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  • The plot can be contained in two words: "Stay alive." After zombies have taken over the world, a college student known only as "Columbus" (Jesse Eisenberg) (after the hometown he is attempting to return to) runs into Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) on his journey through the wrecked and zombie-ridden landscape. Meek and unassuming, Columbus uses a set of personal rules to stay alive, while Tallahassee is only concerned with finding Twinkies and killing zombies by any means necessary. The two have a run-in with Wichita (Emma Stone) and her sister Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) and eventually band together to search for a safe haven in "Zombieland." Edit

  • The original screenplay for Zombieland was written by screenwriting partners Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese. Edit

  • Tallahassee is located in Florida. She is most likely making a joke about the nicknames they all use. Also, the Pacific Playland scenes were filmed first, during the amusement park's closed season. It may have been decided to use state names for the characters at first, but then changed to city names Edit

  • He was saying it as a general very low number. When Columbus and Tallahassee are talking about zombie kills of the week they both have stories, meaning that at least two more people existed. Then they're talking about the last time Columbus had sex with someone, also implying that there are in fact more people still alive in Zombieland. Finally, they manage to run into the two girls not far from where they were. So just extrapolating that, you could assume there were still a number of survivors left. The "Six people left in the world..." line is basically saying "With so many people dead, how awesome is it that Bill Murray is still alive!?". There aren't literally six people left. Edit

  • He presumably does it as a tribute to NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt. Another theory is that it's the age of his son when he died. Edit

  • People living outside the United States (Australia or Denmark for instance) might not be familiar with Hostess Twinkies. A Twinkie is made up of soft, yellow sponge cake with a creamy white filling inside. The Hostess company made several other dessert snacks including their chocolate cupcakes (which also had a creamy white filling), various fruit pies and the Snowball, a cupcake covered with marshmallow and sprinkled with coconut.

    The legend about Twinkies is that they don't have a finite shelf-life despite having freshness dates stamped on them. Tallahassee is obsessed with finding as many as he can -- or even one -- now that they're so scarce, hence his quest. Edit

  • Yes, you get about 30 more seconds of Bill Murray. He and Woody Harrelson quote from Caddyshack (1980) (1980). Edit



The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • The plague started when someone ate a hamburger that was infected with a strain of mad cow disease that mutated into the zombie infection. Mad cow became mad human, which became mad zombie. Edit

  • After leaving Bill Murray's house, Wichita and Little Rock head for Pacific Playground. Tallahassee decides to go to Mexico where Twinkies are known as Los Submarinos, and Columbus decides to go after Wichita on a motorcycle. When he drives it straight into the bushes, however, Tallahassee agrees to go with him. When the girls reach the park. Witchita turns on the electricity, lighting up all the rides and attracting every zombie in the area. To escape, they get on a drop tower and ride it to the top. Little Rock then shoots out the control box to keep from descending, so the zombies begin to scale the tower. Meanwhile, Tallahassee and Columbus have arrived. While Tallahassee distracts the zombies, Columbus heads toward the tower, the two of them shooting out as many zombies as possible. When Tallahassee runs low on ammo, he locks himself inside a vendor booth and pops off zombies with his two pistols. Suddenly, Columbus comes face-to-face with his worst fear...a clown-zombie. Deciding that rule 17 must sometimes be broken, he grabs a sledge hammer from the "Ring the Bell" and busts the clown-zombie's head wide open. He then releases the emergency brake on the drop tower, and the girls are lowered to the ground. Wichita kisses Columbus and reveals that her real name is Krista. Columbus looks around for Tallahassee and finds him in a food stand looking for Twinkies. Tallahassee hears a noise and shoots at it only to find that he's just shot up the box of Twinkies. Wichita and Little Rock drive past and appear to be leaving them behind, but the car stops, Little Rock tosses Tallahassee a Twinkie, and the four drive off together with their new family. In a voiceover, Columbus says, "We had hope. We had each other. And without other people, you might as well be a zombie." Edit

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