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  • Just like Scream (1996) (1996), Scream 2 (1997) (1997), and Scream 3 (2000) (2000), it is based on a screenplay, not a novel. The screenplay for Scream 4 was written by American screenwriter Kevin Williamson, who also wrote the screenplays for the first two movies. Edit

  • The script stated that Dewey's limp had healed with both time and physical therapy. Edit

  • Kevin Williamson was not interested in bringing back Detective Kincaid (Patrick Dempsey). Dempsey was also busy at the time filming Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) (2011). Edit

  • Wes Craven stated in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that Neil Prescott had passed away prior to the events of Scream 4. Neil's having passed away is also mentioned by Dewey in a deleted scene that can be found on the film's DVD and Blu-ray releases. Edit

  • This is debatable. Throughout the movie he clearly states that he has the hots of Olivia. But there is a scene in the Cinema Club where both he and Charlie state that the only way to survive a horror movie is that you have to be gay. The two than have an awkward moment where they exchange a look, making them wonder if either one is gay. When he is outside getting drunk on his own, he says that Charlie will perhaps get laid tonight. However, he says, "my Charlie Walker", instead of just simply, "Charlie". At one point, he even declares that he's gay but then adds, "If it helps." Not to mention every now and then in the movie he would mock a stereotypical "gay man's voice". Edit

  • (1) Marnie is held and stabbed numerous times off screen, killed by Charlie. (2) Jenny's back is broken by garage door, pulled back into garage and fatally stabbed, killed by Jill. (3) Olivia is stabbed in the hand, thrown against chest of drawers, thrown against a mirror, stabbed in the back, stabbed in the stomach four times, thrown through a window and gutted, obviously by Charlie. (4) Rebecca is stabbed in the stomach and thrown off a parking structure, killed by Charlie (5) Hoss is stabbed in the back, stabbed numerous times off screen, killed by Jill. (6) Perkins is stabbed in the head, also by Jill. (7) Kate is stabbed in the back through a mail slot by Jill. (8) Robbie is stabbed in the chest, back and stomach by Charlie. (9) Kirby is stabbed twice in the stomach by Charlie. (10) Trevor is shot in the groin then the head by Jill. (11) Charlie is stabbed in the heart and stomach by Jill. (12) Jill is electrocuted with a defibrillator and shot in the heart by Sidney. Edit

  • Craven appeared in all of the original films (as a Janitor, Doctor and Tourist), and while he filmed a cameo for this installment (as a coroner at the Randall house), it was cut from the film. The deleted scene, named "Crime Scene", was included in the DVD release of the film. Edit

  • On September 6th, 2011, a 5-film set was released on Blu-ray disc that includes Scream 1 through 3, plus two documentaries (Still Screaming and Scream: The Inside Story), but no plans for a complete set of the quadrilogy. In the US, the release rights for Scream 4 are held by Anchor Bay Entertainment. Scream 1 thru 3 are now held by Lionsgate. However home video rights will one day be up for grabs for these titles, and until all the films have all their video rights under one studio, we might not ever get them as a collector's box set. In Canada, all the films in the series have the rights held by Alliance Atlantis and thus a complete set came out October 4th, 2011. While this set has all four Scream features unlike the American "5 Film Set", it does not include the documentaries but does come with a Ghostface mask. Canadian DVDs and BDs are within each others region codes so the preferred sets could be watched in either country. Edit

  • A precise comparison shows that the pay-per-view cut does not contain any changes regarding the movie footage. However, there are a few scenes which have been re-dubbed due to various reasons. These include adding new dialogue, changing preexisting sentences and re-dubbing to improve audibility. The changes are quite reasonable. The pay-per-view cut unfolds the story just a tiny bit more by filling a few story holes and makes the movie seem more complete. Edit



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