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Sex & Nudity

  • Almost every episode has sex, although the thematic scenes are usually brief yet sensual (with the exception of the rape ones).
  • Some kissing throughout, both mild and passionate.
  • A man and a woman have sex. His bare chest, back, and upper buttocks, and her bare breasts and thighs are seen. They kiss plenty and the woman licks the man's cheek. There is thrusting and some moaning. Afterwards they are seen lying in bed together (only his bare chest is seen). In another scene they are seen humping and kissing against a wall; the woman is bare-breasted but nothing is seen. In another scene they are seen having sex and kissing, partially covered by a blanket (her bare breasts, and his bare back and chest are seen).
  • A young man and a young woman have sex. She kisses his belly and he kisses her breasts. Her cleavage and bare back, and his bare chest, back, and buttocks are shown. They kiss and moan plenty, and there is some movement. In another scene, they are seen fully nude while having sex on a bed; breasts, chest, backs, and thighs are seen.
  • A man and a woman have sex. Her bare breasts and his bare chest are seen as she thrusts and moans on top of him.
  • There are scenes suggestive of incest between a mother and her grown son. In one occasion the young man is inside a bathtub and his mother is cleaning him, while asking him how it was like to rape a virgin girl; then she places her hand on his son's penis, and he makes a pleasured expression (only his bare chest is seen in this sequence). In another scene she caresses his son in bed (they are both fully clothed) and suggestively asks him what would he do to her.
  • A girl undresses and enters a lake (we see her bare butt, cleavage and side boob, no nipples). A young man follows her and enters the lake as well (we do not see him undressing). He suddenly kisses her and she refuses him, pushing his head under water. Afterwards they are seen on the river, both fully naked: the man is coughing and lying on the ground (his butt and back are shown), and the girl is kneeling beside him (her thighs are seen); she is very upset and walks away.
  • There is one scene of a quite brutal rape (no nudity, we only see the girl's cleavage and the man humping above her), and suggestions of another violent rape (which is heard but not seen).
  • In two separate scenes, two men are about to rape a woman in the street (in both caes, we do not see the actual rape, but it is implied they do it). In one scene we briefly see the woman's bare breasts as her clothes get ripped off.
  • A young man and a girl kiss, then he approaches to touch her crotch area (they are both fully clothed), and she pushes him away, even though she loves him, because of the rape she experienced before, which traumatized her.
  • A young man undresses; we see his bare back and butt.
  • We briefly see a man humping a woman from above (they are in bed but completely clothed).
  • A man has sex with his unwilling wife (no nudity), and remarks that she is wooden and needs to partecipate. She doesn't and he stops.
  • A man tries to have sex with his new wife but cannot because he has "technical difficulties".
  • A girl is implied to have unwilling sex with her husband. We see his bare chest as he lies in bed. We see the girl with bruises on her face and arms, implying he has been violent with her (he pretty much raped her).
  • A girl's breast is seen as she breastfeeds her baby.
  • A woman kisses a girl on the mouth twice in sign of affection.
  • Two birth scenes with no nudity.
  • A woman lifts up her dress and pisses on a table in front of several churchmen. Only her bare thighs are seen.
  • A woman asks her embarassed son, in front of the girl he likes, if he was molested, and if he pleasures himself.
  • A girl says her husband raped her as soon as he married her (she was only 13), and he was so rough, and hurt her so much, that she will never be able to have children.
  • A young man says he wants to rape a girl until she dies.
  • A man speaks about his love story with another man.
  • Prostitutes are seen in the villages' streets and brothels. In a scene two of them seduce a young man; one flashes her breasts to him and the other kisses him. Afterwards he is seen walking out of a room, with the prostitutes telling him to "come back visit us, soon and often", implying they had sex. In a brief scene we see a man humping a prostitute in the street, with her legs wide spread (they are both clothed).
  • Two naked women (presumably prostitutes) are seen lying in bed, sleeping with a young man, implying they had sex (the intercourse is not shown). The women's bare breasts and butts are visible.
  • A few prostitutes are seen flirting and making out with several men. Breasts are partially visible.
  • A prostitute flashes her breasts to a churchman.
  • [DVD VERSION] If you watch the dvds, you find that the edited television version is lacking all of the nudity (which there is alot of) and sex scenes. Lots of butt shots and plenty of breasts.

Violence & Gore

  • There are several scenes of Medieval violence, usually not very gorey, but strong nonetheless. A few scenes of rape and torture, executions, many battles and duels, brawls/fistfights, collapsing buildings, fires. Many people are stabbed and sliced by swords, sometimes with blood spraying, and pierced by arrows. Some scenery involving dead bodies, tortured people, and injured people. Witchcraft is also a subject.
  • A man is decapitated (blood sprays around), then his head is impaled on a sword (graphic). His headless body is seen.
  • A man is decapitated publicly; the cutting is offscreen, but we see blood spraying and his severed head.
  • A man has both hands amputated with a sword publicly (blood sprays on the people witnessing the execution); the cutting is offscreen but we see his bloody stumps.
  • A man cuts another man's ear and feeds it to a dog (we see the mutilated ear), then stabs him in the throath with a knife (blood pours).
  • A man attacks a young man and cuts off part of his ear with a knife (bloody).
  • A young man is sliced in the neck with a sword (blood pours); we then see a vision of his head starting to sever.
  • A man is hung.
  • A man is seen after being tortured (he is very bloody and swollen), then burned at the stake. He is said to have his tongue cut while still alive.
  • A man is branded repeatedly and about to be hanged, but is saved.
  • A woman kills a man by making him bleed to death.
  • A woman slices a chicken's throath onscreen: blood sprays on a man's face.
  • A woman has her throat sliced (partially offscreen, blood sprays on a man's face), and is then pushed into the sea.
  • A man is stabbed and pushed into the sea, where he drowns.
  • A woman stabs a man with a knife, then makes him fall to his death.
  • A man cuts himself with a knife (blood is seen), then dies because of the poison on it.
  • A child is murdered offscreen.
  • A man has a vision of a man with his head covered in blood.
  • A man flogs himself and inflicts pain to his body in other ways. In one scene he cuts his thigh (offscreen, we see blood dripping on the floor). Later on we see his deeply scarred back.
  • A man threatens another man with a knife.
  • A ship crashes and many people die in the accident.
  • A building collapses and several people die or are injured.
  • A woman curses several men and all of them die or have accidents.
  • A man slaps his teenage son.
  • A man has convulsions and drools (he does not die).
  • A young man sets a girl on fire, but she is saved and unharmed.
  • A virgin girl is raped onscreen.
  • Another virgin girl is raped offscreen. She later says that her husband raped her as soon as he married her (she was only 13), and he was so rough, and hurt her so much, that she will never be able to have children. Her husband often beats her when drunk; we see her livid face.
  • Another girl is beaten by her husband. We see the results on her face.
  • A scene depicts animals about to fight for "entertainment" in front of a crowd: a caged brown bear and two large dogs, waiting outside the cage. People make bets, a man remarks that the bear is going to be killed, and a child says it's very sad. We do not see the actual fight.
  • A man is almost hanged, but saved.
  • A young man says he wants to skin a man alive.
  • A young man violently smashes some statues with a hammer.


  • Some mildly strong language throughout ("Bastard", "Hell", Damn", etc.).
  • "Whore" and "Bitch" are both heard frequently.
  • A woman pees on a table as an insult in front of many churchmen.
  • A churchman speaks of having a homosexual relationship.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • People drink wine or ale.
  • Two men are said and shown to be violent when drunk.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are many intense scenes: rapes, murders, battles, a church collapsing on people, fires being set on a village, a mother dying in childbirth, a baby being left to die, one animal fight, and so on.
  • Some characters' deaths are emotional.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A married girl cheats on her husband and gets pregnant.

Violence & Gore

  • A young man asphyxiates a woman who happens to be his mother, then throws her dead body in a river.
  • A young man is strangled: he seems dead but is actually alive.
  • A woman dies of childbirth in the woods. Her newborn baby is left to die by his own father, but he eventually changes his mind and comes back to save him, only to find he has already been taken (he thinks it was the wolves, but we know the baby has been saved by a man).

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