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21 May 2018
Jon Cryer
Actor Jon Cryer looks into his family tree in order to gain better understanding of who he is & where he came from.
21 May 2018
Laverne Cox
Actress and activist Laverne Cox pieces together the inspiring life of her African American ancestor, who challenged societal norms and bravely pushed the boundaries just years after Emancipation.
28 May 2018
Megan Mullaly
Megan Mullally explores a shocking pattern of dysfunction in her father's line. She finds her 2 times great-grandmother was bravely defying societal norms in order to fight for her family's survival, while struggling to hang on to her own sanity.
4 Jun. 2018
Hilary Duff
Actress Hilary Duff uncovers the tale of an ancestor who bravely led an American colony to battle a notorious gang of pirates. She dives centuries deep into her Scottish roots and is shocked to discover that she descends from a heroic medieval king.
11 Jun. 2018
Molly Shannon
Actress Molly Shannon heads to Ireland in search of her mother's unknown family tree. She finds desperate ancestors forced to choose between their faith and survival; uncovers a family legacy of bravery; and meets Irish cousins for the first time.
18 Jun. 2018
Jean Smart
Actress Jean Smart uncovers the curious tale of an unconventional ancestor in colonial Massachusetts, who got her children entangled in her own thievery ring and later faced execution when she was accused of witchcraft.
3 Dec. 2018
Mandy Moore
Actress Mandy Moore is shocked to discover ancestors that lived in Australia, and travels far, determined to unlock the mystery of how they got there. She's touched by the courage of those who made the journey and the sacrifice of those who did not.
10 Dec. 2018
Josh Duhamel
Actor Josh Duhamel travels to England to investigate the extraordinary life of his twelve times great-grandfather and uncovers a shocking, dark twist of interrogation and torture that rocks his belief system to the core.
17 Dec. 2018
Regina King
Actress Regina King investigates her maternal family tree and uncovers an ancestor who was a radical civil rights activist in Alabama; a man who came out of slavery, endured horrific violence, but never stopped fighting for his people.
17 Dec. 2018
Matthew Morrison
Actor Matthew Morrison is shocked to discover his American roots go back to the Revolutionary War. He learns of the brutality his six times great-grandfather faced on the battlefield and struggles with the choices he made to defend his beliefs.

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