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12 Jan. 2017
Melodie des Todes
Pop label StuggiBeats' managing co-owner Alexandra Wagner is skull-smashes, a priceless slide E-guitar was stolen. *Rocker Jan Kilmann, who found her, was threatened to be dumped by the label, but claims that's bluff. Rising street artist Finn Bruckner, Wagner's last appointment, is penniless. Jo checks him and girl friend Elli Friedrich out. Kilmann's alibi falls trough. Label co-owner Tanja Degen couldn't convince Alexandra to join a larger Berlin label. One-Way-Flugtickets to New York expose the killer.
19 Jan. 2017
Wie du mir
Contractor Albert Behrens and daughter Anja Rühle are killed with a hunting rifle. Recently fired alcoholic Olaf Munzinger, a passionate hunter, point to Anja's humiliated husband Andreas Rühle. He has a solid alibi, but may have 'traded murders' with season ticket stadium-neighbor Daniel Sperber, to create alibis, even though Daniel's victim Elmar Kesten survived. The team finds this theory hard to prove, but extremely urgent when they set a risky trap.
26 Jan. 2017
Bei Einschluss Mord
Miro Hauser nears the end of his year in jail for stabbing Selma. In his juvenile prison, abusive jailer Gernot Pröll, a feared brute who beat Miro and others in hospital and dealt in regular contraband and hard drugs, is murdered. *He protected long-jailed fraudster Max Welfert against violent abuse from jail-mates, for which Max's wife Tamara 'paid' him in sexual kind, which Max claims to ignore. Warden Ina Hausmann left Pröll and his dirty business alone, having been hostages in a prison revolt took Ina and Pröll earlier. Miro Hauser must have known more and ...
9 Feb. 2017
Smart Home entrepreneur Adam Hell's kinds Gerrit and Joelle are kidnapped. The abductor had enough IT know-how to hack the SUV by remote. Their divorced mother Sonja Meyer claims she lost sole full custody to Adam due to fancy lawyers and fake incrimination, and has no alibi. Adam's former founding partner and the It inventor, unconventional idealist Fynn Cassen, who sold out refusing to cash fat profits, is on her side but has a jogging alibi. The abductor used a tracking-module and a missing drone, which Rico tracks down. Adam's Ukrainian housekeeper Alina Domzol ...
16 Feb. 2017
Tod in der Markthalle
A historic city center tourist tour guided by Elke Kettler stumbles in the market on the corpse of fruit trader Hans Dörfler who was moved after a fall, pushed stairs fall. He planned to pas his firm and sought-after market permit on to daughter Simone and her partner Florian Hoss. Caviar trader Erik Setzkorn hides dark deals with him. Simone recently left her father's home after a fight over her refusal to dump ex-junkie Florian. Hans Dörfler had but probably hid his terminal cancer. Simone's presumed-dead mother is identified by her former housemate, Rico's ...
23 Feb. 2017
Viel Liebe
Murdered fitness club-owner Martin Keuerleber's polyamorous contacts are investigated, staring with fresh widow Stefanie Keuerleber, as neighbors believe their marriage was ailing with violent fights. Polyamorous neighbors Luise Bergmann, Mark Schildt and Daniel Mommsen suspiciously try to hide, Martin wrecked their art cafe dream by withdrawing his investment. All three confess having murdered him alone, neither is believed, yet two must be proven innocent. Rico's personality model algorithm gets them to talk: Daniel lacks MO know-how, Mark recently threatened the ...
2 Mar. 2017
Der Held von Stuttgart
For weeks Daniel Pflüger was celebrated as the hero who prevented Paul Behnisch being beaten up, now he's murdered. The jailed street thug's mother Jana Rühle blames Daniel Pflüger for her son and herself being stigmatized. Paul Behnisch, still healing in hospital but crippled and financially wrecked, asked Daniel in vain to set up insurance fraud. Daniel Pflüger had an affair with his boss Marek Hofmann's wife Sonja, whom he demanded to get a divorce.
9 Mar. 2017
In guten Händen
In Waldfriedhof, jogger Sabine Dombrowski is fatally shot. She planned to sell the house which husband Mike Dombrowski, in financial trouble, couldn't afford to buy out, leaving him homeless- now he inherits everything. Marion Herting, whom he sold a poor-coverage cheap insurance, blames both spouses as Sabine convinced her. Equally bitter is local forest cemetery cable car conductor Xaver Brunner, whose long carcinoma-affected wife Heike died after her insurance was canceled.
16 Mar. 2017
Die Akte Jo
Private eye Roland Wilhelm was fatally stabbed, the corpse burnt in his car. The heir, youthful-bullied brother Markus Wilhelm, runs with wife Bianca an ailing book shop, she's also a night cleaner. Roland Wilhelm was hired by the under-staffed tax office to investigate fraud suspects, including night-lifer Klaus Bühler, who has an alibi: Helga Fischer's nightclub annex brothel and illegal casino. *Wilhelm found out Markus and Bianca spends beyond their official means, from her actual night job in the brothel. His papers also contain a file on commissioner detective ...
14 Sep. 2017
Mord am Grill
Bastian Hölzner's partner Bea Klemm is fatally electrocuted by the T-Bone-Kings-Grills, a model she invented, due to contact sabotage during a commercial demonstration in Helge Scherbaum's grill market, in the presence of grossly aggressive animal rights activist Hanna Kraven. The lucrative patent was disputed with Scherbaum, who refused to sell fast but cheap and already invested heavily in the product. Bastian feared Bea planned to emigrate, unable to leave his sickly, dependent and meddling mother Erna behind. Scherbaum's fingerprints are found on Bastian's laptop,...
21 Sep. 2017
Pizza Mortale
Pizza baker Toni Kröger is found skull-smashed in his food truck, opposite his former employer Franco Motta's permanent pizzeria Sagittario, which lost a third of its business to him and his partner Sebastian Hirschberg, a somewhat parasitical mate since childhood. The competitors' vandalism-tainted feud culminated in sabotage of Franco's son Paolo's motorbike, which landed him in hospital until recently. Toni meanwhile resumed his affair with Paolo's wife Olivia, who claims having dumped him again but is soon after hospitalized for a knife wound. Rico works out, ...
28 Sep. 2017
Retired Günther Pfeifer's corpse is found in his home freezer. Prof. Wolter presents the case to her forensics students, but the thermostat is sabotaged, plausibly by one of them. Notably assertive Svenja Reuter's spineless mother, Ursula Reuter, was his partner while colleagues at the college mess. Pfeifer's probably last contact was his alleged biological son -according to the late mother- Frank Köster, who was filmed using his card in an ATM posthumously. Shielded by teen home minder Wilhelm Häberle, Frank only to have found and hidden the corpse. Ursula admits ...
5 Oct. 2017
Die Seele ist unsterblich
Due to car trouble, captain Michael Kaiser accepts hospitality in a Benedictine monastery, but everybody is woken by the discovery of the fatal fall of the abbot, who was beaten and pushed from high. Novice Gregor, a former junkie, expected to be expelled but now hopes the probably succeeding prior Ignatius may let him stay. The pub and brewery which sells the abbey beer Klosterthaler under an exclusive contract might loose it, rendering innkeeper Katharina Ziegler suspect, and a masked man sexually harassed her waitress Tanja Schramm, who wounded her assailant. ...
12 Oct. 2017
Das Chamäleon
Hagen Busch was fatally stabbed at home with a kitchen knife. A neighbor heard a row with his last visitor, umpteenth date Mara Scheidhauer. .Andreas Funk, managing owner of national leading dating site "WaLi", recently fired Hagen, a top counselor, after several warnings for unexcused absences. Hagen recently dumped lover Franziska Probst, who believed him her true love for whom she dumped Manuel Boland, the father of her kid son Matti, who also has a row with Hagen. Joe and Rico -who consults the cloud backups as his PC is missing- work out Hagen serially dumped ...
19 Oct. 2017
Tödliches Komplott
Mirko Schrader was fatally skull-smashed in the firm he inherited with his brother, CEO Ronald Schrader. Only now h confides into Joe's team that Mirko's wife Mona was abducted a week ago, the 2 million Euros ransom paid but so far in vain. Former employee Torben Bilic had a motive for both: Mirko fired him and refused decent compensation after an accident on the job severed his hand. Chief secretary Ilka Wiesner was adulterer Mirko's lover. Ronald refused to buy out Mirko. Suddenly Mona Schrader is released, the ransom remains missing and she lies to protect her ...
26 Oct. 2017
La Vie En Rose
The morning after his stage goodbye as transvestite singer Zarah Lola, Laurent Leclerc's corpse is found in his "La vie en rose" drag club dressing room, badly staged as suicide by pills OD but skull-hit with a champagne bottle causing a fatal brain hemorrhage *Minority shareholding co-founder Ernst Fengler, stage-name Kiki, was stage-overshadowed by ZarahLola's protege since three months, young Victor Millet alias Victoria Divine. Laurent's romantic partner Boris Vasic's share in the testament was largely to be transferred to Victor Millet whose Alsatian past is ...
2 Nov. 2017
Blinde Wut
Stuttgart suburb innkeeper Bertram Lochner, a terminal long patient, confesses the ax-killing 'in self-defense' of his adult son Günther Lochner, a near-uncontrollable, unpredictably aggressive screw-up lush, who compromised the family business. The team and autopsy soon find the whole family is lying, notably about a witness among them, and all have motives. Brother Marcus Lochner, the reputed chef who is to take over at Bertam's death, gave an ultimatum for the removal of Gunther, who sexual intimidated his shy sister in law Theresa. Both brothers were physically ...
9 Nov. 2017
Mitten ins Herz
Archery athlete and ailing center manager Falko Haller is fatally heart-hit with an exclusive carbon arrow. He's found by his brother and training partner, champion Sven, blind a few years since they had a car accident. Fresh widow Marie rowed with Falko over their financial problems the evening before. Huntmanship author Malte Färber, single father of archery pupil Senta, about to publish again, was photographed by Falko while poaching. Sven recently learned that Falko covered up causing the crash. Marie may have known about Falko's affair with Senta. But there's a ...
16 Nov. 2017
Commissioner Jo(achim) Stoll stops to what seems a regular car crash, only to be held hostage at gun-point. *He and his team -which he manages to inform sneakily- soon realize his abductor, Gunther Rinn, freaked out having stabbed a man that morning and set out to find his wife Karla, who recently left him for the victim a while after his career went down the drain. While the chief mobilizes men and a helicopter, Jo sort of wins Rinn's limited confidence, preventing worse at Karla's buddy Heidrun Mehringer's place, comes to understand him and seeks the mildest outcome...
23 Nov. 2017
Beste Freunde
Resident Heinz Kehl's corpse floats in Altenheim rest home swimming pool. Someone stole Kehl's big winnings as dealer of illegal poker in the nearby cellar in which participated addicted Ursel Vogt, the seniors spokesperson, who was romantically involved with him and his clever roommate Lorenz Bruckner. However Bruckner's priority was devoted to his contraband cahoot, community service-paroled orderly Adem Jahovic. Home manager Ariane Boetsc was being blackmailed. A trap is set, with elderly precinct janitor Jan Arnaud undercover as new resident.
7 Dec. 2017
Recycling firm owner Peter Frühling's corpse in found on site, apparently fatally smashed and skull-crushed by a huge paper ball. New widow Marion seems barely concerned, procured manager Hartmut Berger points out his boss was often absent since the broke return from Canada a month earlier of twin brother Günther Frühling to Stuttgart, in a cottage rented by Peter who also regularly booked luxury hotels in town. Also sighted was recently paroled ex-crime partner Franz Siegert, who went to jail alone while the twins's identical DNA rendered evidence inconclusive, but ...
14 Dec. 2017
Goldene Hände
Chief of surgery professor Dr. Gunske's throat is expertly, fatally slit by a person in surgical gown and mask who escapes while his team can barely save the patient, so nobody got a good look. He wanted the sacking of maverick rival Irina Brandt, who has another surgery ads alibi. Rico finds romantic pictures in Gunske's home of him with surgical assistant Anja Derflinger, bisexual partner of lesbian colleague Yvonne Schultz, who denies knowing about the affair but has no alibi. Widower Moritz Tennen threatened Gunske for refusing the perform surgery which might save...
21 Dec. 2017
Roofer Ansgar Zischler, formerly convicted in fraud cases, made a fatal fall from his roof to his house entry, pushed, and is found by Elsbeth Möller-Wuntram. In the same town and time frame, an inconspicuous retired woman is found after a similar fall in her staircase, apparently unrelated. Zischler and roofing competitor Stefan Juchmann were locked in a grim insolvency trial, blaming each-other. Juchmann's brother and informal guardian since father's dead, Reinhold, is increasingly worried, especially as a smuggled-in moss-wrecked tile suggests he scammed seniors, ...
28 Dec. 2017
The day after the first anniversary of the bus crash that killed five high school pupils on the way home in Schullandheim, the acquitted driver, Heiner Grindel, whose attendance was deeply disliked, is found stoned to death besides the commemoration site. Tobias Möhnle threatened the driver, having lost his son, and finding the mother suicidal. Single Lilly Falk claims she has no time for vengeance, raising two daughters. Fresh widow Dagmar Grindel claims to have been strictly supportive. The school-website page for the support group was managed by young teacher ...

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