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Great modern documentary about young Egyptians
lme11691 April 2011
This is a great documentary about young Egyptians living in modern day Egypt. It tackles the issue on many young minds, which is what does one have to do to find a sense of 'home.' Home means different things to different people and what people value in a home may also be different. While financial stability may be one person's priority, freedom may be another person's priority in finding a place to settle and belong.

In today's society, many young people are struggling to get by. To get married, buy/rent an apartment, have children and provide for your family is getting more and more difficult. Even if you have these basic necessities, many are still not satisfied with their environment.

After watching so many documentaries about ancient Egypt, this film is refreshing to see another side to the Egyptian people. A more modern middle class view of life in Egypt.

The film is touching and humorous, as well. I laughed and cried.

The film talks about a universal topic, home. When I watch this film, it makes me think about my own life and how I am not so different then these people. That is what makes this film so good, that I could easily relate to the topic and characters although I am of a different nationality.
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