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not the whole story
matthewtodddaniels4 August 2010
We were very excited to watch this film but ended up extremely disappointed.

Omar's Mother makes this film almost unwatchable. She makes the prisoners out to be the victims and forgets the fact that each and every one of them has committed a serious crime against society, and really deserves to be locked up. Secondly the reason that the guards continually need to take forceful action is because the prisoners are once again NOT following the rules.

This film is an interesting perspective of the life inside of a small prison cell, but does nothing to make me feel that prisoners are being abused. In fact it makes us all realize that these people might just actually be where they belong.

When you watch this film think about this....very few, if any of these people have ever paid a single dollar into the system that they continually drain and will most likely drain throughout the rest of their lives.

If anything, this film does the exact opposite of what it is trying to accomplish. Mr. Broadway needs to wake up, stop breaking the law, and go take care of his family. His mom needs to stop making excuses for her son and encourage the rest of her family to become upstanding members of society.
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Just Watched this Documentary
swd_ist7 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I highly doubt this helped Mr Broadway's cause even a little bit. It was very obvious that the prisoners were "orchestrating" the events that occurred during the filming of this documentary. I did not see any real "abuse" in this film other than from the prisoners with the staged protests, it looked like the film was cut to show one side of the story and not the full process of cell extractions. In one aspect I do feel sorry for Mr Broadway in that he had lousy parents, especially the mother. She is probably worse than he is and watching her at the end was rather sad. If Mr Broadway had done this to show the abuses of the system theme and stuck with just that he would have gotten a lot more sympathy from people but it was very obvious that this was for the "money". Both him and his mother made it very clear throughout the entire video that it was for the money and not for the abuses, the abuse angle was just so it would get picked up by somebody. Hopefully one day he will get out of prison and turn away from the "gang" life and be a good example for his daughter. She still has a chance at a better life.
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mverobeach120 July 2011
I thought this was going to be like Lockdown, but from an inmate's perspective. They show everything that Lockdown shows, but more boring and with a bunch of ideological commentary from the convict (he held up a cab with a sawed-off shotgun, then has the nerve to talk about morals and ethics) and his self-righteous mother. The people who made the movie are absolutely straining to make the events in the jail look illegal or look like abuse, but its exactly what one would expect prison to be like. And unlike lockup, which is raw footage of officers and inmates doing what they do, not aware that the footage will be aired on TV, this was NOT raw footage, because most of the time the inmates are inciting reaction from the officers just to give us a show. The only truth in the video was from those critical of Omar! Everyone else just looks ridiculous and unjustified. They talk about how Omar probably just thought he was going to make lots of money (not that it would matter because he would just blow in a matter of weeks after he got it anyway on cars and clothes and girlfriends). How this even made it to the Tribeca Film Festival is beyond me. If you watch this, you will not come away with any sympathy for the inmates, but the opposite. Not groundbreaking. Not original. Not interesting.
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sean-pash16 July 2010
Boring, boring, boring. I would like to write the producers and ask for that hour and a half of my life back. This movie was pointless, it was about prison injustice yet the prison did nothing wrong. Very strange.

Summary: idiot robs a cab at gun point, gets locked up, he and other idiots instigate trouble with cops, cops whoop ass (funny:), no one with any sense picks up production of terrible documentary, awful docu-pic fades away minutes after it airs.....

Whatever you do, don't waste your time with this movie. Maybe clean out the refrigerator, organize your closet, clean the car, or punch yourself in the face for an hour and a half.... all would be far more enjoyable.
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blurbish7 April 2011
I'd say this movie is an average film with an above average purpose. We expect people to be treated with some degree of their human rights whether they are in prison or walking down the street. No matter what your circumstances are you have rights as a person. Im very surprised that this hasn't been made an issue in New Jersey. It's obvious that there were wrong doings because Omar was offered time off his sentence to "rat" on his conspirators, which a warden can't legally do because its up to the judge among others. Id say watch it if you into documentaries or injustices to rally behind. I would also like to know what has happened since the filming of the movie. It would be nice to know why Omar was moved to Maryland state prison and Buddy was not.
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How the hell...
troyez7018 November 2011
... did they get a camera in that type of unit?!?! I've been locked up in lesser security jails and we couldn't get away with a freaking lighter, let alone a video camera! We were regularly used as practice for the local SWAT team to practice on, so contraband of any kind was confiscated quick! It seems unreal that these cons had all the electronic devices they did in the film - it made me think that this film was/is fake. And if someone smuggled that camera in, on/in their person via a body cavity, DAMN!!! The guy could pass a coffee can! That's insane! The film itself wasn't much of a documentary - when you only focus on one side of an issue it is more like propaganda.
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The Most Slanted Hatchet Piece Ever Put On Film
Rockhound616521 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Here's the deal. I'm not going to sit here and say that there aren't incidents of abuse of force. There are. When there are thousands of people working in a system, there are going to be a few knuckleheads(the fact that a prison inmate in the most secure unit in the department was able to keep a video camera in his cell should be an indication of that). However, this idiot made it seem like he's just an innocent victim. Um, no. Omar Broadway is a piece of scum who made the choice to live a life of crime. And his mother isn't going to be up for any awards either. How can you be proud of your child for being a drug dealer? I particularly loved the cell extraction. Nice that they edited the entire process out. Here's the procedure: They need to get an inmate for one reason or another. They go to the cell and tell him that he's going to be taken out of the cell and is ordered on his knees with his hands on top of his head to be cuffed(proper procedure). If the inmate is compliant, he's put into cuffs, taken to where ever he's to be taken. Does whatever business needs to be done, and is returned to his cell. However, if he's not compliant, he's given several orders to do so and if he still chooses to be an animal, the extract team is brought in. Of course all you see here is the extract team doing their thing, not the events leading up to the extraction. Believe me, extract teams aren't assembled for laughs. It literally takes an act of the administrator to do this and most administrators aren't exactly custody friendly.

The short end of it is, if you want to avoid this, stay out of jail. It really is that simple. And to Mr. Broadway, you are the scourge of the earth and it's people like you who don't allow the black community to to come out of the shadows. I hope you enjoy your life in jail because you are exactly where you belong.
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Broadway in New Jersey
neongen18 June 2018
One of the more memorable " films " I've see. Thug gets hold of a camera snuck in by a thug guard and films an expose of the dark side of prison life. It takes some doing for the prison system to take second place to anything but Omar manages to convince the viewer that he's where he belongs. Omar's mom does a lot of talking to the viewer while letting us know all of her chilun' are or have been in the joint and her business of selling the DVD is done out of the trunk of her ( stolen ? ) car . The market will bear five bucks a pop. This abomination had a showing at the Tribecca film festival , maybe a Liberal low point.. Devolution USA
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About as unbiased as Glenn Beck
Scroobious23 July 2010
Funny I would bring up Glenn Beck in this situation right? Wrong. This uh... homemade movie is one-sided and that side is given no real evidence or balance.

An inmate at a prison managed to get a camcorder into his cell and the intriguing part of this documentary stops there. He claims to show evidence of correctional officer violence, but it's really just hyped up prisoner antics.

The only informative aspect of this homemade movie is the cramped and horrifying living spaces you can look forward to if you rob someone with a sawed off shotgun; as the main subject, Omar Broadway did.
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It's prison, moron, it's tough. Don't do the crime.....
scottsmusic23 July 2010
I really wanted to like this film, I'm all about righting injustice. But this is just some inmates with a camera trying to blackmail the system by documenting "abuses" on film. Guess what? It's PRISON! It's OZ! You get there by doing something so bad that a dozen random people agreed you need to be locked up*. Of course there's going to be abuses, of course there's corruption, it's PRISON. I didn't see anything there that moved me to feel there's earth shaking injustice to reveal, it's PRISON, not daycare. Skip this one and shame on you HBO for putting on this crap. If this was a nursing home it would be a compelling documentary but it just feels like a day of lockup to me. *I'm sure there are exceptions, but I think in most maximum security facilities if you are there, you did something very wrong.
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