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Modern Family – Episode 1 – Review
bjreadings17 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The first episode of Modern Family, just like any other show is to introduce the characters. The director Jason Winer has gone about this by introducing the family as three separate units. Firstly we have the Dunphys, happily married Phil and Claire and their three children, Haley, Alex and Luke. Phil is the typical comedy dad, a good guy, being overruled in his own household by a more powerful wife, Claire, and all three kids too. In this episode Phil is confronted by his eldest daughters first boyfriend Dylan, who is clearly too old for her. Claire is worried that Haley will be like herself, indicating that Claire was naughty at Haley's age, by keeping Haley's door open she believes this will stop this happening, I'm not too sure this will work though.

The second family is made up of Jay, Claire's father, now married to young and sexy Gloria who has joined Jay with a child from another man. We instantly see a fiery side to Gloria while Manny is playing football. Manny is distracted by a girl as the opposition scores the winning goal, Manny then writes a love letter for this girl, but gets rejected, telling the audience that Manny doesn't have great luck with the ladies and could have some funny moments in later episodes.

The final family is composed of Mitch and Cam, a gay couple who are on their way home from Vietnam after adopting a baby. As Mitch is sitting most of the passengers on the plane admire Lily the baby, but when Cam comes to sit down, a couple walk past and makes a comment that Mitch takes the wrong way, Mitch then goes on to make a speech about his sexuality, but half way through he realises he's in the wrong, as Mitch sits down, Cam's head pops up and offers to buy all passenger's their headsets due to being in the wrong.

All three units then come together to create a huge loving family, where the new adopted baby wins all their hearts.
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jotix10011 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The pilot show for "Modern Family" serves to introduce the three families that will be the basis of future programs. The three families are as different from one another as day and night.

There are the Dunphys, the happily married Phil and Claire and their three children, Haley, Alex and Luke. Phil is the typical sitcom dad, a good guy, overruled in his own household by a more asserting Claire, as well as the three kids. On tonight's episode, he has to deal with Haley's new friend, Dylan, a senior, clearly much older for her. Claire, who remembers her younger days, is up in arms because Haley's insistence of keeping her bedroom door closed, while wearing a skirt too short for her, obviously.

The second family is composed by Jay, who is Claire and Mitch's father, now married to a younger and sexy Gloria. She comes to the marriage with a child by another man, but they seem to have it together. On the opener Gloria shows her fiery nature while Manny is playing soccer. Jay, who looks his age, sticks out like a sore thumb at the mall where they have taken Manny to see his latest crush.

Mitch and Cam are returning with the Vietnamese daughter they adopted. As Mitch is sitting, most of the passengers admire Lily, the baby, but things change as Cam comes to sit next to him. Cam gets up to make a speech about accepting people that are different than them. He ends up offering to buy headsets for the entire plane. The three families meet as a unit at Cam and Mitch's place, where the infant girl wins all their hearts.

The episode was directed by Jason Winer and written by Stephen Levitan and Christopher Lloyd, the creators of the series. All the principals were on hand as a form of introduction to the audience.
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A good funny opener
studioAT7 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I'm coming into 'Modern Family' very late, but having heard so much praise from people about it, I was keen to see what the fuss was all about.

What I found in this pilot is a team of actors shining with very strong material penned by sitcom legends Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd (Frasier, Back to You), and it's easy to see its appeal.

There were lots of funny moments along the way, but Ty Burrell's character shooting his son/his daughter's boyfriend and himself accidentally was the highlight.
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Prismark103 February 2020
My son is a big fan of Modern Family. I always tease him that this is supposedly a documentary about a large extended family. The characters are filmed and speak to the camera which has been happening for over 10 years. The question is who is watching this documentary and where has it been broadcast for all these years?

Inspired in part by mockumentaries such as This is Spinal Tap and The Office (both the British and American version.)

The pilot episode sets up the various branches of the Pritchett's and Dunphy's. Patriarch Jay Pritchett has recently married a younger wife from Columbia who has a young son. Daughter Claire Dunphy has three kids and a husband who thinks he is hipster dad. Claire was a wild child in her younger days. Mitchell Pritchett is a highly strung gay man who has just adopted a Vietnamese baby with his partner.

This is a slick first episode. Ty Burrell as the cool dad gets the funniest scenes. Yet there is a lot underneath that will be teased out in later episode. Jay feeling old with his more younger wife and also being uncomfortable with his son's homosexuality.

I can see this is something you might easily one to watch more of. My son raced through the various seasons.
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Be wind in his back not the spit in his face
hclovehc21 December 2019
It's warm when Jay said I am happy for you. It's family who always support you redardless of any misunderstanding before. I hope I could set up a family like this: try to be a cool father, try to learn how to understand children and try to accept the children's choice. I feel so sorry to miss watching this TV show for these many years.
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Not bad, kinda funny. Ty Burrell is the star of the show!
moviesrme1019 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This show has been on the air for about 4 years now, and i had not seen a single episode until i watched the pilot on demand today. And my thoughts, i think it's funny, the scripts are decent,and while the plot is all over the place and there are a bit to many cast members i thinks it's a decent show. Ty Burrell is the star of the cast. His acting is funny, and his character lovably childish and silly. My favorite scene from the episode is that of when he accidentally shoots his son on the hand and then shoots Sarah Hyland's boyfriend and then himself. It was hilarious. I loved it. The show also has a gay couple, which i feel was a good addition, i mean it's different, and different is good. This show also has a Hispanic family with a wife who marries an old guy, which i felt was pushing it but in the end it all worked out. I think they could have done better to cut Ariel Winter's character as she has little use to the cast and there's already so many characters. I just feel this show has an excellent script and will probably have many good episodes out there! i'll have to rent the rest! A success!
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