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  • Yes. The Skin I Live In is based on the French crime thriller Mygale, written by Thierry Jonquet in 1984. The novel was later released in the US and the UK in an English translation by Serpent's Tail, under the name Tarantula. Edit

  • It's a family of large, hairy trap-door spiders with four lungs and four spinnerets. That the tarantula is part of the same species of arachnid is a misconception. The translation of the original novel's French name to Tarantula is likely the simplest way to translate the word, based on the similar appearance between the two species. Edit

  • It's called Transgenesis; in the movie's case, the transplanting of genetic information from the cells of pigs into the cells of humans. Despite the alleged physiological benefits, this procedure is seen as 'playing God' with life and is very strictly prohibited and illegal under the ethical codes of all medical institutes throughout most countries in the world. Edit

  • Gal was the first name of Dr. Ledgard's wife. Dr. Ledgard names the synthetic skin he's developed after her. Edit



The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • Vera was originally a vintage dress saleswoman's son (and assistant) named Vicente Guillén Piñeiro, who, on a high of mixed pills, sexually assaulted Dr. Ledgard's mentally fractured daughter, Norma, after mistaking her psychotic rambles as drunken seduction, leading to her hospitalization for a phobia of all men, and her eventual suicide. Dr. Ledgard performed gender reassignment on Vicente, making him into a woman, as revenge.

    Because of his obsession over Gal's death, and because, as Marilia reveals, he's simply insane, Dr. Ledgard used the synthetic skin to make Vera a spitting image of Gal. Edit

  • From the shopping trip she went on with Marilia. Even though Vicente disappeared six years before the present, the shop specialized in vintage clothing and it's entirely plausible that the dress would still be there. Vera likely requested to visit the shop specifically to find and buy the dress as part of her plan of escape, as it would prove beyond a doubt who she was.

    The significance of the dress is that Vicente wanted to give it to Cristina as a present, just to see how she looked in it. Cristina told him that if he liked it so much, to wear it himself. At the end of the movie, Vera wears the dress when she goes to see Cristina. Edit

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