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MPAA Rated R for strong violence, language, some sexuality/nudity and drug content

Sex & Nudity

  • A man and a woman hold each other and kiss on a bed, but their bodies are covered by a sheet.
  • About 25 min in, a woman sits at a mirror smoking, with her legs crossed, topless, and wearing a black thong. She gets up and turns to walk towards the camera with small, breasts exposed.
  • A woman is topless (nipples shown) in a club for 2 seconds.
  • A woman is briefly seen topless (nipples shown) as she gets in bed with a man. Her butt is also shown wearing thong underwear.
  • Joe and Sara kiss passionately, Joe takes off his jacket on top of a t-shirt and they climb into bed. Both are fully clothed. Then both continue a passionate kiss on the bed. However nothing "Sex and/or Nudity" related happens but sex is implied.

Violence & Gore

  • A man being held by several others quickly beats up and kills all of them.
  • There's a shootout in a diner in which a man knocks out and disarms another, and then shoots at several more attackers who fire at him.
  • A man blocks a shot fired at him with an object, and then throws the object at his attacker before punching him in the face and knocking him out. This is seen later a few times.
  • In a flashback, a man is punched in the face in a bar. This is seen again later.
  • A man pushes another man into a small cellar and then closes the door on his hand.
  • A montage is shown in which a man shoots and kills many different men, with varying degrees of blood shown.
  • Men a killed by a shotgun blast in several different scenes. Some blood but minimal gore.
  • There's a large and violent shootout in a building between a man and many others. One man is shot in the foot, many others are killed with graphic bloody results. Several corpses are later seen in the aftermath, and a bloody bullet hole is seen on a man's head.
  • Two women are fatally shot in the chest.
  • A child is shot dead but only the pulling of the trigger is seen and then we do not see the child again.
  • Another child is shot at but not killed. A small amount of blood is seen.
  • A man is lifted in to the air by a child using telekinesis and blood spurts from his chest as he slowly explodes. An explosion is seen from outside the building and then we see blood on the walls and on the face of the child (none of it is the child's blood).
  • A man's hand is hit with a hammer.
  • In a graphic scene, a man is mutilated but we do not see the actual act. Instead, his future self loses body parts as it happens and we see that instead. We also see him lose his nose, lose his fingers and bruisings appear on his face. The future version of the man isn't in any pain but it makes it clear what is happening to the younger version of the character elsewhere. We then see a bloody operating table as the older version is shot dead.


  • 26 uses of 'shit'.
  • 23 uses of 'goddamn'.
  • 5 uses of 'ass' (3 used as 'asshole').
  • 4 uses of 'hell', 1 use of 'damn'.
  • 3 uses of 'Jesus', 4 uses of 'Christ', 1 use of "Jesus Christ"
  • 1 use of 'pussy'.
  • 22 uses of 'f**k' (3 paired with 'mother').

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A few people are shown taking drugs that are applied in the eyes and they then act high.
  • A woman smokes a cigarette and put in out in an ash tray with several other cigarette butts.
  • The main character smokes once.
  • A woman smokes a cigarette in bed.
  • The protagonist has a drug addiction and uses drugs in several different scenes, though always in a club with friends. He is seen having withdrawal symptoms in one scene which include him throwing up

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A scene in which a man is mutilated as punishment. The actual mutilation is not seen but the body parts begin to disappear from the body of his future self so it is clear what is happening to the younger version of the man.
  • A child with strong telekinetic powers kills a man by lifting him in to the air and making him explode (death not shown on screen). He also uses his power to scare his mother in a separate scene.
  • The main plot revolves around a man attempting to kill children. One child is killed offscreen; another is shot but does not die. There are two other scenes were children are approached by different men with intent to kill but remain unharmed.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A pregnant woman is shot in the chest and killed (blood seen on her dress). A man shoots and kills her attackers.
  • The protagonist shoots himself in the chest to stop his future self commit a murder that would trigger a bad chain of events.

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