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  • The Russians mistrust Renee, U.S.-Kamistan negotiations hit a snag, and the past of CTU analyst Dana Walsh becomes her nightmare.

  • Four explosive hours after being unwillingly drawn back into action, Jack Bauer re teams with a risky Renee Walker to track some very dangerous leads. Meanwhile, back at CTU, a desperate Dana Walsh faces tense and untimely circumstances when her ex-con boyfriend from her home in Texas shows up and threatens to reveal her past life to her employers unless she does some things for him. Elsewhere, emotions escalate when President Taylor learns of a larger looming threat that jeopardizes the peace accord with President Hassan. Also, Sergi Bazhaev, the Russian arms dealer, agrees to let his son, Josef, try to get medical treatment for his other son whom has radiation poisoning.


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  • Open with accounts that Hassan's forces are rounding up all those suspected of conspiring against his administration. Farhad calls one of the higher-ups back in Kamistan looking for money to pay Bazhaev. Despite the plan to kill his brother having failed, Farhad still believes they will be able to take control once they get their hands on the uranium rods.

    Cut to Josef telling Bazhaev that he has found a doctor to treat his brother Oleg's sickness. Even though it's his own son, Bazhaev thinks the risk is too great. He does allow Josef to take Oleg to their country home where he will be more comfortable. Farhad tells Bazhaev he will have the money for him in five hours.

    Walker and Jack cauterize the wound surrounding Ziya's missing thumb. Jack thinks she is unstable and wants to call off the mission. As Ziya stars to wake up she convinces Jack to let her continue and he goes back to the car. When Ziya wakes up Walker convinces him to take her to Vladimir by telling him he stands to get about $3 million if the deal goes though. They head to meet Vladimir and Jack follows.

    While finishing Jack and Walker's cover story, Dana gets another call from Wade. He says if she's not home in a half hour he's going to tell Cole her real name and that she's been convicted of accessory to murder. Dana gets Arlo to cover for her and she takes off.

    Weiss tells President Taylor about Farhad working on purchasing uranium located in the U.S. Taylor is concerned that Hassan is defying Kamistan's laws and his human rights obligations. She asks to meet with Hassan alone.

    During the drive Ziya references there being a sordid past between Vladimir and Walker.

    Chloe tells Jack their cover profile is complete and sends him a detailed report. He has her look into Walker's past with Vladimir.

    Taylor and Hassam meet. She expressed concern about his security forces and he is adamant such actions are required under the circumstances. She asks him to seek a middle ground and he tells her he needs to see his family.

    Josef drives Oleg to the residence. Even though he is dying, Oleg thinks his father was right not to allow him to be taken to see a doctor. Suddenly Josef turns the car around and tells Oleg he is going to get him some help.

    Kayla tells Dalia she plans to stay with her father. Hassan walks in and tells Kayla he needs to speak to her mother alone. Dalia wants to know if Hassan is in love with Reed. He says only that the affair is over and asks Dalia to stay because he values her counsel. She will not.

    Walker has Ziya go into Vladimir's location first to set the groundwork. Once he leaves the car Jack asks her about Vladimir. She brushes it off. Jack will be a Munich-based arms dealer and Walker his liaison.

    Vladimir isn't happy to see the on-probation Ziya. Ziya tells him he brought Walker and that she was in prison the past five years.

    Dana arrives at her place to find Wade has a friend staying with him. She offers him $1,000 to get lost. Instead, he would like to take advantage of her job at CTU. He wants her to set him up with a six-figure score or he will destroy her life. If she does that, he says he will leave her alone.

    Walker will have access to Jack's voice while meeting with Vladimir. As she walks in, Chloe tells Jack that Vladimir was "obsessed" with Walker and beat her number of times. He even tried to rape her.

    During the meeting with Vladimir, Walker is able to answer all of his questions about her criminal connections in Mexico City. Despite having all the answers Vladimir isn't convinced and tosses Walker and Ziya into a trunk. Jack loses connection with Walker. With Chloe helping on surveillance, he follows a vehicle leaving Vladimir's compound. He's convinced Walker will be killed and wants a team scrambled.

    Josef pulls a gun on a doctor, telling him he knows where his family lives and will harm them if he does not treat Oleg in secret. The doc thinks Oleg looks pretty sick and seems stunned to learn he was exposed to weapons-grade uranium.

    Hastings has a team a few minutes away and Jack manages to convince him they must engage while Walker is still in the car. The mission is over. Jack then hears Walker being taken out of the car even though the vehicle they are following is still moving. A second car was snuck out the back and CTU is more than ten minutes behind. Jack tells Walker through her com to delay as long as possible. Vladimir puts both of them on their knees and asks what is really going on. Ziya sticks to the truth and is quickly shot in the head. Vladimir next points the gun at Walker, who all but begs him to kill her. She says this deal is the last thing she has in her life and without it she might as well be dead anyway. Vladimir puts away the gun and tells her "I had to be sure." Jack tells Hastings to call off his team: "She's in. They bought her cover."

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