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Centuries following nuclear war, a teen leaves the safety of an underground vault in order to find their father, who left in hopes of creating a water purifier.


Todd Howard


Emil Pagliarulo (lead writer), Erik J. Caponi | 10 more credits »
5 wins & 15 nominations. See more awards »





Cast overview, first billed only:
Liam Neeson ... James - Father (voice)
Malcolm McDowell ... President John Henry Eden (voice)
Ron Perlman ... Narrator (voice)
Odette Annable ... Amata Almodovar (voice) (as Odette Yustman)
Jeff Baker ... Stanley Armstrong / Hannibal Hamlin / Sergeant RL-3 / Herman Gomez / Gary Staley / Button Gwinnett / Edgar Wellington II / Gary Clones / Mel / Ernest 'Uncle' Roe / Bannon / Dusty / Willy Wilson / Bronson / Stevie Mack / Paul Hannon Sr. / John Kendall / Officer Richards / Officer O'Brian / Officer Park / Officer Wolfe / Doc Hoff / Drifter / Knight Dillon / Henry Young / Ian West / Jack Smith / Jotun / Junders Plunkett / Knight Captain Colvin / Silas / Harkness (pre-transformation) / Branchtender Linden / Pappy / Frank / Paulie Cantelli / Roger Rockwell / Ronald Lauren / Rory McLaren / Scribe Bowditch / Stockholm / Micky / Carlos / Willy / Ymir / Scavengers / Brotherhood of Steel Initiates / Brotherhood of Steel Scribes / The Wasteland Junkie / Hunters / Hitmens / Escaped Slaves / Megaton Refugees / Wastelanders / Brotherhood Outcasts / Megaton Settlers / Patients / Tenpenny Tower Residents / Desmond Lockheart - Point Lookout DLC (voice)
William Bassett ... Elder Owyn Lyons (voice)
Karen Carbone Karen Carbone ... Catherine - Mother / Moira Brown / Red / Suzie Mack / Sydney / Anna Holt / Belle Bonny / Brianna / Cherry / Crimson / Fantasia / Lana Danvers / Nova / Rosie / Susan Lancaster / Scribe Yearling / Rivet City Security Guards / Brotherhood of Steel Paladins / Brotherhood of Steel Knights / Brotherhood of Steel Initiates / Wastelanders / Caravan Guards / Children of the Atom / Escaped Slaves (voice)
Johnny Contino Johnny Contino ... Grouse / Sam Warrick / Mad Johnny Wes / Regulators / Slavers / Wastelanders / Tenpenny Security Guards / Brotherhood Outcasts / Brotherhood of Steel Paladins / Brotherhood of Steel Knights / Brotherhood of Steel Initiates / Caravan Guards (voice)
Erik Dellums ... Three Dog (voice) (as Erik Todd Dellums)
Paul Eiding ... Nathan Vargas / Abraham Washington / Tree Father Birch / Evan King / Arkansas / Daniel Littlehorn / Dr. Zimmer / Walter / Father Clifford / Mister Lopez / Dr. Julius Banfield / Herbert Dashwood / Irving Cheng / Harris Smith / Breadbox / Tinker Joe / Officer Taylor / The Preacher / Bill Steward (voice)
Shari Elliker Shari Elliker ... Beatrice Armstrong / Reilly / Star Paladin Cross / Victoria Watts / Bleak / Brailee Ewers / Brick / Carolina Red / Christie Young / Cindy Cantelli / Cutter / Knight Captain Dusk / Ellen DeLoria / Holly / Scribe Jameson / Janet Rockwell / Janice Kaplinski / Jenny Stahl / Jessica / Karen Schenzy / Kimba / Linda Smith / Lydia Montenegro / Mabel Henderson / Branchtender Maple / Martha Simpson / Martha Wilson / Mei Wong / Millicient Wellington / Defender Morgan / Pat Neusbaum / Silver / Simone Cameron / Sonora Cruz / Tammy Hargrave / Tanya 'The AntAgonizer' Christoff / Child Slaver / Wastelanders / Tenpenny Residents / Slavers / Brotherhood of Steel Paladins / Brotherhood of Steel Knights / Brotherhood of Steel Initiates / Brotherhood Outcasts / Captives / Female Raiders / Caravan Traders / Megaton Settlers / Hunter (voice)
Peter Gil Peter Gil ... Colonel Augustus Autumn / Confessor Cromwell (voice)
Gregory Gorton Gregory Gorton ... Jonas Palmer / Dave / Horace Pinkerton / Vance / Daniel Agincourt / Officer Armstrong / Protector Casdin / Doc Church / Crow / Branchtender Cypress / Dominic D'Ellsadro / Ken Ewers / Herman Gomez (Trouble on the Homefront) / Michael Hawthorne / Seagrave Holmes / Paladin Hoss / Anthony Ling / Lug-Nut / George Neusbaum / Scribe Peabody / Initiate Pek / Dr. Preston / Shorty / Leo Stahl / Leroy Walker / Sister / Carter / Laszlo Radford / John Malleus / Museum of Technology voiceover / Hunters / Caravan Traders / Megaton Settlers / Scavengers / Caravan Guards / Brotherhood of Steel Initiates / Brotherhood of Steel Scribes (voice)
Duncan Hood Duncan Hood ... Overseer Alphonse Almodovar / Dukov / Scribe Reginald Rothchild / Tobar - Point Loockout DLC (voice)
Jake Howard Jake Howard ... One Year Baby (voice)

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In the far future where Earth has become a devastated wasteland, you're the child of the noted scientist James in the underground Vault 101 that's in the Washington DC area. Upon reaching adulthood, your father has mysteriously disappeared into the outside for some unknown purpose. Soon, you're forced to flee outside yourself from the murderous tyranny of the Vault Overseer who'll not tolerate such dissent. Now, you'll begin the search for your father as your adventures begin that'll either bring hope to that dismal world or destroy it. Written by Kenneth Chisholm (kchishol@rogers.com)

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Prepare for the future.


M | See all certifications »

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Did You Know?


Originally Med-X was called morphine, but to obtain an MA15+ (instead or being refused classification) in Australia they had to make this small change, Bethesda then subsequently decided to use this edit for all worldwide editions, ironically this worked in the games lore as there was never any real world drugs within the series as they always had fictional names. See more »


General Chase has a goatee, which is forbidden under U.S. Army grooming regulations. See more »


Gob: Hey smoothskin, you need something? Drink maybe? Anything at all?
Player: Let me think about it a moment my good man.
Gob: Wait, you're not gonna hit me? Yell at me? Not even berate me a little bit?
Player: I hadn't planned on it.
Gob: Well now that's a surprise. I'm used to every asshole smoothskin in this town treating me like shit just cause I look like a corpse. It's good to see there are still a few worth while people out there. Look Moriaoty'd have my head if he caught me selling at a discount, but for you I'll risk ...
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Alternate Versions

In the Japanese version of the game, the "Fat Man" mini-nuke launcher was renamed the "Nuks-Launcher". This was done because the bomb the United States dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima was nicknamed Fat Man. See more »


References The Legend of Zelda (1986) See more »


Swing Doors
Written by Allan Gray (PRS)
Published by KPM APM (ASCAP)
Courtesy of APM Music, Inc.
By Arrangement with EMI Production Music UK
Featured in Galaxy News Radio
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User Reviews

High-end Roleplaying..just not for everyone..
28 November 2008 | by jinxtaSee all my reviews

I've been reading a lot of negative comments on this title and I felt I should put my opinion out there as well, because I believe most of those comments come from people that have either not played the game at all, or are no RPG gamers in the first place. That is exactly, first and foremost, what this game is..a huge, intelligent RPG, that takes time, effort and brains to complete. There are a few minor mistakes (like the same voices being used for many of the different interactive characters), but in my opinion, the sheer volume and content of the game itself, makes up for those mistakes.

Im 32hrs into the game at this point, and I've only completed 2 objectives of the main quest. It is MASSIVE, and I can see how it could be overwhelming for non-rpg gamers or those new to the genre, because of the side-quests (it's hard not to lose yourself in them). If you're used to having your hand held through-out the games you usually play, than this is certainly not for you. The story takes place, as in any Fallout game, in a world laid to waste by a nuclear holocaust..So that means; no big cities or the comforts they provide, no crowds of people everywhere you look, not even a beautiful woman passing you by on the street..because there aren't any. You'll be spending a lot of time on your own, with no one around to help or assist you in any way. It is the ultimate sandbox experience, with nothing but a main quest (to find your father) and no leads to his whereabouts whatsoever, to begin your game with. Everything else, you'll have to figure out, discover, or force out of the world and its inhabitants on your own. But when you do, the world created by Bethesda slowly opens up and shows you just how gigantic and detailed it truly is. What at first glance seems like a barren, godforsaken wasteland, slowly unveils itself as a giant testament to the survival of civilization as a whole..whether that be human or that of a sub-species, and against any odds.

Unprecedented player choice is the main theme. You can lie, steal, murder, charm or work your way into completing your objectives. Be a goody-goody, a beacon of hope for the lost souls out there, become their worst fear or morally as grey as a clouded sky. The choice, really..is up to you. Now I have played a lot of rpg's and interactive movies in my days, but I have never played anything that was so free and interactive as the world (AND STORY) presented to you in Fallout 3.

And yes, I know the comments, like; it's not Fallout 1&2..yaddayadda, but it's not trying to be. It's a stand-alone game, with a stand-alone story set in a universe that is definitely recognizable as a Fallout universe and let no one tell you anything different than that! Sure, it runs on the Oblivion-engine, and while I didn't like The Elder Scrolls AT ALL, it doesn't bother me.

So to wrap it up, Fallout 3 is a genuine RPG mixed with a bit of shooter, wrapped in a massive explorable world and is good for more than a 100 hours of gameplay. A must have/play for RPG and Adventure fans, but unfortunately..not for anyone else.

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