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7 Jan. 2016
Mord mit Stil
Crimi author Vicky Heller staged her in-living assistant Melissa Kühn's kidnapping, as realistic research complement for her next book. But it turns into reality, and next a murder she claims to know nothing about. Her lurking ex Antonio Schmidt is found out as the fake ransom claimer, but has an alibi. Daniel Zimmermann is in town, who claims his father was scammed out of their family estate by Melissa, who wasn't convicted. Yet the team all sense Vicky is setting them all up.
14 Jan. 2016
Georg Krauser is found in his and wife Frederike's carting club's workshop, skull smashed at night with a sharp object. Team acquaintance Karl 'Schrotti' Schrothmann admits tampering with the site after reporting on the family and home team, where pits mechanic Holger Knopp was prepared to posh his son Josh at any cost, and he shortly after crashes, clearing the way for rival Hannah Weinmeier to enter the championship. But after perfect autopsy, Benedikt 'impishly' points out a crucial funerary clue to involving a dark family secret also involves the widow who lost ...
21 Jan. 2016
Wir haben Ludmilla
Thomas "Bo" Bollmann is shocked, returning after a delivery, that his wife Sandy was knocked dead in the dog beauty salon they run together. * Sandy cheated on Bo with his schoolmate Jens Fink, who later admits the secret couple jointly abducted her last client, Ludmilla, to demand ransom from canine fashion designer Daniel Karlsberg. Furthermore the busybody neighbor crone held a deep grudge for the fate of her mismanaged dog show-competing pooch.
28 Jan. 2016
In Stuttgart's Karlshöhe park, a dating favorite, Annika Merkle's skull was fatally smashed with a champagne bottle, bought at the club where she partied shortly before with buddy Jenny Schulte. She claims Annika was sort of stalked by handsome Felix Butscher from the day care center. The toddler twins fall to husband Henning and his Mutter Jutta, a one hit eighties rock star who remained hippie, who mistrusts marriage. The team also discovers multiple infidelity issues.
4 Feb. 2016
Sandra Bellmann, a waitress at the Stuttgart literary café, is murdered after presenting herself life, being famous as contemplative female love-related subjects blogger Lisa. Her last ex Boris Weiß was furious the blog exposed their private past, which wrecked his present relationship, and her notebook is found in his home, but no blog-related files. focusses on her editor Heiner Erler and his on-line project manager Constanze Weiler. Finally reporter Paula Franziska Voss contacted her and Boris for a piece on "Identitity and Internet". The team starts to doubt ...
11 Feb. 2016
Rad der Zeit
On the nostalgic Stuttgart fun fair, Czech traditional puppeteer Oscar Horwitz is fatally shot at night, with an antique dueling pistol. 15 000 Euro was stolen from a secret hiding place, suggesting an inside job. The widow Urszula claims to have seen the assailant but her robot picture is found bogus. Junior son but assertive heir Levi demanded, in vain for years, to modernize the out of date show. Levi's fiancée Fiona hid from him her past as prostitute in Oscar's regular brothel. Levi's stuttering, shy brother Casper first helps Rico, then is caught with the murder...
18 Feb. 2016
Sein letzter Pfiff
Football (soccer) referee Torben Leipold is found strangulated to death on the field the night after he was threatened verbally by hot-tempered star player Robbie Köhn whom he gave a disputed red card. His best friend Janine Ritter and her boyfriend Dennis Pflieger, a fellow referee, get caught in conflicting lies about a triangle incident. Referees instructor Jörg Koppert, who trained both, accepted a job beneath his level after a covered-up scandal about sexual abuse, in which either charge could have been his victim. Rising CSI Benedikt Förster flaunts his findings...
25 Feb. 2016
Major Mimis Ende
Kaiser enthusiastically leads his annual Stuttgart police team-building day hiking to the wine mountain outside the city, but his dreaded motivational speech must give way to the discovery of a female corpse. It's nurse Inka Fellner, fatally stabbed in her 'cosplay' mythological gaming attire as cosmic amazons leader "Major Mimi", which she wore at the "Thalestris" club's latest photo-shooting there held by an ex-con comics and paraphernalia shopkeeper Martin Koch. Young motorcycle cop Ronny Schröder races off on his own, without telling he was an attending member too...
3 Mar. 2016
Klassenfahrt in den Tod
While his Berlin class camps at a lake on the way to Italy, haughty outsider Constantin Jung's corpse drifts in it, following a drunk after party night. Most shocked are accompanying language teacher Martin Gut and classmates Rita Schwarz, Tim Bauer and Isa Neumann, each hiding secrets, and Stoll finds out about forensics doctor Benedikt Förster's own: his pre-teen daughter Maya, whose mother seeks excuses to sabotage his visits. Martin Gut's Methylphenidat use got him blackmailed for undeserved grades by Constantin. Jung's cellphone from the lake carries proof of ...
10 Mar. 2016
Prominent but controversial extreme right-wing politician Lorenz Wellmann was fatally shot in his villa at night, staged an entry without actual robbery. Lorenz Wellmann had countless enemies and many affairs, which lawyer wife Kathrin claims even to have helped handle, being meaningless. Party press officer Rainer Lämmle was recently fired without prospects after TV humiliation by Wellmann. Political rival within the party Barbara Schmidt-Schelling needed to curb his extreme positioning, personal lawyer Roman Wolf was significantly more then a good friend.
17 Mar. 2016
Alles Natur
Nikas Dorfner's battered corpse is found deep in the forest by his pregnant partner Ina Timm. He had a car crash before a fight. Local leisure hunter Philipp Brunner, the prime suspect, may have attempted to cover up a drunk hit and run. Ina's husband Leon Timm, whom she reported missing three years earlier, returned the night before. A local youngster had an utter crush on her too. Photos reorient the investigation.
24 Mar. 2016
In a Stuttgart public park drifts the corpse of leach-breeder Anja Schafmeister. She seems abused, making husband Max Schafmeister the prime suspect, as insists client Georg Vanderlo, who hides initially having an affair with her. The leach farm assistant Beate Jacoby is an extreme animal rights activist, who instead of destroying used leaches planned a "retirement pond" in the pond, compromising the farm's license and possibly threatening the rare natural indigenous species. Shy Max, who practices unusual para-medical therapies, including leaches, also was blamed by ...
31 Mar. 2016
Lydia Sturm was fatally neck-stabbed with her own stiletto in trade test agency Tilly Brönner. Three weeks earlier, husband Theo Sturm asked a divorce, as her outfit shopping addiction wrecked their private finances and even his shipping firm as accountant Marie Krötz confirms Lydia helped herself to 'petty cash' from the safe. 5000 Euro found near the chronic debtor exceed what she made from Tilly Brönner. Selma Kirsch visits incognito the boutique of Barbara Herbst, which Lydia recently tested and sells fairly good counterfeit, a good blackmail weapon. Another ...
6 Oct. 2016
Young Ukrainian Daryna Radenkova, who asked asylum in Germany half a year ago, is found murdered in the refugee center estate three weeks before her scheduled deportation back. Newspaper reporter Paula Voss' undercover research points to camp owner Rolf Ochs and his spoiled, mentally unstable wife Helene, who doesn't even recognize the girl they hired as maid. The team finds Paula Voss kept suspiciously quiet about her dealings wit camp manager Hannes Wittek, who may be a white slaver, and a lesbian affair. Martina is acquainted with Paula but refuses to step aside. ...
13 Oct. 2016
Rendezvous mit dem Tod
While beverages manufacturer Ludger Ruge takes his heiress lover Silke Bach on a romantic yacht trip on the Neckarfahrt she's killed by a single expert shot. Silke's husband Fabian Bach ignored their affair, but knew Silke fired for divorce, presuming a financial ground, but has an alibi. A cellphone recording by the youths partying at the Neckar bank show Ludger Ruge was the target. The poorly wiped hard drive in the distillery he and brother Michael Ruge run with his wife Ariane point to a hired gun, and they opposed Ludger's plan to sell the family firm.
20 Oct. 2016
Injury-tired boxing champion Sascha Wacker dies in ER from an overdose. In box gym Studio Koos he supervised a state-acclaimed re-socializing project, up for subsidy-evaluation, starring would be-pro Mike Ketsche. *Wacker made enemies by staging illegal bare knuckle fights, as hand injuries prove. Lots of home-medication adrenaline syringes are found in gym boss Ingo Koos's locker, suspiciously obvious. Transferred forensic technician trainee Erik Thiel, who also boxes in Koos's gym, reports Wacker was in conflict with Mike Ketsche who admits nothing. Thiel must be ...
10 Nov. 2016
After unemployed ITC expert Jochen Kappler calls Hanna Lohr's nocturnal radio talk-show to announce his suicide, his corpse is found at home, but it's staged: murder by poison. Jochen Kappler's financially struggling step-father Heinz Mahlmann, who calls him a parasitic loser, rowed with him the night before over cash. Study friend Hugo Stange was trough with his sponging. Radio presenter Hanna Lohr and devoted studio technician Nils Boden recently paid Jochen Kappler his share for the radio format, which they originally developed as college project, yet were ...
17 Nov. 2016
Hakuna Matata
Neo-Nazi Hannes Jansen is the prime suspect of the death of Kenyan Carolyn née Wanjiru, having been observed around where her last walk ended as corpse in the river Neckar. Denying a racist hate murder, he points at Carolyn's colored walk escort, Sammy Pendo, whom she knew in their Kenyan birth town, since two months the guest in Stuttgart -nearing visa expiration- and lover of Teresa Seide, who may have grown jealous but has an alibi, unlike Carolyn's German husband Holger Stübner, who was quite hard-handed. An airline booking puzzles the team.
24 Nov. 2016
Wenn Sterne lügen
During daily morning yoga, entrepreneur's widow Natalie Bauer is fatally skull-smashed with a statue and found by stepdaughter Pia Bauer and her fiance Rolf Geusen, who runs the family but ignore the identity of Chloe, who is mentioned repeatedly in Natalie's agenda. The team identifies her as 'aura-reader' Chloe von Tretten, who promised Natalie Bauer 'life coaching' after her husband's death. Fingerprints reveal unemployed art trader Niklas Vollmer was her lover since weeks, but has an alibi. Rolf Geusen and Pia Bauer feared she was squandering their future ...
1 Dec. 2016
Drei Schüsse für Friedemann
Shortly after his release from prison after eight years, René Olschewski is fatally shot. He had been caught fleeing after killing a watchman during a heist, for which accomplice Henry Maurer turned himself in while Gabi Endress was shot on the run by then commissioner Friedemann Sonntag's rookie and friend Theresa Engelhardt, Olschewski's girlfriend, who claims never to have contacted him since. Friedemann was her alibi, but now doubts. Now wealthy Henry Maurer may have used the never-found loot as seed money for his business. Magda Endress, Gabi's close granny, ...
8 Dec. 2016
Joe is suspended with pay pending investigation of the luckily not life-threatening shooting of his buddy and as turns out self-righteously overzealous informer Karl 'Schrotti' Schrothmann. Kaiser personally teams up with Rico to investigate the nocturnal bleeding to death in his own workshop of Stuttgart's loner world-renowned doll-repair-expert, who has a finger cut off, apparently to force him to tell the combination of his safe, which was not robbed of its treasure, a doll after the childhood likeness of emperor Wilhelm II. He was found by ex-con deliveryman Uwe ...
15 Dec. 2016
Tante Emma
Emma Bukowksi and ex-commissioner Friedemann Sonntag, a regular customer, find her sister Ilse Hofer skull-smashed in the petty groceries shop the seniors run together. It was broken into and ransacked, but not actually robbed, and Ilse's companion, Harry Klein, suggest it's out of control vandalism, part of real estate speculator Jonas Läpple's campaign to make local owners sell out, even if that takes rude methods, like arson, which he can't prove in his home. Rico Sander's efforts discover an incriminating e-mail between Ilse Hofers and Läpple, but nor proof. Harry...
22 Dec. 2016
Bereit bis in den Tod
The corpse of Erik Pabst, a member of the Stuttgart survivalist club, is found in their bunker, so the team must investigate the 'prepper' scene, which few Germans know about. Timo Höger recently had a hefty row with the victim, his rival to succeed the club president Erik Pabst, whose wife Laura had an affair with the Timo, who has a special interest in their kid son Ole. Reporter Andrea Oellers joined under cover, as research for a book on the preppers, who she blames for her paranoid father's suicide some weeks before. The victim also found out that Philipp ...
29 Dec. 2016
In dance school Wörbel, sponsored standard dance society "Rot-Blau Wechselschritt" star couple dancer Caro Petermann dies from an electrocuting sabotage in the dressing room, as turns out not the first suspicious 'accident' fitting bitter rivalries for the sole spot in the prestigious public competition. All female members now hope to replace Caro as partner of fresh widower Hannes Petermann, the most talented.That goes mostly for former professional Sarah Kortner and shy club seamstress Melanie Schultz. Dance school owners Dietmar and Vera Wörbel are in financial ...

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