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  • Jimmy takes a photo of Clark using his super-speed while saving Lois from danger, but it comes out blurred. Tess decides the story should make the front page for the Daily Planet exposing the mysterious new 'superhero' that. Chloe refuses to continue helping Clark protect his secret, so Clark turns to Oliver for help when Jimmy gets too close to discovering his secret. Meanwhile, Lois meets Sebastian Kane, a new reporter at the Daily Planet, who has the power to see peoples' memories by merely touching. He has been hired by Tess to find the missing alien crystal.

  • While Lois talks on the phone with police about a mugging suspect someone introduces himself as the new city reporter Sebastian Kane; who turns out to be a memory thief escaped from Black Creek. he struggles with Lois in an attempt to steal the flash drive that she stole from the Luthor Mansion (with Black Creek info). Lois is rescued by Clark (unbeknown to her) at which time Sebastian then has physical contact with Clark and steals some of his memories. Sebastian is then taken to Metropolis General for treatment of the injuries he received when he was thrown against the wall during the fight. At Metropolis General Hospital, Chloe comes to see Sebastian, and says that she was in Black Creek and asks how much he knows about Clark. He says that Clark belongs in Black Creek. Chloe says that a brain is like a computer: download too much and it crashes. She then touches him and overloads his brain with the Brainiac part of her entering Sebastian's body, flat-lining him before she escapes inconspicuously.


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  • Jimmy and Lois are walking down a street in Metropolis and Jimmy talks about his theory of the mystery hero. Lois dismisses it, and Jimmy suggests that Clark might be interested in writing the story. While they are talking, a mugger appears and knocks Jimmy down. Lois tangles with the mugger, pulling his mask off, and tells Jimmy to take a picture of his face. Clark arrives just as the mugger pushes Lois into the road, and he super-speeds to knock out the mugger and save her from getting hit by an oncoming car. However, Clark saves Lois at the exact moment that the flash from Jimmy's camera goes off. Lois is a bit confused about what happened but thinks she floored the mugger. Jimmy then realizes he has taken a picture of his mystery hero.

    The next morning, Clark meets Jimmy in Photographic Archives at the Daily Planet. After telling Clark that his life will never be the same, Jimmy reveals a picture of a red-and-blue blur saving Lois. When Jimmy tells him that it is front page news, Clark tries to dismiss the photo, claiming it could have been a passing cop car, but Jimmy is adamant it is the 'Good Samaritan'. Clark tells Jimmy that Tess won't publish the picture because it is out of focus but Jimmy tells him that she already agreed to run it on the front page and that Clark can write the article. Annoyed, Clark tells Jimmy that he should have asked him first, but Jimmy tells him that if he doesn't write the story, Lois is going to and that the two of them should make names for themselves instead of again being in her shadow. Clark promises to consider it, and Jimmy leaves, not noticing Clark's anxiety.

    At the Daily Planet, a frustrated Lois talks on the phone to the police about her attacker who has recently been bailed. After an unsuccessful conversation, Lois looks up to see a young man who seems somewhat familiar to her. He introduces himself as the new city reporter Sebastian Kane, and when they shake hands, he is able to read her mind and see her memory of being on the phone moments before. They bond when he reveals that he was in Iraq as an embedded reporter with the Army and she tells him about her Army brat background. Sebastian then offers to take her out for the evening and she accepts.

    At the Luthor Mansion, Tess is daydreaming about Lex Luthor when Sebastian touches her shoulder and sees her daydream. She sharply turns around and orders him never to touch her again. She asks if Lois stole the crystal from her, but he tells her that finding out will require more than a handshake, to which Tess says to do whatever it takes. When Sebastian is reluctant, Tess threatens him, pointing out that she released him from Black Creek but, because of his voyeuristic and murderous past, she could easily have him sent back. Tess promises him a fresh start if he finds the stolen crystal.

    At the Isis Foundation, Clark goes to see Chloe and asks her if she has deleted the picture Jimmy took. When she tells him she hasn't, Clark insists that people will know he is out there saving others, to which she tells him that that may not be such a bad thing. She tells him that it gives him the perfect opportunity to obtain an alias, saying that the photo doesn't reveal anything about Clark Kent. She also explains that this could let the world know that there is somebody out there saving people and thus giving it what it desperately needs: a hero.

    At the Daily Planet, Clark goes to see Tess and tells her that he doesn't want to write the story about the Good Samaritan. Tess acts surprised that he is passing up such a great opportunity but Clark says he doesn't want to put his name on a story that doesn't tell anything. She agrees to let him off the story but informs him that Jimmy is knee-deep in research, and will surely find a name, and then a face, thus making it a real story.

    Clark super-speeds to Chloe and Jimmy's apartment where he finds Lois getting ready for her date. When she questions what he is doing, he tells her that he is picking up Jimmy's bag for him and turns to leave. Before he can, Lois asks him to help zip up her dress. Hesitating at the sight of her dress undone at the back, he tentatively zips her up and asks where she is going all dressed up and why she is wearing so little. She teases him about her date with the new reporter, until Sebastian arrives with flowers. Lois introduces Clark, but when Sebastian goes to shake his hand, Lois comes between them and pushes Clark out the door.

    That evening, Clark is at home piling up all of his red and blue clothes, but when Jimmy arrives, he swiftly hides them. Jimmy says his research has revealed that his mystery hero has been saving people ever since Clark and Chloe were high school freshmen. He believes that Clark must have gone to school with the hero. Jimmy also points out that more rescues have since been happening in Metropolis. Clark suggests that it should be the hero's decision whether to go public, but Jimmy's attention is now elsewhere as he notices a family portrait of Clark wearing his red jacket. He compares it to the blurred picture and suddenly realizes, to his amazement, that Clark must be the hero and that Chloe has known the whole time.

    At Isis, Chloe is performing super-computing using her Brainiac abilities when Clark super-speeds in and tells her about Jimmy's discovery. Then Jimmy also walks in and is amazed that Clark beat him there from the farm. Jimmy tells Clark that his secret is safe with him, but when both Clark and Chloe insist that Clark is normal, he says he understands that they don't trust him. Jimmy leaves, stating that he will just have to prove it to them.

    Clark goes to Oliver's jet where he has to interrupt Oliver and some young women partying. Clark tells him about the photo Tess plans to print, and Oliver is unsympathetic to the ordeal until Clark points out that everyone who has learned his secret has had to face the dangerous consequences of it, and that Jimmy doesn't deserve to do the same. Clark insists that Oliver is the only one who can help him.

    Over dinner in the Ace of Clubs restaurant, Lois and Sebastian discuss his experiences in Iraq and she asks him about his last few years as a reporter. Anxious to change the subject, he asks her if she has ever had her palm read. He then takes her hand and studies her memories, which go back to her earlier experiences of the day, such as secretly smiling as Clark zipped up her dress, and that afternoon when she used the flashdrive of Black Creek and figured out that she had seen Sebastian's file as a former patient. After realizing that she knows about his past, Sebastian receives a phone call from Tess and excuses himself to go to her limo outside, where he tells her about the flashdrive Lois has, which Tess already knew she had stolen. Tess, knowing that nothing on the flashdrive can implicate LuthorCorp, informs him that his being discovered is his own problem, to which he implies that he will kill Lois in order to keep his secret. Tess then phones the mugger she bailed out, who previously attacked Jimmy and Lois and is now with an accomplice, and tells them to get Jimmy Olsen.

    Sebastian takes Lois home and asks to go in for a nightcap but Lois excuses herself. However, as she opens the door, Sebastian pushes her inside and pulls out a gun, saying that nobody can know who he is and demanding the flashdrive.

    Clark, Chloe, and Oliver have set up a scheme in which Clark will step in front of Chloe's car and Oliver, dressed in red and blue, will swoop in and save him, all in front of Jimmy. They are confirming the arrangements via cell phone as Jimmy arrives to meet up with Clark.

    Meanwhile, Lois tries to talk Sebastian into trusting her, but even when she gives him the flashdrive, he says he doesn't trust anyone and again threatens her with the gun.

    As Clark prepares to set Jimmy up, Lois knocks the gun out of Sebastian's hand and they fight. After being tossed across the floor, Lois quickly pulls out her cell phone and speed-dials Clark.

    Just as Chloe sets off to drive at Clark, he receives the call from Lois asking for help, so abandons their scheme by quickly walking Jimmy across the road out of Chloe's path. Getting away from Jimmy, Clark then super-speeds to save Lois by grabbing Sebastian's gun hand and punching him out.

    Tess's mugger now grabs Jimmy and forces him to walk towards the accomplice's car. Oliver sees this from his post on top of a nearby building, quickly grasps the situation and swoops in and saves Jimmy from the mugger just as Clark arrives back on the scene. Jimmy immediately thanks Clark for saving him, but Clark says it wasn't him and points out Oliver, who is standing tall on top of a building with a red cape blowing in the wind. Clark notices that other people in the street are also excitedly looking at Oliver.

    The next day, Clark comes into work, where everybody is reading the article about the hero with the headline "Faster than a speeding bullet" written by Ron Troupe. Clark congratulates Jimmy on the story. Jimmy admits that he thought the hero was Clark because he knows he can always be counted on. Lois tells Clark that she wasn't on a date but working undercover and she knew who Sebastian was and that he was dangerous. When Jimmy returns, she also says that, having been saved twice in two days, she now believes the story about the red-and-blue "Superdude". She then tells Clark that she won't rest until she lands the first exclusive interview with the hero.

    At Oliver's plane, he tells Clark he is surprised by the amount of press he got and Clark notes that maybe his destiny is more than secretly saving people, that maybe it's to give people hope. Oliver says that he is giving up the partying and is headed to Europe to meet his team because saving Jimmy reminded him of his true identity as the Green Arrow. Then he tells Clark that he now understands why Clark didn't tell him about Lionel having his parents murdered, to which Clark responds that Oliver's parents would certainly be proud of the person he's become. Oliver suggests that Clark should try wearing a cape like the one he wore, but Clark says, "Not in this lifetime".

    Chloe is wearing black gloves as she visits Sebastian who is a patient in Metropolis General Hospital. She tells him she was also in Black Creek and knows about his ability. She asks how much he knows about Clark, to which Sebastian implies that he will have no problem revealing Clark's secret. Chloe informs him that the human brain is like a computer: download too much and it crashes and loses data. She then takes off one of her gloves and touches him, resulting in overloading his brain with Brainiac information and flatlining him. She quickly leaves, clearly distressed about what she just did.

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