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  • There's a total of 13 short films by different directors. Here's a short synopsis of each one, with the biggest star names attached to them:

    * The Pitch: A fallen from grace film director (Dennis Quaid) pitches a risky idea to a producer. The ideas mentioned are the sketches that are shown throughout the film.

    * The Catch: A gorgeous couple (Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet) is dating, until the man is revealed to have testicles hanging from under his chin.

    * Homeschooled: A kid's parents (Liev Schreiber, Naomi Watts) homeschool him, up to the point of bullying and harassing him.

    * The Proposition: A young woman (Anna Farris) ask her boyfriend (Chris Pratt) to defecate on her.

    * Veronica: A girl (Emma Stone) and her boyfriend (Kieran Culkin) discuss their sexual relationship in public and in detail unaware that others can hear them.

    * iBabe: A Steve Jobs-like CEO (Richard Gere) is evaluating the troubles his new kinky gadget is having, as teenage boys try to have sex with their product, resulting in mangled genitalia.

    * Super Hero Speed Dating: Some superheroes and supervillains (Justin Long, Jason Sudeikis, Uma Thurman, Bobby Cannavale, Kristen Bell, John Hodgman, Leslie Bibb, Will Carlough) troll each other in flash dates.

    * Machine Kids: A faux commercial which regards people's impatience to machines, all while hurting the feelings of the young kids that work inside of them.

    * Middleschool Date: Two young boys (Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jimmy Bennett) and their young girl friend (Chloë Grace Moretz) panic over her first menstrual period.

    * Happy Birthday: A man (Johnny Knoxville) catches a leprechaun (Gerard Buttler) as a gift for his best friend's (Seann William Scott) birthday and demands for it to give them gold, causing a debacle.

    * Truth or Dare: The most outrageous truth or dare game ever between two grown-ups (Halle Berry, Stephen Merchant) is about to begin following a blind date.

    * Victory's Glory: In 1959, basketball couch (Terrence Howard) motivates his high school team to blast an all-white team.

    * Beezel: A woman (Elizabeth Banks) discovers her husband's cat is trying to break apart their relationship, all while trying to harm her. Edit

  • The situation concerning the different movie versions is as unconventional as the movie. Educated guesses have to be made about the reasons for this because it was never openly discussed in interviews or movie reviews. However, it is a fact the frame plot holding the stories together is completely different outside of the US. Whereas viewers in Europe and elsewhere can watch three youths searching for an especially shocking videoclip, the US Version features the story of an unsuccessful writer trying to pitch his ideas. The home cinema releases bring another movie cut into play: the extended version of the international version. To make things even more complicated the British Blu-ray contains only the Extended International Version (without a hint on the cover) PLUS an "Alternate Cut", which is the US Theatrical Version. The US Blu-ray: The "Outrageous Edition" contains the US Theatrical Version without any extensions and an "Alternate Cut", advertised as "the version not shown in theaters". Guess what it is? Right, the Extended International Version. Edit



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