xXx: Return of Xander Cage (2017) Poster

Toni Collette: Jane Marke



  • Jane Marke : They say it's the last great adventure. Be sure to send a postcard.

  • Adele Wolff : You smell that? Smells like the same shit in a different suit.

    Jane Marke : You think a dog knows how to work a Frisbee? Master says, "Fetch", and the bitch listens.

    Adele Wolff : You would look so sexy with a Frisbee in that mouth.

  • Jane Marke : Your country needs you, Mr. Cage. The Triple-X program needs you. It's time to be a patriot.

    Xander Cage : By whose definition? The last time I was patriotic, I got three strikes. And there was only one man who believed in the underdog. Patriotism is dead. There's only rebels and tyrants now.

    Jane Marke : So, which are you?

    Xander Cage : I'm Triple-X.

  • Jane Marke : [to Xander]  You can check your coat. I promise you, no one would steal it. I can't guarantee it won't walk off in it's own.

  • Xander Cage : Wow. No wonder our country's in debt trillions of dollars. Do you really need all these gadgets to get the bad guys?

    Jane Marke : Oh, we don't need any of it. But it makes the catching a hell of a lot more fun.

  • Jane Marke : Agent Clearidge worked closely with Gibbons. She'll handle support for the operation.

    Becky Clearidge : And I bet a guy like you needs a lot of support. What are you? Like 220? 230? Be honest. 250 is the hard max for my swing.

    Xander Cage : Oh, come on.

    Becky Clearidge : I'm kidding. It's not like I have a safe word, or anything. It's "kumquat." Never really think about it. Kumquat.

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