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MPAA Rated R for sequences of grisly bloody violence and torture, and language

Sex & Nudity

  • A man is shown barechested.

Violence & Gore

  • Two men shuffle toward one another across a floor that is missing floorboards and one of the men is blindfolded and has a noose around his neck; the rope is pulled taut, his body flies into the air, and then hangs limply as the other man watches.
  • A man is seen dragging himself on the ground; a trail of blood comes from his bloody stump (he is missing a foot). The man places the bloody stump against a hot pipe, steam is seen coming from the wound, as well as blood and the sound of searing flesh is heard as the man screams in pain.
  • A man awakens to find himself inside a cage; the cage is pulled into the air, the bottom of the cage falls out, and the man jumps over a series of spikes that rise from the floor and stumbles away, unharmed.
  • A man sews a bloody flap on his face shut with a needle and thread.
  • A woman lifts a meat cleaver over her head and chops off her own arm.
  • A man pulls a saw across his leg; a small trail of blood appears on the cut, and it is implied that the man cut off his own foot.
  • A man and woman are dangling over whirring, upturned lawn mowers. In an attempt to make the woman fall, the man kicks the woman. However, the woman slaps the man and he falls into the lawn mowers; a slicing noise is heard followed by blood flying up and covering the woman.
  • A man sews another man's eyes shut (the man is then shown with his eyes sewn shut).
  • A man stabs another man in the throat.
  • A man hits a police officer in the head with a bottle; the police officer falls to the ground, the man points the gun at the police officer but another man shoots the man three times in the back, blood sprays over the police officer and the man drops to the ground; three bloody bullet holes are seen in his lifeless body.
  • A man approaches a prison cell, grabs a woman in the cell and pins her against a wall; the woman stabs the man in the throat, he lurches back, and the woman runs away.
  • A man inserts a key into another man's eye.
  • A man stabs another man in the chest.
  • A man stitches another man's eyes shut.
  • An automatic gun is activated and shoots several police officers, killing them.
  • A man is glued to the seat of a car (blood is seen on his arms and back), a woman is bound and gagged underneath the propped up car, a man is bound at the hands and feet and tied to a wall in front of the car, and another man is chained to the back of the car (a hook is attached to a chain going through his lower jaw and arms). The first man rips the skin off his arms (blood pours from the peeled off skin and onto him and the seat of the car), he pulls the flesh from his back (blood is shown); the car drops, a wheel cuts the woman in half, the car pulls the jaw and arms of the man chained to the bumper completely off (blood is shown), the car races forward, crashing into the man chained to the wall in front of it, and it careens through a junkyard and crashes into another car, sending the man glued to the seat through the windshield.
  • Two men are attached to a double-sided table with a saw on each end, as well as a saw under a woman chained to a table above them; one of the men pushes a saw into the other man's chest (blood is shown). After injuring the man, the first man then retracts the saw; both men then line up the saws so that the saw under the woman will cut into her stomach instead, killing her, while freeing them. The saw cuts into her stomach, blood flies over the men as a crowd watches and her intestines, as well as blood and tissue, pour from the wound.
  • A woman is strapped to a table with a set of spikes pointed at her eyes and mouth, a man pushes a lever and a set of spikes pierce his sides (blood pours from the wounds), he gasps and lets go of the lever causing the spikes to move closer to the woman's face; he lifts the lever again, sending the spikes back into his side, he screams in pain, releases the lever that sends spikes into the woman's eyes and mouth (her body is later shown with blood dripping from the spikes).
  • A man straps an unconscious woman to a chair and places a cage-like mask on her face. She wakes up and the mask opens, tearing her jaws apart, and her tongue falls onto her leg (blood is shown).
  • A woman is strapped to a chair with her neck in a brace. A piece of string is in her mouth and four spikes are pointed at her throat; it is revealed that the woman has a key attached to a fish hook inside her stomach (an x-ray with an outline of a key and fish hook inside her body is shown). A man pulls the string out of her mouth, the woman screams, and the spikes pierce her throat (her body is later seen with blood-covered spikes in her throat).
  • Metal sheets encase a woman chained to the floor and flames shoot up around her as a man attempts to go through an electric fence surrounding her (he is shocked briefly); her body blisters, bubbles with blood, and burns.
  • A man digs two hooks into his pectoral muscles (small amounts of blood are seen coming from the wounds) and hoists himself into the air; the muscles rip open and blood flies through the air as he falls to the ground.
  • A woman is chained at the hands and feet, she is in front of a giant arrow attached to a pulley; a man pulls a switch, the arrow is sent toward her, and she blows up into bloody chunks that fly through the air.
  • A man unzips a body bag and another man's arm shoots up from the bag and stabs the man in the throat (blood pours from the wound).
  • A man reaches into his mouth with a pair of pliers and pulls; a crack is heard as blood pours from his mouth and a tooth drops to the blood-soaked table, he then puts the pliers back in his mouth and slams his face against a wall multiple times (a crack is heard each time) until he spits out a second tooth (blood is covering his face, neck, and shirt).
  • A man shoots a gun through one-way glass, the bullet hits another man in the eye; it goes through his head and the man's body drops to the ground, with blood pouring from the wound.
  • A man is tasered and a cage-like mask is placed over his face; he slams the mask into the window of the door and then rips it off (a portion of his cheek is ripped open).
  • Two men stand over a man's charred torso (his arms and legs appear to be blown off) and one of the men remarks, "You should never smoke at a gas station", implying the man had died in an explosion.
  • A group of police officers enter a room and find a man's body sitting in a chair that's missing a jaw and arms.
  • A man drags a woman out of hiding, kicks her in the stomach, and slams her head into a table repeatedly until she is unconscious.
  • A toxic gas enters a room where four men are standing; they cough and fall to the ground.
  • A man breaks a woman's neck, killing her.


  • There are 69 uses of "fuck" and 1 use of "cunt". There are also some uses of "bitch", "shit', and "damnit".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Two men drink alcohol in a bar.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The deaths may be intense for some viewers.
  • The traps may be intense for some viewers.

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