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Phoning it in
melcauble5 April 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Meredith Grey, the majestic, hero of all doctors...refuses to believe that Richard might have Alzheimer's? Really? A "professional" such as herself can't be unbiased and consider that he may have something just because her mother had it? She doesn't know everything just because she saw her mother and how she behaved. A good, normal doctor would consider everything a possibility. And how selfish was Katherine? "She can't handle it!" If that we're my husband, I would do anything, especially be in the room to support him. And she's a doctor! She should know better. These people. Also, it looked as though the child they were operating on was a practice dummy, not a real person. It took me a minute to realize that was supposed to be the actual child. The practical effects department (along with the writers) is just phoning it in. I can't believe how bad this show has gotten. I have watched almost 16 seasons and I'm not giving up on on it but, come on! Put some effort into it!
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