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Season 1

29 Jan. 2009
Episode #1.1
The hopeful BBFs undergo a makeover directed by Paris, and are then subjected to a gruelling interrogation. One lucky contestant gets to live the modern fairy tale for the celebrity-obsessed - walking the red carpet, and with Paris Hilton on your arm the flash-storm of the paparazzi is blinding.
5 Feb. 2009
Episode #1.2
Paris visits the contestants at their BBF Mansion for a home-cooked lunch, before playing a very revealing truth game. They embark on an all-night party challenge to see if they can keep up with Paris' party lifestyle, and one lucky contestant gets ready with Paris in her penthouse suite before walking the red carpet with her in a blaze of paparazzi flashes. But things turn sour when one of the BBFs betrays Paris' confidence and tells a stranger one of Miss Hilton's personal secrets.
12 Feb. 2009
Episode #1.3
Paris sets a Dress Design Challenge and a Shopping Challenge to find out how well the contestants know her taste and style. One contestant is chosen by the others to be 'up for discussion' alongside a contestant that Paris is concerned has been too bitchy in the house.
19 Feb. 2009
Episode #1.4
Paris sends the BBFs to a farm to find out if they share her love of animals, and we see Paris enjoying time in one of her favourite places in the world - a Pet store.
26 Feb. 2009
Episode #1.5
The potential best friends must perform in a Talent Show for Paris Hilton and her guest Scott Mills, and we see just how far some of them are prepared to go for her friendship. Then Paris is judge and jury as she hears evidence from the contestants' best friends from home. There's a shock for the potential BBFs as Paris reveals there will be a double elimination.
5 Mar. 2009
Episode #1.6
The potential best friends have to prove to Paris they can be sexy without being slutty, as they test their flirting skills on Callum Best. In another challenge they must devise and design a photo shoot featuring themselves and Paris. And there's a huge fall out in the house between two of the contestants which could ruin their chances of becoming Paris Hilton's new BBF.
12 Mar. 2009
Episode #1.7
In the first challenge, the contestants must pull the hottest men they can on a night out in London. Then, she eliminates them all one-by-one so that she can secretly watch how they react to losing the chance of being her friend. Paris dons prosthetics to prank the BFF's, going undercover as an unattractive, middle-aged 'Susan'. The winners who first uncover Paris' prank go on a shopipng spree at Top Shop, which redefines the word 'hectic'.
19 Mar. 2009
Episode #1.8
Once in Los Angeles the three finalists get a guided tour of Paris' house, they meet her family and lifelong friends, they go to her brother's birthday party, and they drive on a road trip from LA to Las Vegas to go to the premiere of Paris' new movie. They party in Vegas and each have one-on-one time so that she can work out which one will make the best friend for her. In a dramatic rooftop finale, Paris reveals who will be her new British Best Friend.

 Season 1 

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