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Unfairly canceled. Deserved a chance.
insomniac_rod15 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I can't understand why this show was canceled. I watched it every Sunday on Latin HBO.

The production values were pretty good, maybe not for American t.v. standards but still pretty good. Good direction, nice art direction, pretty damn good music, and best of all, good acting.

Andreia Horta was a charming lead actress. She's fresh, extremely hot (all about her big firm butt ;) ), demonstrates she can express many feelings with her facial expressions.

The episodes were a mix of crude situations, but felt very real. It wasn't all about Alice, the main character. The supporting characters added something to the plot in every episode.

It displays the reality of many young people, specifically, those who are 25. It deals with sexuality, job opportunities, becoming mature, and more unexpected situations when you are young.

It's a shame it didn't last for more time. The show had the quality to become a success.

Still, I watch some re-runs.
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Good show, bad ADR
Calimarina22 July 2018
If you like shows that depict life in other places this does a very good job of doing that. Unfortunately the automated dialogue replacement, or dub, or whatever they call it is absolutely horrendous. For anyone that doesn't know what I'm referring to it's when the audio is scraped and the sound is added later. Sometimes the audio is offset and what they are saying doesn't coincide with their lips. Anyone that has watched a Sergio Leone movie will understand what I'm talking about, of course his had a little more professional workmanship done, but then again there wasn't much you had to splice in for that particular genre. Adding sound after the fact especially when you have sex scenes have to be done right and they missed the mark completely. Other than that the writing and acting was really good and for the most part I enjoyed it.
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