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Betty has forgotten nothing
kbryan1718 May 2015
I know a lot of viewers thought "Souvenir" was an exercise in time- marking, but keep an eye on January Jones' Betty (who loves to make heads turn wherever she goes, trattorias in Rome emphatically included). She also revels in all that faux-flirting with Don. And, boy, that hairdo! But we're aware that she and Don are still under the terms of a truce, and that Henry is now in the picture; again, Betty caught the eye of an attractive man, and it makes her feel good when nothing else can. By the way: according to a "Music of Mad Men" list I found, the version of Rodgers and Hart's "There's a Small Hotel" used at the end of this episode comes from a 1954 revival-cast recording of the show "On Your Toes"; the singers are Bobby Van and Kay Coulter.
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Heavily Thematic
borowiecsminus19 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This episode touches on a lot of different points that the show usually doesn't touch on.

The episode was great in the sense that it made us feel like Betty Draper, and I think that was their intention. The trip to Rome seemed a lot shorter than it was. It seemed short and sweet. We almost WERE Betty Draper in this episode. All good shows do that once in a while. Whatever emotions a character feels, the viewer feels. It's not a story being told, it's an experience.

This episode wasn't particularly suspenseful, or exciting, but it was very articulate. In case you're wondering what the "theme" I mentioned in the title to the review is, it's a kiss. "Mad Men" has always been a sex-oriented show, like "House of Cards" or "Game of Thrones." But never before has there been so much in so little time as there was in this episode. And it's not even sex, either; it's a sexual overtone that the episode is wrapped in. For one, it's based somewhat in Rome, a heavily romantic city. Betty has a near-affair, and then sleeps with Don, in addition to being cat-called by some hilariously stereotypical Italian men. Sally kisses Ethan (I think his name is Ethan). Peter has an affair, then sleeps with his wife again. Never before have I seen so much of that in forty minutes of television. Now, I'm not quite smart enough to figure out the point that the theme is trying to make. I'm just smart enough to realize there's a theme.

Overall, it isn't one of the show's best, but it's certainly great.
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There's a small hotel and my review
toadwriter5 October 2009
Did you listen to "There's a Small Hotel" at the end of the show and do you know who performed it?

I am curious because it sounds an awful lot like Vincent Kartheiser (character name Pete Campbell) was the male voice in the duet, and the two of them sounded beautifully, crystal clear. Magnificent.

Give it a listen and tell me if you happen to know who sings it.

Onto the show...

I really enjoy how Mad Men is not completely locked into what transpired in the previous episode; it alleviates the soap opera feeling. It is a continuation none-the-less, but it's much more interesting and streams down various tangents, many times not even coming full circle. It is rather fascinating, and strangely satisfying.

I love every episode and will most-likely rate it 10 out of 10 unless I am really disappointed in the way something plays out... if I think the writing is suspect.

Souvenir is not a suspenseful episode, and it's far from one of he best episodes, but it is strangely exhilarating.

I like the little vacation and the dialog. No spoiler, but you'll see if you haven't already.

I'm curious what others think. All in all, it is probably a forgettable episode that seemed to really just go through the motions, no? I don't recall anything taking place in the office, which is bizarre, and maybe that's part of the disappointment to me. I don't like Joan being where she is. You know what I mean.

Overall, I wasn't impressed, but I still love it. The characters are compelling; the show seems so authentic, and I really like the look. It does not knock my socks off, but it has me hooked. I find myself laughing at the smallest of things; I guess because I get it, or it just makes me happy, maybe both.
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