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Version of 

Ghost in the Shell (1995)
based on the same manga


Blade Runner (1982)
A visual influence to the film as well as it's source material.
The Matrix (1999)
A visual influence to the film.
Avalon (2001)
Avalon Apartments are a direct reference to the film.

Referenced in 

Atop the Fourth Wall: Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #2 (2015) (TV Episode)
"People really believe that Ghost in the Shell movie is going to get made?"
Nostalgia Critic: Is White Washing Really Still a Thing? (2016) (TV Episode)
points out the casting of Scarlett Johansson as an Asian character
WatchMojo: Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2017 (2017) (TV Episode)
Ghost in the Shell gets an honorable mention.
Film 2017: Episode #46.5 (2017) (TV Episode)
Nihal Arthanyake introduces footage from this upcoming movie
Midnight Screenings: Ghost in the Shell (2017) (TV Episode)
movie is reviewed
The Cinema Snob: The Smuffs (2017) (TV Episode)
Fair reminds us that Scarlett Johansson plays a robot in this movie
Australian Ninja Warrior: Heat 3 (2017) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in Luke Ha's profile as a movie for which he has done stunt work.
Nostalgia Critic: Dragonball Evolution (2017) (TV Episode)
Warski Live: NoBullshit on to Hash Out Some Drama (2017) (TV Episode)
No Bullshit talks about the movie.
WatchMojo: Top 10 Movies That Were Hated Before They Were Even Released (2017) (TV Episode)
Ghost in the Shell is #5.
AniMat's Crazy Cartoon Cast: Ronnie Anne's Getting a Show! (2018) (TV Episode)
Brought up in discussion.
BoJack Horseman: Ancient History (2018) (TV Episode)
BoJack mentions the Scarlett Johansson remake.
76th Golden Globe Awards (2019) (TV Special)
A host mentions it.
Chris Stuckmann Movie Reviews: Alita: Battle Angel (2019) (TV Episode)
The movie is mentioned.
AniMat's Crazy Cartoon Cast: Uh... Meow? (2019) (TV Episode)
Brought up as a live-action anime adaptation.
AniMat's Crazy Cartoon Cast: Sans Smashed Nintendo Direct (2019) (TV Episode)
Brought up in Scarlett Johansson's filmography.

Featured in 

Film 2017: Episode #46.5 (2017) (TV Episode)
Footage shown
Tamara Just Saw: Ghost in the Shell - Tamara Just Saw (2017) (TV Episode)
The movie that Tamara just saw with her friend Cody
The Know's Top 10s: Top 10 Cyborgs w/ DEATH BATTLE's Wiz (2017) (TV Episode)
A clip is shown.
Honest Trailers: Ghost in the Shell (2017) (2017) (TV Episode)
Used in trailer
Lost L.A.: Dream Factory (2017) (TV Episode)
Clip shown
WatchMojo: Top 10 Biggest Scandals that Cursed Movies (2018) (TV Episode)
Ghost in the Shell is #8.
WatchMojo: Top 10 Controversial Casting Choices (2018) (TV Episode)
The choice to cast Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in the Shell gets a dishonorable mention.
WatchMojo: Top 10 Movie Adaptations That No One Asked For (2019) (TV Episode)
Ghost in the Shell is #4.

Spoofed in 

The Parodies 8 (2017) (Video)
One of the sequences is a parody of this anime

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