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Sex & Nudity

  • A young girl walks in on her parents having sex. There is no graphic nudity, but the you can briefly see a side shot of a man's buttock. Thrusting can also be seen. There are many nondescript closeups of flesh, and the whole scene is shot in a surreal, intense way. Wet, fleshy sounds and moaning from the two can be heard during this scene.
  • A closeup of a breast is seen very clearly in a dreamlike sequence. A hand caresses it.
  • A young boy approaches a teenage girl, grabs her hair and body, and attempts to kiss her. The shots are quick enough to miss what has happened.
  • There is an intense scene where a teenage girl walks by a group of bikers. There are many sensual shots of the bikers, and various parts of their bodies. Drops of sweat are seen, and moans and heavy breathing are heard throughout. The girls skirt flaps in the wind, and she pulls it down. One of the bikers reflects the sun off his mirror into her eyes, moving downward and stopping on her crotch. She pulls her hat infront of herself.
  • A woman has a daydream of her clothes ripping apart. At the end of this scene her breast is visible for a brief moment.
  • A woman plays with a plastic comb in an empty tub. There is no nudity seen, but a shot of her legs shows fluid coming from above. This fluid slowly fills the tub.
  • A very quick shot of a woman's buttocks.
  • The whole movie has very sensual undertones, and sounds.
  • An unseen assailant gropes a woman through her clothing. The assailant also runs a straight razor across her skin, and past her teeth.
  • A woman's body is caressed is cleaned, with various closeups on her nipples.

Violence & Gore

  • A dead bird is seen various times. At one point the bird is squeezed in hand and blood drips out of it.
  • A young girl hides underneath a bed and is pushed onto tiny shards of glass as the bed moves. There are several closeups of her flesh colliding with the glass, sometimes including blood.
  • A young girl is grabbed from behind and has her mouth covered. The girl struggles until she grabs a small metal crucifix to beat off her attacker with.
  • A corpse's hand is forcefully pried open, causing one of the fingers to snap outward. The finger is cracked back into position.
  • A woman is held under water in a tub. Her screams are muffled by the water, and she does not drown.
  • A woman wakes up to find her legs have been cut many times. Blood soaks through her sheets and covers her legs. She struggles putting on clothes because of this.
  • In by far the most graphic, and possible disturbing scene in the movie, A man's hand is sliced by a straight razor. The unseen assailant attempts to slash him again, but the man grabs the razor with his hand. He struggles for a moment, before losing his grip and letting the razor slice down his hand. He is then stabbed with a switch blade and dragged away. His hand is later shown up close, with visible wound and blood. A person slides there finger along the cut, before very forcefully pushing their finger into it, causing the man to squirm and moan. A straight razor is then run along his cheek, to his chin, crossing his lips and teeth, resulting in a very upclose, graphic cut. The scene cuts between shots of the wound bleeding, and the man squirming and crying, before the same incision is made to the other side of his face. There are many quick shots of seemingly random pieces of flesh being sliced with inserts of the man crying. The straight razor is held up to the mans eye, but no cut is made. The staight razor is tapped against his teeth, and the man is slashed twice, offscreen. A spray of blood is shown, however. Finally the man has a switchblade stabbed into his throat. We see many shots of his previous wounds sliding open even more, before the switchblade and pulled out and blood sprays from the mans neck. This scene is almost entirely extreme closeups, and is very realistic.
  • A blurry shot of a man's mutilated face.
  • A woman's arm is cut by an unseen assailant.
  • A woman stabs a person, resulting in blood flying back on her.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The opening and closing portions of the film involve mysterious, disturbing figures. They are seen spying on the main character through a keyhole many times, and are involved in several strange chase sequences.
  • A dead body opens its eyes and seemingly comes to life. It's eyes are shut by a young girl. This body is then seen moving and reaching toward the camera later, in a dreamlike sequence.
  • The straight razor scene is incredibly disturbing, and is very hard to watch.
  • The entire movie is incredibly surreal, and incredibly intense, especially in its audio and visual styling.

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