"Doctor Who" The End of Time: Part One (TV Episode 2009) Poster

Bernard Cribbins: Wilfred Mott



  • The Doctor : I'm going to die.

    Wilfred Mott : Well, so am I one day.

    The Doctor : Don't you dare!

    Wilfred Mott : Alright, I'll try not to.

  • The Doctor : [Noticing Wilfred looking around the TARDIS]  Ah. Right. Yes. Bigger on the inside. Do you like it?

    Wilfred Mott : I thought it'd be cleaner.

    The Doctor : Cleaner? I can take you back home right now!

  • Sylvia Noble : Stay right where you are!

    The Doctor : You can't come with me

    Wilfred Mott : Well, you're not leaving me with her

    Sylvia Noble : DAD!

    The Doctor : Fair Enough

  • Wilfred Mott : Have you got anyone?

    The Doctor : No. Traveling alone. I thought it was better, I thought... but I did some things, they went wrong... I need

    [breaks down] 

  • Wilfred Mott : You're so clever, can't you bring her memory back? Just go to her now, go on, just run across the street, go up and say hello!

    The Doctor : If she ever remembers me her mind will burn and she will die!

    Donna Noble : [to meter maid outside]  Don't you touch this car!

    The Doctor : [laughing]  She's not changed.

  • The Doctor : [referring to Donna and Shawn]  She's got him.

    Wilfred Mott : She's making do.

    The Doctor : Aren't we all.

    Wilfred Mott : Yeah, how 'bout you? Who have you got now?

    The Doctor : No-one. Traveling alone. I thought it would be better, I thought... But I did some things that went wrong. I need...

    [nearly breaks down] 

    Wilfred Mott : Oh my word.

    The Doctor : [pulls himself together]  Merry Christmas.

    Wilfred Mott : Yeah, and you.

  • Wilfred Mott : What is it? What have you done, you monster?

    The Master : Oh, I'm sorry, are you talking to me?

    [as Joshua] 

    The Master : Or to me?

    [as Abigail] 

    The Master : Or to me?

    [as Danes] 

    The Master : Or to me?

    [as three guards] 

    The Master : Or to us?

    [as Trinity Wells] 

    The Master : Breaking News: I'm Everyone, And Everyone In The World Is Me!

    [as President Barack Obama] 

    The Master : I'm President! President of the United States! Look at me!

    [the press pool, full of Masters, some of them cross-dressers, applaud heartily] 

    The Master : Oh! Financial solution... DELETED!

    The Original Master : The human race was always your favourite, Doctor. But now, there is no human race. There is only... the Master race!

    [the Doctor watches helpless as the Master laughs. The whole of humanity, transformed into clones of the Master, laugh with him] 

  • The Woman : It's said a demon fell from the sky. Then a man appeared, a man in a blue box. The called him the 'Sainted Physician'. He smote the demon and then disappeared.

    Wilfred Mott : There's a bit of a coincidence.

    The Woman : It's said there's no such thing as coincidence. Who knows? Perhaps he's coming back.

    Wilfred Mott : Oh, that would make my Christmas.

  • Wilfred Mott : Oh my Lord, she's a cactus!

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