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Sublime British Comedy & John Henshaw.
khunkrumark23 August 2018
Bib... bib... bib... bib...

Nobody says "Bloody Hell" quite as well as John Henshaw.

A 'laugh out loud' comedy, winding through the lives of prison officers, prisoners and their families. The entire program run is filmed in one room, the families visitors area of a 'Cat C' prison called HMC Radford Hill.

Americans will be shocked at just how open and 'caring' our prison system is... so will many British viewers!

A terrific cast, addictive characters, great stories and oodles of comedic moments fill out this seven part comedy 'sit-com'. Unfortunately not many people have seen it, and to date (eleven years on) THIS is the only review on IMDB!

All the actors are fun to watch, but perhaps my favorite is the brilliant turn put in by Naomi Radcliff. She plays the mother of three whose inmate husband has the IQ of a bus. Her facial expressions are hilarious!

Gems like this get buried under a mountain of reality codswallop and slickly produced farcical dramas. I came across this yesterday and binge-watched the entire series in one go. And I'll watch it again very soon, too!

If you like this you'll love 'Early Doors' also starring John Henshaw.
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British Comedy Great
nicolahall-5825118 November 2019
The only thing that disappoints me with this is that there has been no follow up... I love this quaint little look at prison visitors lives during a weekly visit to see their loved ones who are behind bars! I am aware that certain things have been given a rose tinted view, such as taking gifts into the visitors room but this programme is funny and well worth your time...

Clint is an idiot who goes for every fad known to all of us... Michael is trying to protect his brother and fight for an appeal. Is blind Pete really blind? Is Splodge really Psychotic? Will Bamford get his promotion? Watch and find out...
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