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Sex & Nudity

  • The main female character is often seen in low-cut dresses where there is ample cleavage. On occassions, she is seen running or walking quickly in these dresses, resulting in the bouncing of her seen cleavage.
  • On various occassions, the main female servant bends over and one can see down her shirt. These shots are happenstance and are not done in a sexual manner. It is possible a viewer may not notice these scenes for they are very brief.
  • The prince often wears a tunic that is slightly open through the front revealing just a little bit of chest hair.
  • Some male characters are seen shirtless. These are shots are not done in a sexual context.
  • A malevolent female character sometimes shown in a tight, dark red, form fitting dress that has high leg slits and high boots.
  • In season one, there is an episode where a woman uses magic to enchant a male character into marriage. she kisses him on the lips.
  • Occasionally there is brief lip kissing between male and female characters.
  • Arthur's buttocks can quickly be seen. Merlin sees him naked but we see from waist up.

Violence & Gore

  • Characters are sometimes attacked via magic, elements, or mythical beasts. Characters are sometimes seen sword fighting, preparing to be executed (execution isn't shown on screen) via guillotine, being chained to a device whereby they are 'stoned' with soft vegetables (for humor), or being chased. Characters also are scene training to fight using swords or showing alligence via raising their swords.
  • Illness, wounding or death is sometimes seen resulting in mild abrasions, warting and abecess, sweating, abnormally blackened veins on white bodies, and corpses.
  • There is no blood, gaping wounds, or severed body parts showing during battle scenes.
  • Characters are sometimes thrown in a prison holding cell.
  • The king is verbally and decisively hostile towards races or classes of people whom he fears or knows wields magical powers, thus displaying a sort of violent prejudice.
  • Characters are sometimes shown to be in disagreement with each other where they yell or make threats at one another.
  • A dragon is held captive in a dark, underground area, where one of his legs is always chained.
  • Scenes Specific to Season 1:
  • There is a scene where a male character grabs the throat of a female character in a hostile manner and verbally threatens her.
  • A small boy screams when he hears/feels that his father is being executed in the public square.
  • A daughter witnesses her father die by magic and then she is subsequently killed via magic, the result being that she shatters and disappears.
  • During a sword duel, a character that was risen from the dead is seen with black, charred and mangled skin.
  • A female character is electrocuted via lightening conjured from the sky.
  • A male character is hit in the chest with a ball of fire and one can see an empty, dark hole and smoke raising from his chest at the center of impact.
  • After killing a woman (not seen on screen), another character then assumes the identity of the dead woman and uses this false identity to deceive and cause harm upon people she has ill regard for.
  • Violence is nearly every episode. There is sword fights, fist fights and tipical medievil battles.
  • A lady is set to be executed. Her head is sliced off - not shown.
  • Many people die; Many dead bodies are shown, but not briefly.


  • The first episode has at least one a**. There is the occasional damn and hell, as well as a "Thank God", but those are few and far between. I haven't noticed anything too bad.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Herbal and magic remedies are sometimes ingested leading to healing or intoxication that results in such things as temporary sleep, delirium. One could consider these medicines as 'drugs' however, these medicines aren't shown to be taken for pleasure of its intoxication or in manner which are irresponsible or without healthful or harmful affects (depending on whether the characters have benevolent or malavolent intentsion.
  • People are sometimes seen drinking from a goblet. it isn't stated what sort of liquid is in the goblet, but some viewers may assume that it's wine.
  • There's talk of taking tinctures. Although it isn't stated in the series, some viewers may be aware that tinctures generally are produced with a small amount of alcohol to be used as a preservative.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some of the creatures, as well as the evil magicians, sometimes bring dark scenes with them, may be frightening to younger viewers.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Viewers not familiar with the original fables may be surprised and upset in the end when a main character is killed in battle.
  • Some people often get tortured by Morgana.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some people often get tortured by Morgana

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