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Tom Welling and Brandon Routh made this episode!!!
markq-7565410 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This episode some great moments, such as Tom back on Smallville farm. It was just such nostalgia, I grew up with that show, that Clark that world of Superman. It was so great to see it again, it was also nice to see him punch Lex from earth 38. Now I would've loved to see Tom suit up but I'm just happy we saw him at all. It was also great seeing him live a normal life. Kinda makes senses to his character. Now onto Brandon Routh, his appearance of Superman was also great. You could feel Superman when he was in the scenes, I also love how that combined Routh Superman with Kingdom come Superman. We also have to remember this is also Christopher Reeves Superman, so that adds a lot to it. It was also cool to see Kevin Conroe as Bruce Wayne in live action. The only thing is I wished he could've been in it more. Like why make batwoman one of the seven. Like she has a whole live action show to herself, so it would've been nice to see Kevin suit up as Batman and fight in the crossover. Now the other stories didn't intrigue me too much but they were there just to move the story more. So far the best thing about theses crossovers are the nostalgia to other shows and movies.
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Really ?
brockcambaz11 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Is this it ? You wanted to show your characters as the best heroes so you write legendary heroes as crap characters.This was the worst batman portrait i have ever seen.

Do you really needed to kill oliver in the first episode just to revive him in the second episode. This is just a waste of time.

You are just stalling us. This crossover could end in only two episodes but you are making it unnecessaryly long.
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The best arrowverse crossover
stupidorrange10 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Episode one of the series was great and I wanted to see how episode 2 followed. Episode 2 followed nicely but I'm a little disappointed what they did to Clark Kent in the smallville scene. I was first expecting Clark to be the parygon but even if he did not I was still expecting him to play a big role. Over all I would give this episode a 9.5 but I'll round it of to 10
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tristandawson12 December 2019
This episode was filled with rubbish. The storyline was all over the shop. Acting was quite average. Ep 1 of the crossover was great, but this is rubbish. Vance Batwoman please and put your creative abilities to work on something that's not total crap
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Pure guff from CW
testtube200013 December 2019
I just can not understand why Geoff Johns still allows CW to disrespect DC like this, its just so embarrassing now..
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How much you care, how hard you try. Those are the things that make you a hero.
RobinKarlsson2210 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Yaaas! The awesomeness continues. It's so great to see Kate and Kara interact. I really like the idea with rescue Oliver in the Lazarus pit. Also to see Kevin Conroy and Tom Welling is beyond amazing! I must also mention how fantastic Brandon Routh acting is. This crossover is crazy and it seems it gonna continue like that. As a big DC fan, i'm so grateful to see all this! A certain 10/10 ep this one aswell!
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They screwed both Tom Welling's Smallville and Batman legend
Hermione_Mertcan10 December 2019
Nothing to say really. I don't want to give it spoilers. Just don't watch it you ever loved Smallville or any Batman movie/animated series/comics.
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Man!!!!! 😎✌
jamiulsoldier11 December 2019
Tom Welling and Brandon Routh were the best part of this episode!!!! Also other actors were good. Batwoman was great. Really looking forward to part 3
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WOW what a terrible episode
ruud-je10 December 2019
THIS is a reason to stop viewing Batwomen. What started as a very good story is getting messed up with nonsense.
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An overall great episode that's filled with Easter Eggs and nostalgia
Holt34410 December 2019
Part Two is directed by the talented Laura Belsey who have been apart the Arrowverse since 2016, she usually directs great episode and this is another great one. Alright, seeing Kevin Conroy in the flesh as Bruce Wayne in live action was something I have wanted for a long time and he didn't disappoint! Having other returning heroes and characters like John Constantine, Smallville characters and the best one is of course the Superman and played by Brandon Routh a performance I really enjoyed in Superman Returns. The story resumes right after the previous episode and the heroes is in search for more heroes to beat the Anti-Monitor, many memorable moments and excellent writing made this episode a must watch for any comic book lover. Special effects were once again great, you can see the bigger budget and it is needed.

Alright so to the negative parts in why this didn't gain 10 star rating from me. It's a really tiny small spoiler but I've to get it out, it's that they give Batwoman and Supergirl such a big role well I can understand Supergirl but Batwoman who has been a vigilante for maybe a little bit less than half a year doesn't make any sense but I do get why the writers wrote it like that as she's one of the main characters and has her own show but there is a lot of others that would be better as the big role she got. Don't take this as hating on female characters, I like almost all the female characters but this writing felt a bit weak and forced. Other than that, a great episode!
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Will not watch anymore
fredfredrikfreddyfred11 December 2019
I was enjoying the series it wasn't fantastic but it was good enough. I get my videos from torrent software and when I started watching this episode I thought that the wrong program has been encoded so I started to redownload a different version but then I checked the IMDb reviews and realized that it had purposely become a completely different show. I found nothing in this new show that appealed to me and I am sorry that the old universe that had been created has now been replaced by this inferior one. I would have given the previous episodes a 6 or 7 review but this one has dropped to a two, consequently I will no longer watch this program
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More feminism and weak men
wildsnow9011 December 2019
When you goal is to pump up the weakest character and worst actress, you fail on credibility and story. Only women can save the universe and knock out the bad guys you fail your audience.
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Crisis on infinite dc shows
w-vogt11 December 2019
Every dc tv show is a unbelievable trainwreck: acting is horrible, scripts are cringeworthy and the directing is not even worth mentioning. There is still hope everybody dies and the whole dc universe will be wiped out of existence. My fingers are crossed!
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CW let the old school show you how its done... Tom Welling made the episode watchable!
L_Copa10 December 2019
Sad day today at the crossover... While it was cool seeing another Superman like Christopher Reeves... We ''lost'' the best one... I wont get into any spoilers... Come on CW let the old school show you how its done... I dont get it... Why are you so bad at writing.... You should listen to fans... Tom Welling was and will always be the best... Why cant you make something beautiful for the fans and you only create unwatchable things like batwoman... only for money!
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Very entertaining, but the amount of disrespect is astonishing
nikosokilleras19 February 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Like the "Crisis" crossover in general, this episode was very disappointing

I will not bother analyzing the plot, it's passable, but almost to the point of being too stupid (The idea of the Paragons and Novou's plan in general are the most idiotic)

The acting was good to excellent by the most (R.Rose and some others are unforgivably weak though). Most of the character interactions, while enjoyable, are unremarkable and a lot of the characters have very little to do (mostly the males, since were are talking about the feminist paradise which goes by the name CW)

What I absolutely liked about the episode are Sara (kind of) becoming the leader of the team, which makes total sense after Oliver's demise. The special effects are exceptional for TV. Diggle coming in after his absense in the first part

Now the important stuff

The inclusion of Br.Routh's Superman, who is also Ch.Reeve's Superman (14 years after "Superman Returns", unlike a lot I really like this film) was decent. I mean Routh still fully has it (watching this Clark interacting with Ray was a delight and proves what an amazing actor Routh is), but Clark's presence feels out of place and I didn't like what they did with the character for a number of reasons

I am furious with what they did with Bruce Wayne here. It's not the fact that I would be negative with any sinister version of Bruce, of course not, if it's written well and with actual respect for the character I can take anything. But this version of Bruce is only an evil cartoonish parody of our beloved crusader. I wonder how they expected from anyone to take it seriously. And to see such an insult to Batman's legacy in a Batwoman show is unforgivable, since Batwoman owes her own existence to Batman. Kevin Conroy is of course a legend, and proves that he can embody Bruce as perfectly as he voices him and I am so sad he got such a disrespectful treatment in his first time portraying Bruce on the screen. The scene that follows after the "big" reveal about Bruce, with Kate and Kara in the Batcave, is pathetic

And unfortunately the disrespect doesn't end here. Our heroes think that Tom Welling's Clark (Welling easily steals the show in his 5 minutes of screen time) is another Paragon, but when they find him, they find out that Clark has give up his powers. I AM SORRY, WHAT???!!! I am actually watching Smallville at the time of writing this review and it is established beyond a doubt that Clark is not a quieter, yes he struggled a lot balancing the both sides of his life, but he came out ahead every time, besides, knowing that Clark simply abandons his powers makes the whole show meaningless now. Also the scene between Clark and Cryer's Lex was awfully staged (about Lex, while I always admire Cryer's performance, having Lex wandering intact around worlds killing Supermen is also stupid, just like Novou's entire plan)

Finally, why The Anti-Monitor (a terrible villain btw) looks like Thanos' ugly long lost cousin (I will give them though that having Laila compromised by him was awesome)

Rating: 7.3/10 (I know I rated this highly, while I have spent so much time criticizing it, but if you can stomach all the disrespect and the stupidities, it will be a hugely enjoyable watch...)
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lightningbarer18 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
The level of insult, disrespect, hubris and arrogance the writers of the worst of the CW DCverse have shown in this episode of what is supposed to be a coming together of hereos in a massive multiverse baffles me beyond belief.

Not only are spitting in the eyes of fans of a series that lasted a decade and was more faithful to the source material than anything the CW DC multiverse ever has even tried to be, but to try and make the strong and powerful woman who is seen as a horrible person in-universe and as an actress...

You turn what has been seen as the universally recognised symbol of the best portrayal of Batman in any version ever

Into a cynical, megalomaniacal despot who wants all life everywhere to end.

There is no way this was greenlit not knowing what the reaction would be and what the plans to try and spin the reaction would be.


Anything that sings the praises of this abortion of a storyline is never to be trusted at all.

Again Check their reviews, if there aren't any others or if they're all suspiciously positive


Do Not Trust Them.
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Amazing as expected!
chubbysupreme10 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Why : i actually glad tom welling's clark kent 'talks' more in his 1 scene (more to come) or kevin colroy's story twist. Ps. I'm seeing people were actually dissappointed by their appearance like what not like?.

Pros :

  • OFC Oliver's gonna return

-i like all 4's sides of the story.

-superman vs superman

-aye kingdom come superman gonna stick around.

-barry hating on the monitor

-jonah hex


-ruby and melissa has great chemistry

-batman's twisted story



-bad edits/cuts from scenes

-kate trying to be 'scary' on lex

-iris's role is random

Conclusion : this is better than last episode which is 8.5/10 but this is some pure enjoyment which is gave it 10/10. For who are pissed at kevin colroy's batman being killed off..why bother? This is one of the few times the writers can pull a stunt like this..(seeing multiple batmans).

Oliver's "getting killed off" is a storyline we didn't see it coming..and i'm high key glad he was brought back in a flesh even if he wasn't himself.

But tomorrow episode will be a banger.. i can feel it
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Meet the Paragons
highmarksreviews10 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
What "Part Two" lacked in epic action it made up for with dramatic heft. Seriously, what an emotional wallop this episode was. A definite improvement over the previous instalment focus-wise.

Let's just get this out of the way first. Frickin' Brandon Routh as Kingdom Come Superman and frickin' Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne. Absolutely fabulous in every way. I thoroughly enjoyed the way they integrated Routh's Superman. From the costume, to his tragic backstory to his Clark Kent. It's perfect. And yes, I did enjoy the Batman twist. It's weird having Conroy's voice in live action, but a menacing exo-skeleton Bruce Wayne works fine in my opinion. Conroy is still the best Dark Knight there ever will be, so I'm happy he got his chance. His untimely demise and darker backstory may raise some eyebrows, but I personally appreciated the narrative choice. It worked in the context of the mains storyline. Also, having Tom Welling back in an extended cameo alongside Erica Durance was excellent. The dialogue between Welling and Cryer's Lex Luther amounted to a rarely compelling moment. The creators made the return of Smallville matter with a minor, yet moving touch to Welling's Clark Kent. It's no more than four minutes, but man is it thoughtful and empowering.

Kate (Ruby Rose) and Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) were without a doubt the focus and they didn't disappoint. As much as I dislike the writing on Batwoman, I enjoy Rose's performance. She's eased into the American accent and nails those crucial emotional moments, especially when paired with Bruce or Kara. She was fantastic here and without a doubt the MVP.

In terms of action, the Superman vs Superman punch-out was nifty. If not as technically impressive as Elseworlds, it managed to channel some Man of Steel levels of destruction. Nothing else really on the fighting front. I get it. Big crossover, TV budget and the second episode needing to slow down to get everyone up to speed. But when you have a stellar action director like Laura Belsey on your hands, you better use her. Arrow made the same mistake in season four and season six. Crisis almost, kinda duplicated that fault here.

There was also the odd choice to bring Ollie back in a Lazarus Pit. You know, I'm fine with that as long as Oliver is back and kicking. Just please don't make this a meaningless subplot. I hope it turns out to be one last reflective, deep exploration of identity and heroism for the Green Arrow. Because that is how it should be, if nothing else.

"Part 2" of Crisis may not advance the plot by much, but it gets mileage out of its cast, strong cameos and sheer dramatic material. It's a contemplative episode that works amazingly well. That being said, it's light on action and some fans may find some storytelling choices either logically flawed or just plain odd. Whatever the case, the crossover is heating back up again with some clever twists and the reveal of the great threat. I'm happy with where this is going...
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I am done with arrowverse
ahmedelgeyoushy10 December 2019
You managed to insult both Batman and smallville !! what the hell !!
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Because i was fan of Smallville
raziel-0809210 December 2019
I never thought i could watch this horrible show called batwoopman In fact i forced myself to Because i followed the flash series since 1990 So i couldnt miss the crossover story and thanks to tom welling he made me carry on and finish this miserable thing I cant blieve i've watched 1 episode from batwoopman i feel dirty and ashamed lol
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TV's biggest crossover so far has been one of its biggest disappointments.
EddyTheMartian00710 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This is hard to review, because yes I did really enjoy these first 2 episodes of Crisis On Infinite Earths. However this is THE crossover. It's awesome to see Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne, but what was really the point if he's an evil version that they kill off?! While I hated Oliver's death in the last episode, and I hoped they bring him back, why kill him off in the first episode to bring him back? It was just a cheap ploy for shock value in the first episode. They pushing keep Supergirl and Batwoman to be better than Batman and Superman for whatever reason, and it honestly doesn't make sense. I mean Batwoman has been Batwoman for under a year, and Superman has been a hero far longer than Supergirl. They just keep pushing them to be "stronger" and "better." Kara is seemingly going to bring back Earth 38, and if she doesn't it's just going to be more time wasted, and if she does then it makes Oliver's original sacrifice useless, and more wasted time for less stakes. Seriously this is such a mess. There's some pretty awesome moments like seeing Smallville's Superman, and Brandon Routh Superman, but ultimately it's just more wasted time. Like what was the point of the Superman vs Superman fight? Also the writers don't know their canon. Superman Returns ignores Superman 3 and 4, so he didn't fight himself twice that we know of. So far these 2 episodes have felt like they're meandering around giving us some cool moments, but nothing really worthwhile. This is not the Crisis we've been waiting for, this is just another crossover, with the same silliness, multiple plot holes, but fun, that the Arrowverse has been giving us. And it's one of the weakest ones at that. I hope the last 3 episodes make it worth it, but so far this has been a massive disappointment.
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It's like Watching Crisis of Infinite General Hospitols
intrepidami10 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
My God, the acting and scenes going to breaks remind me of soap operas. I'm thinking each scene should end with duh duh daaaa. Brainiac alone is painful to listen to, and he talks a lot!

Yes the fights are cool. There's some funny stuff. It makes one wonder if there's hundreds, even thousands of planets why is the Harbinger and Monitor only bringing a handful of heroes together?

When they went to retrieve the Kryptonian Baby, why not bring that Green Arrow? So he could redeem himself? They didn't even ask!

Wouldn't they want as many as possible?

Also when Clark and Lois were saved, why not bring Supergirls mom? She was standing right there! She'd be a Kryptonian too!

I realize budget constrains and all, but me, I'd grab a large group of Kryptonians .

Green Arrow keeps fighting for about 1 minute total and that was equal to saving a Billion people? ROFLMAO. As usual the Kryptonians only have one small ship, that can accommodate 1 occupant. So they never learn from the destruction of planets? And they're advanced, huh? We had The Titanic incident and immediately thought to put more lifeboats on ships. Again I realize budget constraints and all...And the dialogue suggests Kryptonians just sit around all day hoping something bad happens so they can be symbols?

Of course it's HEAVILY suggested a lot of this death and destruction will be reversed. Supergirl mentions it constantly "a way to bring them back" and the Monitor keeps saying it's set in stone, but things are changing that he didn't know.
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Too much batwoman
jeffreycrippen-2844610 December 2019
With Tom Welling & Kevin Conroy on board, how can the writers justify using Ruby Rose & Batwoman in the forefront. Weak character & actress not my cup of tea. Supergirl is given the lead over Superman which is just silly. Batman & Superman are the DC universe. Why cant these writers acknowledge that? Tom Welling was amazing, wish they reboot his series for a new generation.
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People over reacting as usual
joshuagailey13 December 2019
So many people are too quick to judge. This is an alternate version of Bruce Wayne and not the definitive version so of course he's not gonna be what you want. And for those complaining that the title character is getting too much attention: you really don't know how a tv show works do you. This episode was amazing and emotional.
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First part was Great!!!! Second......well
layna1@hotmail.com10 December 2019
I've been waiting for this for months!!! Part 1 was great! Part 2 was ok.... And what I've been waiting came up...I WAS SO HAPPY for 10 seconds.... And BOOM! Thanks for breaking my dreams!

Not happy at all.
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