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Not sure why the high rating
sgtgunner-110 December 2013
This was just an odd movie. There was really no established storyline. I kept hoping it would get better but it just kept getting more confusing. Everything about this film just seemed off - the plot, the cinematography, lighting, etc... It's as if they asked the crazy fellow who talks to himself on the park bench to write a story, then they made a film.

There really is no character development, nor do they explain why some of the characters fall into the story. The main character is an over-actor to say the least and reacts to situations with immediate rage...there is no build up...just anger right out of the gate.

Overall, the acting isn't horrible...it's just the story. There is no substance to this movie. I have seen worse, but this definitely ranks on the high end of that category.

I would suggest skipping this one.
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Do You Like Scratching Your Head?
davidfurlotte29 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
If you like scratching your head and asking questions like:

1. Why did I decide to watch this movie all the way through?

2. I'm sure there was a story in there somewhere, but where?

3. Did they run out of budget and couldn't finish it?

4. It's a masterpiece, but I'm just too dumb to understand it?

5. What would a film look like that was made by a mentally challenged individual(s)?

then this is the film for you!

Maybe I'm too old school but as I recall, a story is supposed to have a beginning, a middle and an ending.

Typical stories will have a hero or heroine who is introduced to us somewhere during the beginning and then placed in some kind of situation to get us involved and perhaps identify with them during the middle and usually have something interesting happen to draw us in, and finally have an ending with some kind of resolution.

I think we had a beginning and the middle was a little weak but the ending was atrocious because nothing really made sense.

Unless you really like scratching your head, give it a pass.
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The Plot that Might Have Been.....
tlupejkis1 January 2014
A plot really could have surfaced in this movie, but none ever did. Brendan Sexton III,the male lead of...I don't know what he is leading... overacts. Antonella Lentini,who has a very comfortable bed,underacts. John Savage the uncle/surrogate father/stepfather can't act. James Russo, the grieving neighbor, I guess is OK. Natasha Lyonne somehow wandered on set and decided to stay.

1 star is for the visual quality, which is quite good. The other star is for the trailer,which I enjoyed much more than the movie. The trailer is extremely well edited and tricks you into thinking it is for a movie.
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Worst movie of all time?
derek-demuth30 January 2014
I drink a lot. I probably have a substance abuse problem too. None of which helped this movie make any sense or make this movie any better.

I have pretty low standards, as I watch a lot of movies and this is literally the first review I ever wrote. I created an account just for this movie.

Cinematography A-, Soundtrack B+, Acting B....story line, character development, sense of worth watching an F...WTF!!!! Seriously, my cat could have made a better movie if I attached a GoPro for 80 minutes.

I was expecting something to happen. Nothing happens. Characters introduced for no reason. The protagonists has no purpose. Hell, this movie made every character with no purpose. Maybe they are trying to just be real for 80 minutes, but this movie is pure drivel. Im glad for FF as I watch movies online just for hype to boost sales. I would feel bad PAYING someone to watch this. Absurd, utter mess. Whoever wrote this script/thought this should be a movie needs to check back into 3rd grade. Awful, atrocious mess. AVOID!!!!!
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So what is it all about?!?
elchinator31 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Seeing the movie poster and title, at first I thought this might be another horror movie like the "Paranormal Activity" series. Or maybe some splatter movie. But it was listed as "Drama/Thriller". OK, so why not watch it? Actually, after watching the movie I am not sure what to make of it. It has some moments where it seems to go in the horror direction. But then it does not. At other moments, it seems to have some paranormal plot. Just to stop cold. Is there some crime, that happened in the past? We never find out. Maybe some changed personal identity, like in "Angel Heart"? Could have been, who knows...

The movie wanders shortly in all kinds of directions, just to turn back the very moment it starts to get interesting. And so it just stays boring, right to the end. Save your time, don't watch it.
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They Made it up as They Went Along ... Poorly
doctorarzt28 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I'm really a bit perplexed by this ... uh ... film? In many regards it is entirely formless. There is an attempt at narrative, but by the end of the film the correlations between the characters make no sense, there is no apparent metaphor, and the character journeys are devoid of any conclusions.

Rereading my thoughts here I understand where someone who enjoys 'challenging' films might think I'm some Vanilla sipping dweeb who "just doesn't get it," trust me I'm a Lynch, Haneke, Greenaway, and so on, devotee, this flick is not hard to read for the sake of its art — it just lacks the minimum interpersonal dynamics and causality to be considered a story of any form. Warhol's "Sleep" has more going for it in this department.

The one high point: John Savage has one bitching mane of healthy looking hair.
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Interesting little flick
nibrof50710 December 2013
I just watched this film on iTunes because I noticed it had Natasha Lyonne as a member of the cast.

While the pacing is somewhat slow at times, the overall story and atmosphere is very dream-like. I found myself thinking about the film for a while after I finished watching it. Having grown up in NYC, I would definitely consider it a New York Indie film through and through. The acting is good and the musical compositions are very interesting!

If you are into watching interesting, indie films and don't seek that typical format and closure of big studio pictures, I would definitely recommend watching the surreal little flick.
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Art, and confusion might leave you fulfilled.
face-819-9337262 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I really don't want to like this movie, it's just that there are things about this movie that I do like, and that makes things difficult. That same type of conflicted inner demon is what makes this movie sort of work. The story is told so ambiguously that you are never really sure of anyone's motives, but that really seems to be what they were going for. The acting is mostly dead, and again I believe this was the intentional direction, so it is hard to fault the actors. The story has so many holes in it that you just have to throw up your hands and go with it. I would say that the directing must have been well done as the similarities in all of the lead performances could only be intentional. In the end, though maybe not at the end I Enjoyed this movie. I would not jump out to recommend this one to anyone, if you like art-house, and symbolistic direction, then this just might be for you.
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Why Can't I watch this ANYWHERE?..
topcat-7029219 October 2018
I can't get this film ANYWHERE?? Can Anyone suggest any reason why?.. Or,. Does Anyone have A Link,. A PLACE ANYTHING?? Where I could possibly watch this? It would be greatly Appreciated! Or, Any feedback also as to why I Can't get it?! Thanks! ; )
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Makes you think...and then has no answers
Maybe I'm just not intelligent enough to get it. If that's the case, I accept it and apologize for the rating. Of course, every review on here (besides the handful from those that worked on the movie) says the same thing.

This is the ONLY thing you need to know about this movie: if you like movies that make you think and then provide no answers about what exactly happened, by all means watch this movie. if that type of movie pisses you off, take all the reviewers words and pass because you WILL BE pissed off you wasted your time on this and didn't turn it off somewhere along the way hoping answers were coming because they do not.
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nogodnomasters15 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know if this review has plot spoilers or not, because I don't know if I understand what this was about. However I will at the end supply you with what I consider to be my explanation of the film for those who did watch it and are still scratching their head.

Paul (John Savage) owns a warehouse. His driver is out and his stepson (?) Clyde (Brendan Sexton III) who he has fired is sitting there. Recently a co-worker died from...? being in the street? Paul asks Clyde to go to NYC to tend to Kate (Ella Lentini) which the DVD cover claims was a "younger cousin", although I don't know if any family relationship was established other than Paul claims his family "is a mess."

Kate's roommate Rob was recently killed and she is traumatized. She didn't know Rob as a boyfriend, he was just a roommate. Kate is taking meds and sleeps all the time. Clyde has odd flashbacks or dreams. His head is not on straight. There are two guys in the apartment building who have a keen interest in Kate. Sam is an older man who has issues getting over his wife being killed and raped. Rich has a thing for Kate and may or may not be her boyfriend.

Clyde finds photos of a woman named Sadie (Florencia Lozano) and speculates on Rob's (Anthony Ordonez) relationship with her as a newspaper article with the photos claims she was murdered. Rob plays detective in her case, which adds to his creep factor.

Yes, the story ends without an explanation to tie things together...or does it?

Guide: F-bomb, sex, nudity (Ella Lentini)

MY PLOT SPOILER EXPLANATION: The last scene with Sam attacking Rich was the key. Sam apparently believed Rob was the man that killed his wife and Sam was the one that killed Rob who may or may not have been his wife's or Sadie's killer. Sam thought the same thing about Rich. He most assuredly thought the same about Rob.
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Probably the Most Tediously Dull Movie You'll Ever Watch
michael-daniels-8452125 April 2018
If this movie went any slower it would be on life support. The actors look bored, tired trying to work with what is a lame script lacking any kind of story or plot. This movie won't send you to sleep, it will send you into a coma! and you needn't worry about missing the end of the movie because there isn't one!
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Unique atmosphere, dauntless directing, solid acting, elegantly gloomy cinematography, radical soundtrack.
CubeRik22 January 2014
7E struck me as a very distinctive, atmospheric film. All the cinematic elements make this flick unique, giving it a special touch of timelessness. The irrational progression of the story reflects Clyde's disrupted state of mind, the eclectic soundtrack conveys the nature of all the peculiar characters revolving around the mystery. The visual elements bring out an interesting form of noir which enhances the ambiguity of the main characters in relation to the enigma. Definitely, an unorthodox movie, resulting in a compulsive mix of hybrid American-European indie cinema. I wouldn't be surprised to see this turning into a cult film in a few years.
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The movie without an ending
mike-516-335816 December 2016
I usually like the movies that everyone gives one star ratings. I am not picky at all! This movie has to be the worst I have ever watched! It could have been very good! I enjoyed it all the way up to the end, but then it just ended, without an ending! I was like wait! What??? Seriously, they have a decent movie going all along, right up to the end, then it just stops! It's like watching a tied Superbowl in overtime, then your power goes out! There is no ending!!! What's up with this new age of movies? They just keep getting stupider and stupider. Are the producers crack addicts or just complete morons? Maybe they ran out of film or the cast was killed in some tragic event before they could finish the movie?
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A great little movie
cekadah4 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
What a compelling story! Who's the fire escape rapist?

Is it Clyde, who suffers from some unnamed psychological malady, - we are lead to believe it is from the death of some friend (not fully defined).

Is it Sam the older threatening looking tenant who shows concern for Kate?

Is it Rich the young man who Clyde finds very threatening?

Or is it the suicide guy who shared Kate's apartment? Maybe this was the friend that has Clyde psychologically disturbed.

Lots of questions proposed in 7E, few answers. The balance of the story rest with Clyde - not Kate.

If you like mysteries and mysterious people this is your flick. I think it is done perfectly!
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dungeoned27 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Extremely worst movie with no story .. literally its not a movie at all ..no logic and specially the ending is nothing! lemme explain... a man goes to baby sit a sick girl whose roommate was killed, he slept with her and left her in the end promising to come sleep with her again. that's it. time wasting movie. what was the cause of making this kind of a time waster ? and they put their movie in Thriller and Drama category.. I have never seen such a dramatic movie. I urge to all not to watch this movie at all as this will make you as you have not seen any thing a total time waster. it is better to go and take a bath or go clean your closet or drawers etc.
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Unconvincing and boring
damir-919-2748729 February 2014
It just a bad movie.

They try to make

psychological tense (good music), but the story, dialogs

and acting was so unconvincing.

Just curiosity kept me to the end of movie.

Who is Saddie, at all?

Why owner of the bar was upset questioning about Saddie?

What bartender knows about Saddie? (probably nothing)

Why Kate suffered about Saddie? - she said didn't talk at all with Sadie

Did Rich secret lover of Saddie or maybe Kate's lover?

So many stupid questions to try make any sense of this movie.

As I said on beginning, it is just wasting time to understand this movie.
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