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Allison Mack: Chloe Sullivan



  • Oliver Queen : Lex deserved to die

    Chloe Sullivan : You certainly made sure he got what he had coming

    Oliver Queen : What does Clark think?

    Chloe Sullivan : When he turned on him, remains of a toy bomb were found

    Oliver Queen : [noticing the front page with Winslow's picture on it]  Well Windslow makes sense

    Chloe Sullivan : Are you seriously going to let another man take the blame for something you did?

    Oliver Queen : Winslow's already a killer, he killed those people at Luthor Corp, Lex is dead. The world is safer because of it. Clark is safe again.

    Chloe Sullivan : This is murder.

    Oliver Queen : This is justice. Although Clark might not be able to accept that, *you* know what I did was right.

    [walks towards the monitors] 

    Oliver Queen : Don't stand there and pretend to be all innocent, I did a little video viewing of my own, it turns out when a meteor freak Sebastian Kane was in the hospital, he was visited by someone that looked a lot like you

    Chloe Sullivan : That was Brainiac

    Oliver Queen : Was it? It looked like a pretty natural instinct to protect Clark, you can't tell me you're not a little relieved that Lex is gone

    Chloe Sullivan : A big factor of me wants to tell me that's not true

    Oliver Queen : Don't tell Clark what I did, a man just ripped his heart out, he needs his friends more than an enemy

  • Chloe Sullivan : [After Oliver mentions Winslow's explosives could blow up kidney stones]  Pretty high praise for a guy you handed the pink slip to, what happened?

    Oliver Queen : High pressure job, he snapped, he started bringing toys to work then he started bringing explosives in toys, I discovered he had gone beyond the toy box

    Chloe Sullivan : Why are you telling me this when you have your very own bomb squad in Clark and Lana?

    Oliver Queen : Winslow could've killed me any time in the last six years, the boy pulled the pin but I think he's working for Lex

  • Oliver Queen : You know Clark would never let me do what needed to be done to make sure Lex is gone forever

    Chloe Sullivan : You mean killing him?

  • Clark Kent : [surprised to see Chloe on Oliver's jet]  Chloe. What are you doing here?

    Chloe Sullivan : You know Oliver. Even the blast of a bomb won't rattle his work ethic. He asked me to come in and pull some of the files from the LuthorCorp deal.

    Clark Kent : That's funny. Because I would think that Queen Industries could free up at least one employee to run his errands for him.

    Chloe Sullivan : Yeah, well, I'm not exactly a Brinks security truck, but Oliver knows he can trust me.

    Clark Kent : I thought I could, too. You're chasing down a lead on the bombing for him, aren't you?

  • Clark Kent : Lana told me about Oliver's vendetta against Lex, that's why he's tracking him, why are you?

    Chloe Sullivan : Because I don't want to lose you, Lex knows meteor rocks are poisonous to Kryptonians, he knows your weakness!

    Clark Kent : I've decided to use my abilities to help people

    Chloe Sullivan : You don't get it, Lex declared war on you years ago; he's known your secret for months, why aren't you doing anything about this!

    Clark Kent : I'm trying not to live in the past

    Chloe Sullivan : That's exactly what you're doing, you think Lex is that same person you saved on the bridge 8 years ago, you don't see the monster he is underneath

    Clark Kent : I'm not going to kill anyone and I'm in denial, when you were taken over by Brainiac, you could've destroyed the world and I refused to kill you!

  • Chloe Sullivan : I can't lie to Clark

    Oliver Queen : Tell him the truth or protect him? Could you honestly live with yourself if anything ever happened to Clark?

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