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Mother's Day
Prismark103 September 2017
Lucky Feller is an ironic title. David Jason plays Shorty Mepsted, a shy and sensitive plumber. His brother Randolph Mepsted (Peter Armitage) is a ladies man, he fancies women he just does not like them. Both live at home with their mum in south east London.

In the first episode Shorty makes breakfast for his mum for Mother's Day which she does not eat, so Randolph helps himself. They then go for an outing on the train where Shorty meets Kath (Cheryl Hall) after some inept attempt at eating a sandwich it becomes clear that Kath actually likes Randolph but feigns interest in Shorty so she can be near Randolph.

Peter Armitage was once famous in the Yellow Pages adverts and then ended up in Coronation Street as Kevin Webster's dad. I just could not take him seriously as a ladies man. A common occurrence in 1970s and 1980s sitcoms where even a person with 'ordinary looks' could be passed off as a woman magnet. It does not help that his character is charmless and some of his actions in the train such as pushing himself up and then sleeping on a woman would these days see him carted off to jail by the police.

This leaves Shorty who reckons things are turning up when he meets Kath but will end up being cynically manipulated by her. This feels less like a sitcom but a tragi-comedy.
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