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What a great show and suited to all ages
tsruss8 February 2010
What a great piece of work. Its just fun and entertaining - no in-depth stories, no deep meanings, nothing to do but watch and enjoy.

My wife and I like it (50s), my children enjoy it (20s and 30s) and their kids enjoy it (6 - 12). Anyone else that has sen it raves about it as well. What more could you want!

Nice escapism after a day at work. I can't wait for the next series to come out.

I recommend this to anyone, sci-fi fans or not. It has adventure, humour, no bad language, nothing too risqué for the kids but a strong enough storyline to keep the adults on board as well as the kids.
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Lite, entertaining supernatural puzzler
Rabh1729 September 2009
Now a lot of, I suspect, younger reviewers are slamming this show as a X-Files wanna-be. And other are unfairly comparing this one to "Fringe", which I LOVE BTW.

But Warehouse 13 occupies a lighter plane. Pete & Myka are NOT Mulder & Scully, and I do NOT want a repeat of that dark, tortuous, and frankly 'too-full-of-themselves' conspiracy skulduggery.

There's NO Dark conspiracy here-- just a mysterious organization that's trying to keep all the strange and powerful 'Objects' in a safe place where they can do no harm. The Fun is watching the two agents bounce off each other as they try and figure out the puzzle of WHAT the 'Object' is and how to Counter-act it. Sometimes, the hunt is serious-- but never Dark and bloody. Other times, the hunt is light and comical. And the episodes waver back and forth, giving the viewer a range of emotional impact-- but never too deep or too hilarious. It keeps a side of Serious without going too heavy for too long-- and yes-- they always pull through at the end-- and hello folks, that what most of Network TV shows are about. Because that's what most People really want when they turn on their TV after a Long hard day at work. Don't knock it.

And unlike a lot of current Sci-Fi shows (And here I also include Fringe) Warehouse is all about the fact that 'Mysteries' and 'Mythical Objects of Power' exist; but there is NO attempt to studiously explain the WHY or HOW. They just exist, and they can cause wonder, havoc, terror and joy-- but they all tend to have a Price.

And the Warehouse Organization is itself a seeming Mystery in and of itself. It seems to be OLDER than the US Gov't for one. And its Principals-- like Mrs. Fredrick seem to be 'Unexplainables' themselves.

For me-- Mrs. Fredricks is a gem of a character. She exudes gravitas. She's Utterly Unflappable and fundamentally dowdy like a Cast-Iron Grandma. Just don't be so foolish as to expect her to kiss you goodnight before you go to bed. Like Pete says: "She could just Glare you to death."

And she NEVER seems to WALK anywhere. She and her Bodyguard just APPEAR. But the DOOR never moves. That's a Nice touch.

Besides, Warehouse could be classified as an entertaining Family Show. Fringe is NOT for Kids. And X-Files is in a class by itself.

Take this show at it's own worth.
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Give it a chance
heymikeymo8 July 2009
I watched the pilot and Warehouse 13 has all the elements you would want in a good science fiction series. There is the endless room of gadgets and trinkets so who knows what they could find. There is a story for each character, with a history that is slowly to be revealed. Its possible to have a new twist every week which is all you ask for. Its well written and the characters are likable. And there is comedy and snappy dialogue to make it a touch edgy. I especially liked the offer of cookies to come inside the warehouse. The main character, who is a first leery, jumps right at that in a very funny way. If you liked the X-Files weirdness and Eureka's comedy, this is for you.
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Fun Fast-Paced Action/Comedy Show
freema78-159-51663813 September 2011
I always look forward to watching Warehouse 13. It's a mix of adventure, mystery, and comedy, with elements of X-Files, Fringe, Moonlighting, The Librarian, 24, and Unsolved Mysteries.

It's refreshing that they don't take themselves too seriously, and yet it's filled with fast-paced action and dialogue, and a great variety of characters. The discussions about the artifacts are always interesting and comical. The actors are awesome, eg., chemistry between Pete and Myka is excellent (even if Jack's dialogue is occasionally a bit juvenile - they need to fix that), and Claudia and Artie are wonderful. Mrs. Frederic and HG Wells also add some depth, although it would be nice if they did more with Leena.

Really, I don't know why this wasn't picked up by a mainstream network, because we need more shows like this.
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Started out well
SanteeFats7 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I have watched this series from the pilot on. I really liked the first couple of seasons but things started to go south in my opinion after that. The plots got kind of weird with Arty using an artifact to bring s dead agent back to live and then he went bonkers for a few episodes, killing Lena, my favorite secondary character, until Claudia stabs him with another artifact thereby bringing him back from the precipice. Now that Arty has returned to the land of the living and things are more or less back to normal. I feel the series is losing its direction of the first couple of seasons. It was funny, interesting, and different than typical syfy shows. It still has a lot of the same stuff but I can't put my finger on it but I am not as enchanted with it as I was. I very much liked the addition of Claudia, she brings youth, humor and even sexy to the show, plus she is the tech guru that gives Arty the business from time to time. I will probably keep watching but this show is not the show I originally saw.
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What has happened to this once entertaining series?
PlatoSays29 May 2013
I've watched the entire run so far and after a good beginning, what has happened to it? By S4 mid-point, its turned into the most dreadful, ham-acted, soap opera where the artifact mysteries are largely overwhelmed by the childish acting - especially Pete who appears to have gone from being slightly immature macho man to an emotional 7yrs old. He reminds me a lot of Seeley Booth in Bones on a bad acting day.

Even Myky is suffering from the same affliction - she was the sensible one and now is hyper/silly girl which doesn't sit well. These two are meant to be top notch Secret Service agents in their late 20s for heaven's sake, not Buffy extras.

I can only assume the writing team has changed, or the producers are aiming at a younger/less demanding demographic. Whatever is going on - I certainly won't be tuning in to see the rest of S4 if it carries on like this.

What a pity.
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A new favorite of mine
Zen4167 September 2010
SyFy (nee "The SciFi Channel") can usually be counted on to air some pretty interesting series; everything from humorous scifi light (Eureka for instance) to the darker, intense stuff (Battlestar Galactica and it's spin off, Caprica). I would definitely put "Warehouse 13" into the previous category rather than the latter. It's a cool quirky series that knows how to have fun with it's six primary, very different, series regulars. Saul Rubinek's Artie Nielsen, who acts as a sort of curator to the warehouse is the gruff, often exasperated anchor point to the rest of the crew and I have to admit: I wasn't crazy about his character at first but he really grew on me. He's kind of like that grouchy uncle you have that really has a heart of gold underneath. C. C. H. Pounder (as regent Mrs. Frederic) is one of those powerful actors who plays such a strong but subtle role brilliantly. Love seeing her on the little screen after such an amazing amount of varied roles on both the tube and the silver screen. The whole cast is a nice mish-mash of personalities that compliment one another but I have to admit a growing favorite of mine is Allison Scagliotti's "Claudia Donovan", who's funny, bright, endearing and occasionally flawed which makes her all the more likable. She winds up getting into some seriously funny messes that require the leads (an equally humorous Eddie McClintock and perfect straight-man Joanne Kelly as agents Lattimer and Bering) to bail her out. The weekly series always has some really cool artifact that belonged to some famous historical figure that wields some kind of science-bending power to it and the leads are tasked with retrieving said artifacts without getting themselves killed or some such other disaster. This show is good and it's getting better with every new episode (thanks to excellent writing) and it's definitely worth checking out if you're not already a fan.
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Pretty good show
kmustain3630 December 2009
This show reminds me of the old "Friday the Thirteenth" television show, where two young adults are tasked with locating possessed items that cause problems and lead to the deaths of innocent victims and users of the items. Although this show does remind me of that dark and sinister show, "Warehouse" has a lighter agenda and makes for a well developed television show. I also have to mention that the special effects for a show that appears to have a decent operating budget are pretty good for a weekly television show. The characters are very deep and keep you wanting to learn more about their pasts. If the show does not get canceled, I plan on watching this show on a weekly basis. Thumbs up to SYFY in their new format on a very good and well thought out show.
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Warehouse 13 - oddities conjure humour, wonderment and the profound.
cirqus-214 October 2009
What a surprising little gem Warehouse 13 has turned out to be. I feel the creative team in control have only just begun tapping into the almost limitless supply of stories available to them with this cracking premise they have conjured. Not surprising really as one of the show's creators is Jane Espenson who wrote some of the best and funniest of Joss Whedon's episodes for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly.

In Warehouse 13, two agents find themselves in charge of a top secret warehouse that holds some of the worlds most troublesome and in many cases dangerous objects collected over time. Teamed with the curator of Warehouse 13 and an enigmatic local bed and breakfast owner, the two agents scour the world looking to retrieve, find, and trap the worlds most unique objects, in the hope of safeguarding the planet. Will this be in vane or will they indeed maintain a long time, century's old equilibrium? We can only wait and see.

The fun part of this show is most assuredly with the two leads Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly) and Pete Lattimer (Eddie McClintock) who have a wonderfully playful relationship with each other without the complications of a 'Will they won't they?' subtext. Surrounded with enough warehouse curiosities that allow for humour, wonderment and profound seriousness the show holds it's own with many in the same genre and while the show is still in it's infancy I feel it has established a solid enough first season to warrant a follow up.

That said with the amount of high concept TV out there, Warehouse 13 will probably have to tread more serious ground for the next season, and perhaps inject a more maturing seasonal arc if it is to sustain itself for a longer run on network television.

While I enjoyed the first season I will say there was little tension and certainly the sense of danger to the characters was never quite realised enough for me to worry about anyone or the predicaments they found themselves in. However the number of clever and quirky objects conceived by the writers to further the narrative was fascinating and always a delight.

All told this sits very nicely with shows like Eureka, Reaper and the earlier seasons of Supernatural.

Looking forward to Season Two.
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A hidden jewel, discovered.
CrewChiefW011 July 2010
A nice mix of X-files, Fringe, Supernatural and the Carol Burnett Show. The actors seem to share a chemistry and have sufficient depth for a Syfy series to draw me in. The special effects are not overused, considering the subject, and the sprinkling of personal stories add to, rather than subtract from the overall storyline. I call it a success, and eagerly anticipate the second season. I have not bought any Television series on DVD, but this one does tempt, does it not? X-files it's not, but neither does it take itself so seriously, for which I give it a hearty thumbs-up! Enjoy, and next time, you bring the popcorn!
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The show seems familiar to me.
nkuhn72112 August 2009
This comment may have been made already but, does anyone else see how much this show is a lot like Friday the 13th: The TV series? I loved that show when it was on so i'm really enjoying Warehouse 13 but i was curious if it was just me. Of course, the set up is different but the whole cursed objects and having to retrieve them is dead on. I do like the government connection since i was a big fan of X-files! Hopefully this show will win viewers and we will be able to keep another good one on the air for a change, i'm just sick of the reality shows for now. Anyway, I plan to continue watching since they really aren't any other good shows on at the moment.
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Interesting concept that rapidly went downhill
dinalt102 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Was an interesting concept (albeit not wholly original), and started really strongly.

The cast was solid, and there were some excellent performances in the main.

But what the hell happened to some characters throughout the series ? Pete went from a secret service/ex marine to a whiny 5 year old throughout the series.

The last season was the worst for Pete, where he became positively irritating - maybe the script writers wanted him to become like a 'xander' style character a la Buffy. But whereas xander grew and developed, Pete seemed to regress to childhood - in no way someone you'd want anywhere near the worlds most dangerous things.

Gets a 5 from me as the first few seasons were good. After that, the focus shifted to the characters which was a shame - as they weren't well developed at all.

I know some would want it back. For me though, leave it finished - a show that's kind of fun for a while, but ultimately goes nowhere.
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So much potential wasted
sheydari26 November 2010
The idea of artifacts with special powers had already been put into a successful film - Syfy brilliant miniseries "The Lost Room" in 2006. Fans like myself were thrilled to hear that a new series -warehouse 13- would pick up the idea and develop it into a longer show. and I have been following warehouse 13 since then.

The series, sadly, disappointed me though. The story has so much potential. It could have been a fascinating show, better than law and order, the x-files, or CSI. However it was done so lamely that Canada's CityTV dropped it in the second season, and no one even noticed! The first problem is the cast. While the cast of the Lost Room were solid, believable and fully in character, the cast of warehouse 13 are just out of place. Their act is almost comic. It is so hard to take Myka, Pete, Artie and Claudia seriously because they look and act nowhere like what their roles are.

The show's poor character development doesn't help either. All characters have too much comical traits to be taken seriously. And they all are so one-dimensional. This show was supposed to be about the fascinating world of strange historical artifacts with magic powers, and the writers have reduced it to ridiculous comic stories played by a group of circus clowns.

The background stories are not helpful. McPherson's story was the only relevant one, but the stories of Mrs. Fredric, Claudia and H.G. Wells just distract the audience.

I still watch warehouse 13; just because I loved "the Lost Room", and perhaps because there isn't much more to do on Friday nights (when it is aired in Canada). However I am so disappointed. Such a great story, so much potential, are wasted because of bad writing.
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Brilliant potential -miserable fail
colind88831 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
A great concept with all the potential on the planet to rival Heroes and X-files totally let down by appallingly bad acting and scripts. The whole show has a Jewish flavor to it with the actors constantly bickering in the genre of a stereotype Yiddisher household.

The two leads Myka Bering and Pete Lattimer are nothing short of imbecilic in their failure to put 2 and 2 together to solve scenarios that Dumb and Dumber would have little difficulty with. Then there is the writers unnerving attempt to have every race, religion and sexual persuasion represented in the show supposedly, one would assume, to garner a larger audience. The gay Buddhist was the last straw for me and I wept tears of joy when they killed him off only to be mortified in S04E02 when they brought him back to life. To make my point, in the above episode in question -Myka and Pete struggled to realize that it was the person that became the monster who had been affected by the artifact and not the people viewing it. Tragic really and why didn't Pete put on gloves when he was chasing down the artifact holder -because his character is a moron who really has no place in a show with this much potential: and then the perpetrator was arrested by the police -I mean what are the police going to charge him with?? Please give some thought to the scripts and stop the actors from always turning away to allow the bad guys to escape. Script writers- your audience have brains -or maybe they don't. Just a real shame. This could have been such a cool series.
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The show used to be OK, now it has Jumped The Shark during season 2
keyz8823 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Warehouse 13 review: Season: 2, Episode: 11 "Buried" is 43:30 of my life that I will never get back!!! Let's call this the "WTF" episode... yet they should have "Buried" the episode.

I used to like Warehouse 13 initially, yet it's evident that both current bad acting (by the direction of the director or actors themselves) and soap-opera-style writing is killing the series.

I know it's sci-fi, but don't repeatedly insult the audience by adding twists that only happen because the writers can't write a complete episode cohesively. As an example on a similar theme - although rated as an OK musical piece, I'd rather see "Mama Mia" on the big screen if I want to watch shows that suspend reality and insult the audience.

Case(s) in point, just to name a few during this episode: - The news report stated the 3 young archeologists (more like college spring break geeky goof-balls than their noble titles denote) died of "dehydration", yet any 5th grader or any on the scene witness could attest to their gruesome (if not atypically mummified) bodies were simultaneously afflicted by something more spooky. I guess the assumed news public portrayed on the show are just as gullible as a Jersey Shore audience in real life – even more so.

  • How come the undisturbed campsite of the 3 (so-called) archeologists had that 1920 Indiana Jones-esquire flair... those guys were geeks that could text a picture half way across the word previously.

  • I used to put up with Myka's "signature wide-eyed scared-to-death" expression. But she used it about 95% of the time on this episode. That coupled with her "pouty yet still thin" lip surgery – still freaks me out now more that ever. Joanne Kelly (aka: Myka) is a better (talented and good looking) actress. Check out her work in IMDb.com. Working in a series must be difficult when they pay you to act and look dumb all the time.

  • The ongoing Myka and Pete one-dimensional and clichéd childlike bickering gets old when it's used as "filler" more that six times in one episode. Somebody kill me now before they do it again!

  • Any of Pete's lines during this episode. Originally he was a bit of a mature goof that had physic "vibes" that may have been the reason to include him as "Warehouse 13" material... but at this point Pee Wee Herman or any of the Tele Tubbies have more social skills. Pete is relageted to being the "token dummy" with a kindergarten vocabulary and demeaner. Did they write a lobotomy for Pete in the previous episode? Pete (aka: Eddie Mclintock) has better acting chops than the writers allow him to use lately... so ARE THE WRITERS purposely running the show into the ground?

  • Traversing a corridor with a simple belt over a wire that visibly meant to simulate traveling 30+ mph on a zip line? Du-UH!

  • How did HG know to light up the entire chamber by touching her torch like that. Oh yeah, she saw them do in on "National Treasure". I counted 2 other "NT" rip-offs, the HG Tomb Raider-like outfit and the Indiana Jones campsite theme.

  • The part where everyone was in their happy place in the dream scene? Pete and HG's scenario make sense but I didn't know Myka loved the way Artie makes her favorite drink concoctions... My bad, I guess Myka is partial to Rohipnol* (* A benzodiazepine which has acquired notoriety by its slang name, the date rape drug)'

  • How come Pete, HG's (& even Myka's usually frumpy) hair where immaculately clean and UN-discheveled while they were otherwise profusely sweating for the last 20 minutes of the show? I'm sure the person in charge of continuity was never on set... or at least drunk on the job.

  • Claudia can transpose a (thousands-years-old dead) language in real-time... and phonetically? I have a Motorola Droid phone with Google speech enabled, but PUH-LEEZZ!!

  • Mrs. Fredric wasn't tortured by Warehouse Two calling her... it was the lame writing. And she didn't need to act traumatized... she was during that shoot!!

  • I guess even adding HG Wells for the past few episodes already verified that the Warehouse 13 has "Jumped THE Shark"! Gotta thank the writers for the HG hot pants snippet... although out of (her normal conservative Victorian) character. Proves my Jump The Shark statement is simply a fact once again.

Boy am I glad I am watching this on Hulu.com for free... otherwise I'd demand my money back from my cable provider that I dumped last month! Can I sue for mental anguish for time wasted (43:30, not counting commercial breaks and my personal review)?
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Cheap, Cheesy, Knock-Off of Better Programs
Minou078 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
If this program is our intro to the new "SyFy" Channel, they can keep it.! Warehouse 13 is the Ed Wood equivalent of "The Librarian," "Indiana Jones," and any other program that offers superior entertainment about mystical objects. Just replace the superior CGI special effects, good acting, and interesting scripts for those movies/programs, and we have Warehouse 13. The first episode introduces us to the most irritating people who deservedly belong in the desert where they can't harm or annoy anyone else. Unfortunately they supposedly have oversight over some great and powerful objects, like Houdini's wallet. Uh-huh. All the main characters fall in the usual seen that, been there category. The female is intelligent but bossy and pushy. The male is handsome but a bungler. The keeper of Warehouse 13 stutters and flutters and never makes a clear statement. The three stooges are now in charge of the great Warehouse, which is actually an incredibly cheaply made metal building in the sand. The interior is not much better, using more cheap metal and wood shelving to hold the great and powerful objects. My friends and I could have produced this if we had a couple of thousand and an outdated video cam. It would at least be more creative than this stupid stuff.

Think SyFy should have kept the money for better programs, instead of stupidly renaming the Channel to sound like "SIFFY."
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An insult to intelligence.
danny-me-you29 April 2012
This show attempts to make science fiction less scientific and more childish while leaving out complicated notions in addition to science such as plausible plot, drama and wit.

Simple scientific knowledge from over 100- 200 years ago are displayed as mystic and unexplainable and the plot has holes big enough in it to build a warehouse in them.

At times it seems like the show is based on the movie "The Secret", which those of that have not seen the movie can rest easily knowing that they have not wasted time on mystic lack of education coaching pyramid (an attempt on my behalf not to insult those appearing in that load of...).

Near the end of the season the writers attempt to add a plot to the story, however, this is simply a small patch applied too late and too superficial.
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Fun Concept plagued by mediocre execution
jamfitz00113 July 2009
Two sexy Federal Agents dealing with the Paranormal? It seems impossible to not make the X-files comparison. With a few exceptions (that occurred well after the characters were established), the X-file episodes always played it straight. The show worked because it took its mythology so seriously. Warehouse 13 tacts towards a light, humorous take, perhaps for no other reason than to avoid a direct X-files comparison.

Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly play agents Lattimeer and Bering. They are both appealing characters and seemed to have the requisite chemistry to make this thing work. He is charming, bumbling and apparently has clairvoyant capabilities. She is hard-nosed and trying to act tough and professional, despite inner self-doubts. Both actors did a good enough job with the characters.

Saul Rubinek plays Artie Neilson, an absent-minded professor type who bumblingly overseas a hidden giant Warehouse filled with government neutralized paranormal objects. The two agents quickly seem to accept their fate, and don't much question the exotic sidegear he gives them, or the fact that they are quickly exposed to magical objects and miraculous happenings. They head out on their first assignment, to neutralize and retrieve the dangerous magic items out there in the hands of the great unwashed.

And this is where the show failed. Rubinek's clownish character, and the retro futuristic magic gear (electric guns by Telsa, Cigarette tin 2-way TV's) just seem contrived and cornball. Additionally, the 3rd rate special effects fall flat. Using comedic patter and light humor between the leads would be completely fine, but to have a level of buffoonery underlying the entire concept just gives the entire show a second-rate feel about it.

I really feel that had the show's creators said X-file comparisons be damned, let's make this a serious show with paranormal elements, and had they made special effects secondary (ala the gloomy X-files) they could have had a great TV show. As it is, this lightweight show may have a run because of the leads, but it's far from a special show.
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I'll give it a chance, but it will probably wear thin.
scottwallvashon10 July 2009
Warehouse 13 is a high concept synthesis of The Librarian, The Lost Room, Ghostbusters, and myriad other shows. It is the kind of bricolage the SciFi/SyFy/sigh...fie Channel has come to specialize in.

The characters and situations stretch suspension of disbelief to the breaking point. Two supposedly talented federal agents are inexplicably slow to grasp the magnitude of what they have come into. The curator of the warehouse is implausibly ignorant. The whole scenario is amazingly ill-conceived. It is cute, but neither clever nor insightful. It reminds me of a made for children cartoon: things just happen—there is no rhyme or reason to it.

Warehouse 13 is not good, but I am going to give it a chance because there is nothing else on right now. It could grow on its viewers, but more likely it will become boring as the weeks and episodes plod on with wacky magical objects that have to be "snagged, bagged, and tagged".
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Warehouse 13 just Disappoints
cloeso914 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
After the big build-up of this home-grown program, I was eager to watch. The promos looked interesting, but they always do. Geez, where do I begin? The plot is about two Fed Agents pulled into a mysterious warehouse to guard and/or retrieve powerful items. I watched the whole pilot. Actually, I was pretty much checking the clock after the first 15 minutes of watching the female popping her eyes out of her head and the male ogling all the women. The Warehouse keeper was even more annoying, bungling around pushing cookies on these two. The "Warehouse" is very disappointing, just a rusty corrugated metal building in the middle of nowhere. They probably paid some farmer to use his derelict building for the exterior shots. The sets are minimalist and the special effects will remind you of every "good" movie you've ever seen. So will the ending of the Pilot. It's soooo very Indiana Jones, without the better acting, visuals, etc. The lack of originality makes this so very boring. I've seen much better programs last only one season. This one will probably go on for ten years. It's cheaply made and will fill in dead space. We'll watch other channels......or our DVD's.
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What's not to like?
mini_sasquatch25 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I disagree with the various posters who have said this isn't grown up enough for a more mature audience, I think it's pitched just about right. I just turned 30 and I'm enjoying every minute of it, and why not? It's quirky, light, easy to watch and the actors all give fine performances. Eddie Mclintock and Joanne Kelly make a great partnership, Saul Rubinek is, as always, brilliant, CCH Pounder has the right mix of gravitas and compassion and Allison Scagliotti as Claudia is electric to watch. With Roger Rees as McPherson providing a credible villain and Genelle Williams as the lovely Leena putting in a (for me) surprising twist, it all makes for some very entertaining TV.

I've just finished watching the first season, and I personally can't wait for the second.
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poor imitation of Friday the 13th, the Series
douglas183623 July 2009
After watching this show a few times, it occurred to me that this is nothing more than a rip-off of the television show "Friday the 13th, the Series" that aired approximately 20 years ago. There is nothing original about this show, and it demonstrates again how unimaginative the writers for the "Siffy" channel are.

In "Friday the 13th, the Series" the owners, a young woman and man (cousins), inherited an antique shop full of cursed objects, and sold a bunch of them. An older man who knew the previous shop owner stopped them, but not before hundreds of objects were sold. Each object had some kind of magic power that would activate when the person in possession killed someone. The trio went on missions to locate these cursed objects and bring them back to the store. A different cursed object was the subject of each show.

Let's see -

Friday the 13th : Warehouse 13

Both have three main people- 2 men and a woman

Both have magic objects causing trouble

Both have the team searching to collect the objects in order to bring them back into storage

Here's a difference. The scripts in Friday the 13th were actually good. The scripts in Warehouse 13 are so poor that I found myself channel surfing, or falling to sleep, during the show.

Those reading may check it out for yourself. If you should watch shows from the original "Friday the 13, the Series", then Warehouse 13 will most likely disappoint you.
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Ghostbusters w/o the humor, X-Files w/o the cleverness
mlsmith67-19 July 2009
Just watched the pilot episode and won't probably bother with any more. The writers seem to have grabbed a bunch of scenes and ideas from, among others, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Ghostbusters, and The X-Files, thrown them into a bag and shaken them up. The result was less than satisfying.

The two central characters, McClintock and Kelly, were likable, but the third, Artie "Nielson" was a caricature. I think he was supposed to be funny, but just came across as bumbling, and certainly not anyone who would be trusted by a super-secret Government organization. The mysterious Mrs. Frederic could possibly be interesting, but will probably just be kept in the background like "cigarette man" in the X-Files.
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Raided from the Lost Ark
a15331315 July 2009
The only thing imaginative about this series was the premise, no wait, the base idea was plagiarized from Raiders of the Lost Ark!

Take that premise and overlay cardboard law enforcement characters; the result a flop.

Chuck, Lost, Firefly, and even the ill fated Kings will prove to be a better use of your viewing time.

The video cell phone from the 1900's was a nice touch; perhaps we should buy the producers a iphone and a 3g subscription.

9 - needed to conform to the review criteria 10 - that is all I have to say about this show.
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Too Cutesy for Adult Entertainment
yourdeadmeat6920 September 2009
Rubinek is too fine an actor, with an excellent edge for this kind of 12 year old aimed, almost slapstick direction. The shows have creativity and could be a lot edgier without the "Man From Uncle" attitude, it's just unwatchable by anyone over the age of puberty.

That in fact, may be its audience, I have no problem with that. Until this season, I found Fringe going in too adolescent a direction also. But this is unbearable, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea monster of the week, with NONE of the darkness of Friday the 13th which was much more interesting, although now 20 years old, and also chased artifacts stored in a warehouse of sorts.

I miss those shows, I thought we were on our way here, I was wrong, and remain disappointed as an adult. For those targeted, enjoy.
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