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15 Jan. 2017
Together and Apart
Amy, plagued by cramps, stays with the horse trapped in the trailer while Georgie goes searching for Tim. Ty and Bob perform surgery on a Gobi bear cub shot by poachers. Peter and Lou address the divorce papers and the impact it will have.
22 Jan. 2017
Change of Course
Georgie struggles with a new horse riding challenge. Caleb returns from the rodeo circuit. Jack navigates back-to-school prep. Tim attends a pregnancy clinic with Amy. Cassandra thinks Caleb is cheating on her. Jade sees a new side of Clay.
5 Feb. 2017
Sound of Silence
Tragedy strikes the community. Amy and Georgie try to help Tim's traumatized barrel racing horse. Jack helps Tim, Casey and the rodeo community pulls through a devastating loss. Jade gets her pro rodeo permit.
12 Feb. 2017
Home Sweet Home
Mallory arrives unexpectedly at Heartland, which has Amy and Jack questioning the real reason for the surprise visit. Meanwhile, Lou is upset to learn that her future plans with Mitch may be in jeopardy.
19 Feb. 2017
Written in the Stars
Jake's unexpected arrival prompts Mallory to reveal why she really came to Heartland. Georgie helps Amy with an under-performing cutting horse. Lou and Mitch struggle to find the perfect moment to tell the family about their relationship.
5 Mar. 2017
Forest for the Trees
Amy struggles with the feeling that something is not right with Ty when she and Jack strive to help Ghost, a wild horse linked with Ty's past. Georgie goes on a fun date with Clay's cousin. Tim steps up when Jade's plans fall through.
12 Mar. 2017
A Long Shot
A secret from Jack's past threatens to change his relationship with the family forever.
19 Mar. 2017
The family rallies around Amy to support her while Ty is admitted to the hospital after returning from Mongolia. Georgie helps Olivia save her horse from being put down. One of Lou's investors pulls out at the last minute.
26 Mar. 2017
Greater Expectations
With Caleb and Cassandra's wedding as well as the birth of Amy and Ty's baby on the horizon, everyone is rushing to make sure both events go down without a hitch.
1 Oct. 2017
Highs and Lows
The accidental death of Georgie's real parents comes to a head when her brother sends her a newspaper article.
8 Oct. 2017
Decision Time
Georgie has a difficult decision to make regarding her equine skills. New parents Amy and Ty try to maintain a social life. Mitch confides in Jack about his move to Calgary. A new competitor shows up Jade at practice.
15 Oct. 2017
How to Say Goodbye
Amy and Ty prepare a wild horse for overseas transport, but find it more difficult than expected. While training with Flame, Georgie is distracted by Wyatt returns. Jack and Lisa clash as they discuss the next step in their relationship.
22 Oct. 2017
Measuring Up
Lou returns from New York and presents a difficult decision for Georgie to make about show jumping. Caleb makes a small mistake at the rodeo school. Jack and Lisa adjust to living together. Amy struggles taking care of Lyndy while Ty is away.
5 Nov. 2017
Strange Bedfellows
Lisa reveals to Amy that her racehorse she's working with is a clone. Jen throws a party at Maggie's in honor of Lou's success. Georgie convinces Adam to be Wyatt's math tutor. Mitch makes a tough decision about his relationship with Lou.
12 Nov. 2017
Our Sons and Daughters
Old friends return to Heartland and Amy tries to help their son form a connection with a dude ranch horse. Georgie, Adam and Wyatt go on a road trip. Peter worries when Katie doesn't come home from a trail ride.
19 Nov. 2017
Truth Be Told
When Tim's erratic behavior sparks concern from his loved ones, Jack suspects something else is going on.
3 Dec. 2017
Amy tries to get everything at Heartland organized before joining Ty on a work-related journey.

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