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MPAA Rated R for disturbing violent content including sexual assault, strong sexuality, graphic nudity, drug use and language

Sex & Nudity

  • A man hears the moaning sounds of sex and walks into a garden where multiple young men and teen girls are engaged in various sexual activities:
  • We see a teen girl performing oral sex on a young man in the dark as another young man has sex with her from behind, actively thrusting (no nudity is visible); another teen girl is seen performing oral sex on a young man (no nudity is visible); and a young man and a young woman are seen lying on the ground with the young man thrusting on top of the young woman (no nudity is visible).
  • A man forces himself on top of a woman who is wearing a flesh-colored bodysuit, he rips off the chest of the bodysuit, gropes the woman's breasts and forcefully licks and kisses the woman's face as she tries to pull away; the man lifts up the woman and crudely tells her they are going to have intercourse and carries her away (brief nudity).
  • A man watches a CCTV of a woman wearing a flesh-colored bodysuit and he licks the television in a sexual manner as his mother watches in horror.
  • A man cups the bare breasts of a woman, remarking on their shape (brief nudity).
  • A man pulls down his tight spandex pants, we see his bare buttocks as he exposes it to a CCTV that an older woman watches and she laughs.
  • A man confronts another man about raping his daughter and the man claims that it was not against the teen girl's will.
  • A teen girl takes off her sweater and playfully tells a young man that she could "go naked all the time"; the young man responds that he will leave the teen girl naked.

Violence & Gore

  • A man shoots another man who is raping a woman. Blood pools out of his bottom and chest and then a bullet pierces his head causing blood and brain matter to splatter out.
  • A woman shoots a man (blood appears on his chest).
  • A woman shoots another woman. Blood pools around her as she lies on the floor.
  • A woman draws a large kitchen knife across her own neck. Blood pools out and a large gaping wound appears.
  • A woman holds her adult son at gunpoint, telling him that he has to leave.
  • A man threatens his mother, saying that he will kill her if she screams when he removes a gag from her mouth; he removes the gag, the woman gasps for air and he shoves the rag back into her mouth.
  • A man forces his way through a doorway against the objections of his mother.
  • A woman elbows a man in the crotch, runs away and locks the man in the room behind her; the man gets up and chases the woman; she is holding a large kitchen knife and shouts at the man.
  • A woman is screaming during sex which quickly turns into a semi-rape. Later the woman kills herself.
  • A woman is shown severely burned. She jumps out of a window and pools around a young child
  • The violence is very realistic but not on screen for long.


  • Note: all profanity is spoken in Spanish and most translated to English subtitles.
  • About 4 uses of Fuck, 4 sexual references, 2 scatological terms, 6 anatomical terms, 7 mild obscenities.
  • 2 uses of Cunt in a sexual context

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A group of teen girls and young men are seen smoking marijuana cigarettes.
  • A man and woman smoke an opium pipe.
  • A man offers a woman a pill that he says would make her feel sexual and he then takes it.
  • An older woman dissolves a pill from a prescription pill bottle into a glass of orange juice and it is later taken by another woman.
  • A man uses an unidentified chemical on a towel to cause a man to pass out.
  • A woman tells a man that he takes too many drugs.
  • An older woman tells a woman that her son started transporting drugs when he was seven years old.
  • Men and women, teen boys and teen girls and young men and women are seen drinking on multiple occasions, including at a party and a conference.
  • A man is seen having wine with dinner and drinking liquor at a bar.
  • Characters smoke cigarettes in the film.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This film is disturbing both visually and psychologically.
  • There are many violent moments.
  • Some scenes are extremely intense for example the rape scene, the ending, and a suicide
  • The twist is absoloutely shocking and the build-up is extremely intense


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A man tells another man that he will have to use expanders to ensure his new female genitalia heals properly and we see the man place progressively larger phallic-shaped dilators on a table.
  • Two men discuss gender reassignment surgery in detail; one man tells the other that he had performed gender reassignment surgery on a young man and that he now performs in "porn movies."

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