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8 Jun. 2008
Special #1
Meet four women who discovered much to their surprise that misinterpreted physical symptoms were actually due to labor pains and the immediate arrival of a newborn baby. ITS NOT THE FLU: After two negative pregnancy tests and weight loss, A small-town Pennsylvania woman is chased by police as her husband makes a frantic attempt to get her to the ER for what they think is case of severe stomach flu. They are surprised when fifteen minutes later she gives birth to a healthy seven-pound, eight-ounce baby girl. WAKE UP CALL: A 42-year-old bank manager who thought she was ...
17 Mar. 2009
Special #2
Four stories of women who gave birth but didn't know they were pregnant. CRADLE WILL ROCK: A 118-pound Irish rock singer smokes, drinks and parties her way through a multi-city tour only to discover that she is pregnant and in labor. Will the lack of prenatal care combined with the mother's risky behavior affect the health of the baby? affect the health of the baby? IT'S NOT A CYST: When a 26 year old gains 30 pounds, she thinks it's the result of quitting smoking. But an emergency visit to the hospital proves that the weight gain is more than just a side effect... ...
24 Mar. 2009
Special #3
Three stories of women who gave birth but didn't know they were pregnant. WHILE YOU WERE OUT: A 118-pound woman passes out in her driveway - only to wake up with a newborn baby girl without knowing she was pregnant. TAKEOUT TIKE: A fast food manager goes to the bathroom at work with what she assumes is the flu. She ends up giving birth in the toilet of the fast food restaurant, with the assistance of a 16-year old co-worker. Strangely, the woman has had three other children - but never detected her fourth pregnancy until she literally goes into labor. MOTHER NATURE: ...
25 Aug. 2009
Cradle Will Rock
A 118- pound Irish rock singer smokes, drinks and parties her way through a multi-city tour - only to discover that she is pregnant and in labor. Will the lack of pre-natal care combined with the mother's risky behavior affect the health of the baby?
2 Dec. 2009
Spring Break Surprise
College freshman Kimberly returns home for Spring Break and begins to experience severe and painful back cramps. Her parents race her to the hospital where she tries to go to the bathroom and instead gives birth to a 2 1/2 pound infant boy.
9 Jun. 2010
Baby in a Shoe
A new mother who's still nursing can't figure out why she can't lose her baby weight only to learn the real reason. Meanwhile, a mother of two has her tubes tied when years later she gets a very unexpected surprise.
21 Jul. 2010
Birthday Surprise
A young mother mistakes a case of kidney stones for the pains of labor. Meanwhile, a twenty-two year old who drops over forty pounds is shocked to learn that she is carrying a full term baby.
24 Aug. 2010
Shock of My Life
A teacher's aid fails to recognize the signs of pregnancy, mistaking labor pains as menstrual cramps. A forty year old thinks she's pre-menopausal after missing several periods, but shocked to learn she's pregnant when she bleed profusely at her ceremon
Baby on the Floor
Jen is working full time as a nurse, going to school online, and being a full time mother to her 4 year old son, Kayden. She's been trying to lose weight with no success by eating right, exercising, & being as active as she can. After feeling sick on & off her fiancé suggests she may be pregnant however she's been having her period regularly & even on birth control. When problems persist she decides to take a pregnancy test. After 2 negative pregnancy tests & nine months later she gives birth in her home without even knowing she's pregnant.
Surprise Bathroom Delivery
Natasha was relaxing after a hard day of work when she started feeling excruciating pain. She went to the bathroom thinking it might be something else and soon went in to labor. She had her baby right there in the bathroom.
6 Jul. 2011
Baby at the Mall
While working a retail job at the mall, 20 year-old Yanil suffers excruciating abdominal pain. She lays down in a stockroom to ride it out, and is shocked to discover a baby crowning between her legs!
6 Jul. 2011
Baby in a 110-Pound Body
In 1980, Pat is 24, 110 pounds and in the best shape of her life. Suddenly, debilitating cramps send her to the hospital and Pat is stunned by her diagnosis - she's pregnant and in labor.
13 Jul. 2011
Baby in the Bowl
Alicia barely survives a harrowing car accident then, just 18 months later a surprising pregnancy threatens the life of her newborn. Dragica has just lost the weight from her first pregnancy, so it's a shock when she gives birth to a baby in the toilet!
17 Aug. 2011
Baby in a Tornado
Kayla goes to a small town clinic with terrible cramping. She gets shocking news that she is pregnant and in labor.Without proper supplies at the clinic, she must be transfered. But the nearest hospital is 120 miles away and outside there's a tornado.
17 Aug. 2011
Breech Baby in the Bath Tub
When Nicole separated from her husband, she moved back in with her parents and younger brother. After a night of terrible cramps, Nicole takes a hot bath. She soon realizes to her horror that she's in labor and the baby is being born breech!
24 Aug. 2011
Gas & Go Baby
While at work, Christie suddenly experiences extreme pain and cramping that is so bad that she heads to the emergency room with her mother. But before they make it there, her mother stops at a gas station along the way and makes a shocking realization.
31 Aug. 2011
Baby and a Girdle
After a difficult pregnancy including an episode with Bell's Palsy, Victoria struggles to lose her baby weight. Never suspecting the real reason behind the extra pounds, she goes into labor at her mother-in-law's house.
7 Sep. 2011
Vasectomy Baby
After a negative pregnancy test, Monique is in disbelief when she delivers a baby in her bathroom. Afraid that there's no time to wait for an ambulance, she gets in her car and drives her newborn to the hospital herself!
14 Sep. 2011
Baby in Flight?
Manon, a 115-pound flight attendant, finds she can't sleep because of mysterious pain in her stomach. Thinking that something she ate, she goes to the emergency room where she's stunned to learn she is in labor and the baby is crowning.
21 Sep. 2011
Baby on the Move
Amy's cramps force her to go to the local clinic. But when using the restroom, she's gripped with the terrifying sensation and screams for help. As the nurses to try tmove her into an exam room she starts giving birth to a baby in her pants.
5 Oct. 2011
Baby in the Kitchen
Anna has an IUD inserted after giving birth to her daughter. When she wakes up one night by a sudden extreme pain in her side, she can't believe her eyes when a baby slides down her leg and on her kitchen floor.
12 Oct. 2011
Contraception Patch Baby
Kristen has been on the birth control patch throughout her four-year relationship with her boyfriend. When she has severe pain one day, paramedics rush her to the emergency room where a nurse discovers a baby crowning between her legs!
19 Oct. 2011
Miracle Baby
Marisa has never had her period and doctors don't think she'll ever be able to have children. When Marisa feels sharp pains in her back, she's rushed to the emergency room where doctors are shocked that she's pregnant, in labor and the baby is crowning!
A girl on the toilet in a clinic, thinking she's hemorrhaging-turns out, she's pregnant. Nurses crutch and lead her to examination room, waiting for the doctor to come and evaluate. The girls has a baby in her pants. Nurses tend to the situation until the doctor arrives. Mother is wheeled out and taken to hospital.

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