myself. When the movie ended after just over an hour, I had a headache, and wondered how dumb some people truly are, because nobody of any intelligence could've thought this was hilarious. But of course this is my opinion, and warning, don't see this movie! It will cause depression.

My rating: Possibly worst movie I've ever seen. 80 mins. PG-13 for language, sexual and crude humor.
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The reason cinema was invented
gut-622 June 2009
Having previously seen "Date Movie" and "Epic Movie" (also by these gentlemen) and "Plan 9 From Outer Space" (by the equally talented Edward Woodward) I was gasping and sweating and feeling my anus slacken with anticipation when I heard this movie was going to be released. I was even more delighted when I saw the trailer. All too often comedy movie trailers contain all the best jokes, leaving nothing funny for the actual movie. I knew this movie was going to be great when I saw the trailer and there wasn't ONE FUNNY BIT IN IT!!!!! Clearly these were film makers who did not need to advertise their greatness, as they could rely on their genius to advertise itself. I knew we were going to experience a comedy masterpiece on par with "Diff'rent Strokes", "Australia's Funniest Home Videos" or Michael Jackson's cosmetic surgery.

I set up camp outside the box office 2 days before tickets went on sale to be sure we got the first tickets accompanied, after a sound thrashing, by my wife and my little boy. For two days and nights we struggled on that lonely sidewalk against hunger and thirst and heat and exposure, and towards the end we had to resort to drinking our own urine. But it was worth it, because when "Meet the Spartans" finally opened we were the only people in the cinema.

And what a movie it was! My own memories are a little hazy given the addled state I was in after two days in the street. For my own part, I was laughing and hollering too much at the little purple animals floating around in the cinema to notice much of the movie. I do remember bits of the trailer getting repeated over and over again, but that must have been the hallucinations as well. However I do remember my wife and my little boy found it so funny they were too astonished to laugh. After a while the exertions of the previous 2 days took their toll and they fell asleep with their precious heads lolling into my unwashed groin. But shoot, I wasn't complaining :-) All in all it was probably the greatest day of my life, and perhaps anyone's life.

I was delighted to learn that there was a "Meet the Spartans 2". If there was one film crying out for a sequel, it must surely be this one. As with "Weekend at Bernie's", you just got the feeling that one movie was not enough to fully explore the vast richness of ideas on display. One can only hope it will produce more sequels than the Star Wars and the Police Academy series combined.
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Worst movie i've seen in a theater
jj_nine26 January 2008
I was recently forced to sit through Meet the Spartans. Ill start by saying that i'm very sick of all this epic/date/scary movie junk. It's been overdone and only appeals to people under the age of 9. The humor in this movie was just as awful as i thought it would be and i could predict the entire movie. I was told before-hand that it was only about 90 minutes, and was a little upset id be paying for that. After watching the movie i was beyond glad that i only had to be tortured for that long, rather than the usual 2 hours. I'll close by saying that if you're forced to watch this movie, rip your eyes out of your skull and pour salt into your head. It will be much more enjoyable.
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Seen it all before
r28726 January 2008
This was easily one of the worst films i've seen so far this year. I was obviously made very cheaply and it really shows on the screen. The jokes are extremely childish yet I wouldn't recommend it for children as some bits are somewhat offencive..they have really missed the mark on this one which I was really hoping would be good as I usually love this style of film. Most of the gags in the film have been seen time and time again and by the end the audience was really switching off and the younger members of the audience just started throwing popcorn around as it was so bad. In short if you have to go to the cinema this weekend see something else.
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Just awful....just plain awful.
hisjester27 January 2008
I saw this the other day with a group of friends and I'm not sure I even saw all of it, but what I saw was enough for me to wish my $7.50 and the hour back. Seriously the version I saw was only and hour. I'm not sure if the theater missed a reel or what but I find it odd that even though I hated this film, I feel cheated by the fact that the supposed 84 min film came in at about 60 when I watched. I'll admit I chuckled every so ofter, but for the most part the fact that all the things being spoofed were telegraphed (Who are you monster! Paris Hilton! Like Toby Macquire in Spider-man 3).

Oh well. Stay away!

Can anyone verify if I got gypped?
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Don't waste your money
tcook10127 January 2008
This was literally the worst movie I have ever seen. I am a movie buff and tend to love all sorts of movies, this movie was a waste of my time and money. They tend to use the same joke time and time again, after the first time, it's not funny anymore!! Also, Parents beware!! This is NOT a movie for children to go to. It is PG-13 but I feel anyone under 16 should not see it, in one scene Carmen Electra is laying on a table with only tomatoes covering her nipples and a slice of pizza covering her crotch. There are lots of other provocative scenes that is inappropriate for children. All in all the movie was crude, disgusting and vulgar, not funny at all except for the opening scene. Don't see it, you'll be extremely disappointed.
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Hard to claim spoilers when no plot exists.
lesterhaynes26 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
To put it bluntly, I have never seen a worse film. I'll admit, I have been following these releases through the years and have enjoyed most of them. The Scary Movies are all pretty creative, I think, and do make me laugh. The spin-offs are less abundant in imagination, but still are enjoyable. But this... I just wasn't feeling it. Like a previous commenter said, a certain joke can only be told so many times. Yeah, I get that these people are gay. While it may be funny a first or second time, it gets old fast. There were a few times where I felt like leaving the theater for this very reason.

Also, it doesn't help that it attempts to capitalize and embody the worst shows modern television has to offer. If you are a person who can't stand watching: American Idol, MTV's Yo Mamma(real title?), that Deal or No Deal show, or Dancing With the Stars... you will be infuriated by this film.

Very rarely do I find myself staring at the credits after a movie, feeling so ripped off.
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Left me Speechless
pandaemily10963 February 2008
My friends said, "It's awful! Please don't see it!" I should have listened to them.

This movie left me speechless. I went in thinking my wise old friends were just too critical, and I came out horrified. I was expecting just some lame, stupid spoof that actually had a funny joke here and there, but all it was was just all of the vulnerable celebrities out there being teased and then pushed into a pit.

The commercials were also very misleading. They made the movie actually look half decent. But the sad yet honest truth is that the slams and teasing they call "jokes" about the movies and celebrities were really crude, impolite, and way too overboard.

As funny as the commercials make it look, this movie is very mean, gross, and juvenile. So, just like my dear friends warned me, DON'T SEE IT.
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The Cinematic Equivalent of Rape
i-c-d19 August 2008

Watching this film may cause an unpleasant sensation in the eyes and ears, prolonged exposure may lead to death via suicide.

It is suggested that those considering viewing this film consider a more productive and enjoyable use of their time. Covering your own genitalia in dog food and attempting to outrun a Rottweiler is just one of the exciting activities you may wish to consider instead of watching this film.

There is a part of this film that has merit, it is called the Credits. The Credits are a useful tool as they reveal those responsible for this abomination and enable you to avoid any of their future work.
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Horrible, I hated it!!!
pollards1126 January 2008
This was one of the worst films I can say I have ever seen in my lifetime!!!

The spoofs were corny and stupid and the movie was like an hour long.

The movie is like an hour of hell.

I hope they never make a movie this bad again!!!

I also would like to see a really good spoof movie in the future... i really enjoyed scary movie 1 and 2.

One way to solve the problem is to get the Wayans bros. back into spoofing too.

Overall .5 out of 10 (yes .5)

get ready for a horrible ride of spoofs!!
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Like watching an extended episode of Mad TV...
shafcrawler199010 February 2008
That pretty much sums it up. This movie would be more appropriate as a special episode of a sketch show like Mad TV. Paying to watch this in the theaters is totally worthless. I will not rule out possibilities of getting it on DVD, though. It has some funny moments, but not all that funny. Some parts that were supposed to be funny never got a laugh out of anyone in the theater, while some made everyone giggle in the least.

As far as acting is concerned, It is unlikely that anyone would be expecting Oscar-winning acting off such a film. Suffice to say, when asked for, the actors deliver a fulfilling act. The problem is not with the actors. It is with the script. Every other scene, I would go "I could have made this soo much funnier". So yeah, there we have it. But overall, I would say I liked this better than Epic Movie and Date Movie. Nowhere near the scary movies though.

So, bottom line, do not waste your time and money watching this in the theaters. Wait for it on DVD or Star Movies. On a plus side, Mad TV fans (like me) will enjoy the antiques of Nicole Parker in the film.
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not bad at all
EchoMaRinE16 March 2010
I was looking at the top worst 100 list and saw the name of this movie so I felt the urge to write about it. I watched Meet the Spartans last year and it was funny. It is a comedy and it gives what it promises. I read some of the comments and people are really harsh on it. Come on, it is not a masterpiece for sure but it is not that bad. I am pretty sure a lot of people voted without watching and they voted very low since this is making fun of 300. I personally liked 300, it was a great movie but that doesn't mean you can't make fun of it. Humor is a very difficult subject and I strongly suggest not to get influenced by the comments for comedy movies. Just watch it and see it for yourself. If you don't find it funny, then you just stop watching.
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I think I'm in the Minority Here
masercot29 May 2009
Was this a bad movie? Compellingly bad. So bad that you have to see what comes next. There are more gay jokes in this flick than can be found in a double feature of "The Bird Cage" and "The Torch Singer". Were the Spartans homosexuals? Duh! Why did I like this movie? "Meet the Spartans" was a structure-free movie, possibly made without a script. Each joke must stand on its own and does. Throughout is the best imitation of Leonidas I can imagine, saying things that I never thought would leave the actor's mouth.

This movies isn't Airplane, but it is funny. More than funny, it is fun. Anyone that can fit spiderman into a movie about ancient Greece isn't all bad...
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Waste of money
GeneralGore26 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This parody of 300 isn't worth paying to see. Even if it was free, I wouldn't recommend watching it.

I was glad that the movie was barely 90 minutes long as I couldn't stand to watch it for much longer. I would have walked out of the movie had it not been for my friend watching it with me.

The movie itself is full scenes loosely strung together, unfunny dialog, and editing that makes me wonder if Windows Movie Maker was used. Just from the opening scene there was a vomit joke (with magic vomit that disappeared the second the angle changed) and lip syncing that made a Brittany Spears concert look impressive.

Also included in the movie was Carmen Electra, the walking eye candy for their 13 year old boy target demographic. Most of the scenes she was in involved the camera focusing on her breasts or her walking around in revealing clothing.

After going to battle there was little direction to the movie, and they seemed to just wander around trying to make as many references to pop culture with as little humor as possible.

The remainder of the "jokes" involved either product placement or homosexuality. The product placement became so frequent throughout the movie that I began to wonder if they were even making fun of it anymore.

Most of these attempts at comedy were poorly received by the audience, save a few children who also had to scream out "eww" whenever the Spartans stood in a provocative position in their revealing clothing.

The movie ended quite abruptly, with all Leonidas and his Spartans killed and the blind incompetent spartan inadvertently running away. It ended with the cast singing "I Will Survive" (for the second time) on an American Idol stage, and finally ending the torment of watching the movie.

Overall, I would not recommend anyone viewing this movie. The whole thing looked like it was quickly filmed and edited the month before it was released and contained barely any humor.
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Sloppy, but fun
Smells_Like_Cheese26 January 2008
I was looking forward to seeing Meet the Spartans, from the first few theatrical trailers, it looked like a lot of fun and not like a horrible parody. But I have to admit that when it had it's TV spots, it was starting to look bad, but my boyfriend and I still saw it last night, just to see maybe if it still had some laughs. Now, while I'm still disappointed in most of the movie, there were a few good laughs I think. It was made pretty badly, but I think most spoof movies are made that way since they don't have a sense of reality, so I'll be kind on that subject. Plus, the movie in general was weird, they took on the movie 300, fully, like re-shot the entire film, and just added their own jokes on TV, movies, pop culture, and random things.

Leonidas has just been made king of Sparta, and his world is rocking with his bombshell wife, Queen Margo, and life couldn't be better. But when he is challenged by the Persians, he must protect Sparta with, well, only 8 guys. But hoping that "they will survive", they go into a battle of stomping the yard, talking smack, and even having to deal with some transformers. Leonidas is getting more and more steamed though as he realizes that the blue screen Persians may be too much for he and his team can handle.

Meet the Spartans had some really funny moments, like I loved and nearly died laughing when the Spartans were leaving their country and they left hand in hand singing "I will Survive", it was so stupid, I know, but if you let go and have fun, I'm sure you'll laugh too. But there were things I was disappointed in, like the constant potty humor, it would be nice if the writers grew past the second grade level humor. There was some jokes that were predictable and used too many times in other spoofs. But over all this was definitely better than Epic Movie or Date Movie. If you go to see this, there are a few laughs, but don't expect the best comedy of the year.

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An unparalleled audio-visual sedative.
stuartthomasgoodall25 January 2016
I can not recommend this film enough. There is not a single thing about it with which I can find fault. It surpasses everything that I have ever used for subduing primates that have been severely agitated after gene-splicing therapy. Ketamine, opium, ether and good old-fashioned chloroform do not even come close - not only because of dosage considerations, but also because you have to buy them more than once. This film, however, works every time with no loss of effect: the primates seem to be unable to build any resistance whatsoever. Every single time I put it on the projectors they are slumped against the bars of their cages, drooling, within 40 minutes. An outstanding product.
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Total waste of space
spiky_jake15 October 2008
Words cannot express how much a disliked this film. The jokes are tired and old, the look a-likes are very poor, even the stage where it is shot looks like something i could have put up in my back garden.

I sniggered at some of the jokes, but most of the scenes i was cringing, hoping that it would improve.

Funny films to watch, "not another teen movie, Hot shots, Hot Shorts part deux," but defiantly not this film.

Carmen Electrica is very hot, but her role in these films is growing tiresome.

It doesn't happen that often but some films i just can't watch until the end, so i'm glad i only caught this on DVD, it's just a shame i'm not able to put lower than 1 out of 10.
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Awesome Spoof Movie.... Freakin' Hilarious !!!
richie515015 January 2011
This movie is so funny. I didn't see it at a theater or rent it. I was lucky enough to buy the DVD from a rental store for 5 bucks, based on seeing the previews, and have watched this hilarious piece of spoof art, at least 20+ times... I love it ! My wife even loves it too. If I need to cheer myself up and laugh a little, this movie works for me. If you like spoof movies similar to Airplane, Police Squad, Scary Movie series, Hotshots, History of the World,... You should be well pleased by the mountain of wit and humor put into this spoof. This movie is one of the greats. Don't be swayed by the "Uptight's" who lack a sense of humor. They need laying... either in the bedroom or in a coffin.
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Excellent movie
njpizarro23 May 2009
It is a great movie if you are not American. How can you explain that comedies like Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy has a user rating of 7 or Blades of glory has 6.6? Meet the Spartans has many funny scenes and dialogs. The characters are well developed and there was never a dull moment, the script flowed easily, the acting was first-rate. Parody movies are always of the type 'love or hate' it. I don't see why so many people hate this movie. I am not intellectual, I love cinema as culture, but also as entertainment, so I like them. Congratulations on a movie that not only met expectations but exceeded them.
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