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Getting better
carly_hope12 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I like this episode a little more then the pilot. it is getting really interesting. the commentary thing suits the show very well and the effects are not plenty but convincing.

this week story where Mick had to save himself along with the victim of the week sat well with the focus of the show on the main character and on how he is affected by what is happening rather then on the happenings per se. its quite refreshing. and the ending - what a cliffhanger. definitely makes you tune on the next week.

Alex brings charm and strange air of innocence to the character and Beths character reminds me a little of Lois Lane. but the best is definitely Jason Dohring, he has got the charming bad boy act down to a T. it would be nice to see more of him and his character background on the show.
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