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Sex & Nudity

  • In some of the episodes there are demonic spirits that like to flirt or touch private parts. Zak, Nick, Aaron want to be "touched" by a lady spirit.
  • The boys find two spirits having sex, after rewinding some footage of heard EVP. It's not shown, but heavily implied. Ironically, the Ghost Adventure crew was visiting a place that had a place for prostitutes too; a brothel!
  • Several sexual references throughout.
  • There is an incubus/succubus demon who is said that take sperm from a man, and place it in a woman to give birth to a demon child.
  • There are some stories about rapists, and demons that enjoy telling how they raped or sexually assaulted kids.
  • Some innuendos, or other perverted dialogue.

Violence & Gore

  • Cut scenes that help to show the story can be extremely gory and graphic. The blood will either be shown in black and white but can also be very bright, obvious, and unsettling.
  • There are some minor scratches on some of their bodies.
  • Graphic stories behind the hauntings, all real.
  • Some of the more evil spirits torment, scare or hurt the crew members. Some of the nasty spirits sometimes want to kill Zak or want to possess Nick and Aaron.
  • Some vomiting due to psychological assaults from spirits and demons, usually off-screen.
  • In one episode Zak Bagans warns that he will show an extremely graphic image of a woman who was beheaded in a closet. The picture explicitly shows a woman beheaded (very gory).
  • There are sometimes acted and re-enacted moments (clips) of real events, which are almost always dark and bloody.


  • Use of language like Hell, Ass, Damn but has censored uses of "fuck", "Shit","Bitch" etc.
  • Some of the ghosts, especially demons are very foul-mouthed, and say disgusting things sometimes.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • In most recent episodes there are several scenes where Zak Bagans and many others take shots, mostly when they're being offered.
  • Some smoking is sometimes seen.
  • Sometimes drugs are only talked about, but not much...
  • In "Market Street Cinema" it shows a depiction of a man using a crack pipe

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Footsteps and other noises are heard throughout each episode which could be scary for young children.
  • In some episodes most of the crew get possessed by a spirit, and some of them can be very frightening.
  • Lots of intense scenes. Some are particularly emotionally intense or sad.
  • Sometimes Zak, Aaron and Nick capture blood-curdling screams, demonic growling and even laughter from some insane spirit. Probably the most shocking voices heard are from past pedophiles, psychopaths or total twisted individuals, who have even told that they want to kill Zak! Many demonic entities are either seen or heard throughout.
  • Some jump-scares...
  • Some of the many psychopath, demonic and evil entities are extremely scary! Think before watching this show, because it can give you nightmares, if you have a big imagination.

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