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  • Ivy and the crew find themselves abandoned when Harley pursues her dream after the Legion makes her a member - and Joker woos her. But when he uses her to escape Batman, Harley realizes that she's made a mistake...but it may be too late to fix things with her friends.



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  • Lex does a video for the Legion of Doom, explaining that the LOD are elite super-villains dedicated to making the world a worse place. Harley and her crew watch the video, and on it Black Manta beats up Psycho. Psycho not-so-convincingly says that he said nothing racist to Black Manta. Harley tells them to pull it together, and Lex comes in and ushers them out to where the other villains are waiting with a "Welcome Harley Quinn" banner.

    Lex gives his speech and then Joker takes the podium and says that he thought no one deserves the opportunity more than Harley to join the LOD. He tells her that now Harley is killing it and applauds her, and leads the LOD in a round of applause. Clayface asks Harley not to make them her costars in her personal drama with Joker, and Harley assures them nothing can change her mind about her ex. As they go, Joker nods at Harley, who notices.

    Later, Harley and Ivy meet at a café and Harley suggests that they start over after their argument. Ivy isn't interested, and Harley says that she knows Ivy was just trying to protect her and she's going to do the same for Ivy. She hopes that her being a member of the LOD doesn't affect their friendship, and Ivy says that it felt like Harley was going to abandon her. Harley assures her that she would never abandon her, and figures there's something Ivy needs smashed. Ivy shows her an ad for Planetwide Pavers and how they're destroying the environment, and says that she's going to destroy the company. Harley immediately agrees to destroy their new factory, and Harley expenses their meal with the Legion's corporate credit card before doing something evil.

    Later at the Legion HQ, Lex shows Harley the Legion's gift: a case full of baseball bats. King Shark notes that there's only one chair, and Lex tells them that there are special offices for the crew. The Legion's cultural attaché Steve from Tulsa complains that Lex always calls him "Stefan" and leads Clayface, King Shark, and Psycho to their own offices. He takes them to the basement offices where the Legion keeps the goons and henchmen, and insists that they're not. Steve tells them that everything is broken and they can touch whatever they want, and Bane comes in and says that they work for him as well as Harley. They're blowing up a juicery barista after dinner and Bane is taking the crew with him.

    The Legion has a meeting and Lex explains that it's where they get approval to use Legion resources for acts of evil. Joker wants to build a giant tower with his face on it, and says that he can do it for $600 million. Everyone approves except Harley, who says that she doesn't get it. She points out the flaws in Joker's plan, and Lex agrees with her. Joker scowls at Harley and agrees to come back with a more complete plan.

    Later, Bane tells Harley that it's refreshing finally stood up to Joker. Joker comes in and pulls the plug on Bane's steroids, then thanks Harley for giving him feedback on his plan so he can improve it. He suggests they get a drink together so he can pick her brain about his plan, insisting that it's a work drink. Joker assures her that they're colleagues and he'd never have sex with her, and leaves.

    When Harley goes to her office, her crew complains about the Legion putting her in the basement with the goons. Harley insists that they only work together and figures she has to game the system by talking to a colleague.

    That night at a wings place, Harley and Joker meet for drinks. He complains when she says that it's hilarious but doesn't laugh, and Harley explains about Bane wanting to use her crew. Joker says that he'll convince Lex the crew doesn't have to work with Bane, because Lex wants to keep Harley happy. Harley is surprised that Lex and everyo0ne else thinks that she's a big deal and toasts her.

    Ivy sits in her apartment and tells Frank that she's going to take the factory down alone even though there are no plants there. She figures Harley will show up and help her, but Frank notes Harley isn't there. Ivy points out how useless Frank is and says that she and Harley can take care of it. Frank tells her to diversify the color palette of her costume, and insists that hurtful words are another weapon in his arsenal.

    Harley asks Joker how she's been, and they discuss Scrubs and their old schemes. Ivy texts to ask Harley where she is, and a waitress comes over and says that she ships them as her favorite evil couple in Gotham. She gives them drinks on the house, and Joker convinces Harley to stay for five more minutes. Harley texts Ivy at the juicery shop to say that she's busy with Legion stuff, and Frank has his new assistant Chaz bring him in to carry his pot. Ivy points out that Chaz is a marijuana dealer and Frank misread his ad, and tells Frank to have Chaz take him back to the apartment while she takes care of business. Frank realizes that Harley stood Ivy up, and Ivy tells him that Harley just had to reschedule. The plant doesn't believe it and figures that Harley thinks she's a big shot. Frank warns Ivy that Harley has changed and Ivy is on her own.

    At the Legion HQ, Bane tells the crew that it's time to blow up Todd. Psycho refuses, saying Harley has taken care of it, but Bane says that he filed the proper paperwork with HR. King Shark calls Harley to sort it out, but it goes to voice mail and they go with Bane.

    Harley and Joker are laughing it up over a fancy dinner on a ship, and Harley insists that it's just an extension of the business conversation they were having. They've tied up the staff, and when the staff complains the villains toss them into a lifeboat and share a laugh. Harley suggests that Joker build his tower underground and then shoot up above the surface like a jack-in-the-box. Joker is impressed, and Harley is surprised that he's accepting one of her ideas. He claims that he wishes Harley had gone solo sooner. Batman drops down from the Batwing, and Joker summons his helicopter by remote and knocks back Batman with a grenade.

    Joker climbs up the rope ladder to his helicopter and says that he'd love to take Harley, and Harley remembers Joker doing the same thing before. He invites her to come with him this time, and Harley goes with him before Batman can stop them. As they fly off, Harley says that she used to dream of them escaping together. Joker says that he needs her and kisses her, and Batman flies up in the Batwing. When he sees Batman, Joker shoves Harley out and Batman rescues her before she falls into the ocean. He tells her that some things never change, and Harley throws herself into the ocean to escape.

    Bane and the crew wait outside the juicery in a van, and King Shark goes inside to plant the bomb. Impatient, Bane hits the remote to detonate the bomb, and King Shark's fin hits the van. The rest of King Shark hits the van a second later, and says that Todd wasn't working that night. Clayface and Psycho take King Shark to the hospital, and Clayface rehearses a death scene for a margarine commercial. Ivy arrives and wonders where Harley is, and they set a TV news report about Joker dumping Harley after the newscaster Tawny says that they're back together.

    Harley comes in and apologizes for running late. She claims that she was held up at a Legion meeting, but sees the glares and the news report and realizes they all know she's lying. Ivy is furious that Harley ditched her for Joker, and Clayface notes that some of them got their fins blown off because Harley didn't get them away from Bane. Harley tries to explain but they're not having it, and Ivy says that she's done believing in someone who doesn't believe in herself. Harley says that she made a mistake but it won't happen again, but the others don't believe her. Clayface and Psycho leave, and King Shark says that he'll leave as soon as he doesn't have a catheter in him. Ivy tells Harley that she has her own plan to focus on and she'd rather go solo on her plan. Harley runs after her but Ivy has already left the hospital.

    Later, Ivy breaks into Paveways. She grows a plant from a seed she brought, but herbicide rains down from the spouts and kills it. Ivy tries to escape but there's too much herbicide and she collapses. The guards arrive and tell their boss that they got Ivy.

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