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Season 2

9 Sep. 2019
Bummer Tornado Destroys Cool Jail
Amy Vorpahl and Erika Ishii's top story tonight: Mike Trapp is a little b*tch.
9 Sep. 2019
Freaky Lobsters Form Fashion Fad
John Milhiser and Jess Ross break a scandal about a sexy photo on a computer in Japan.
16 Sep. 2019
Unimpressive Colleges Join Cheating Scandal
Shukri Abdi and Tao Yang report on summertime fun while Jess does the impression of her life.
16 Sep. 2019
You Missed My Soccer Games, Dad
Brian Huskey and Raph are a father-son news team with issues to work out (on air).
23 Sep. 2019
Climbing Gym Opens On Disappointing Riverwalk
Lauren Lapkus and Mary Holland dive deep in the local business of a lame town.
23 Sep. 2019
Disgruntled Sewer Men Demand to Meet Ninja Turtles
Patrick McDonald and Katie Marovitch try to cancel teeth, but get distracted by their side projects.
30 Sep. 2019
On-Set Hijinks: George Clooney Refuses to Leave Trailer
Mike Trapp interviews Mary Holland about a new movie that combines ABBA, Avatar, and the moon.
30 Sep. 2019
Man Turns Home into Home Depot
Vic Michaelis and Rekha report on a town that deserves rain, and a Wolf Blitzer tongue twister.
7 Oct. 2019
"Jazzy Taint" Sweeps the Nation
Mary Holland and Grant break stories on a mascot update and a hot new celebrity power couple.
7 Oct. 2019
Webster's Adds New Word for Friend-Zoning Dermatologist
Rekha interviews Lauren Lapkus on her winning entrant for the Biggest Hog Contest at the state fair.
14 Oct. 2019
Weatherman Confuses El Niño with La Llorona
Raph and Rekha ask "where are they now?" about Soviet space dogs and take a lady soap company to task.
14 Oct. 2019
Super Long Diner Menu Sets New, Stupid Record
Caldwell Tanner and Ryan Creamer report on the hottest new festivals, from The Babadook to Cream Town.

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