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Great Portrayal
darbski18 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
**SPOILERS** Very dramatic, fast paced story in which The Highway Patrol shows a seldom seen facet of their service; that of Public Caretakers. I agree with Paularoc (Reviewer), and I've personally seen how well equipped and willing these troopers are to help in tough situations. They don't get enough credit for their service. They participate in much more than just a police role. Crawford did his usual gruff, but aware and kind portrayal of Dan Matthews; local H.P. Chief. I, too, liked the fact that the viewer is made aware that this drama shows the human side of the Patrol. It was a chuckle when the Doc chided Dan about the chuckholes in the road. Excellent acting from everyone; most of the actors in this fine series are unsung, but very good. Thanx to S.A.G. and IMDb.
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Don't judge a book by it,s cover
Paularoc14 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
A small town doctor who's car has broken down hitches a ride with Chief Mathews. The doc is making a house call (amazing!). A frantic father called the doctor about his sick boy. The boy had an accident and gas gangrene was setting in. There's no local anti-toxin available and the doctor makes arrangements to have some flown in to the nearest airport. Mathews agrees to pick it up to expedite the delivery. A farm worker for the boy's father agrees to go along with Mathews since he knows all the back roads. Some time later Mathews returns without the serum and with no farm worker in sight. The farm worker does not have a good reputation and everyone assumes he absconded with the serum for some nefarious purpose like blackmailing the father. As it happens, the car was in accident and the farm worker was trying to get the serum to the doctor but passed out from his injuries. I liked this episode because it was about ordinary people caught up in an emergency situation. Good show.
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