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Poorly made nudie
lor_5 December 2011
A young Dick Van Patten is embarrassingly featured in this 22-minute nudie featurette about a voyeur, one of an endless stream of movies made in the wake of Russ Meyer's success with THE IMMORAL MR. TEAS.

Much of the film is in black & white, with Van Patten in the title role promenading around with his wife Clarabelle, but checking out all the pretty girls who pass by. Later on he imagines himself as a photographer and the film turns to color as these girls pose for him topless.

Not very entertaining or interesting, though all three dream girls (Rita Bennett, Sheila Britt and the lesser-known Charlene Tsar) are appealing. Credited director Gus Tarbell and writer/producer Jim Cobb didn't put much thought or effort into this one, and Van Patten wears an S.E.G. on his face throughout.
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Decent For What It Is
Michael_Elliott24 April 2017
The Secret Dream Models of Oliver Nibble (1967)

** (out of 4)

Oliver (Dick Van Patten) is in New York City with his nagging wife when they walk into a show. This is when the B&W short turns to color as Oliver begins to see various models dancing and doing other things while being naked.

THE SECRET DREAM MODELS OF OLIVER NIBBLE isn't the greatest short that you're ever going to watch but it's mildly entertaining if you like this sort of thing. You know, these shorts were made for one reason and that was to show nudity so one should keep that in mind while watching it. For the most part this is mildly entertaining as long as you know what you're getting. With that said, there's no question that it runs way too long at 22-minutes and it does take too long for the nudity to actually happen.
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