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The Mentalist 'Red Menace' Review
maine_31022 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
A Lawyer who has devoted his entire life to his client, so much that he is sucked into the dangerous lifestyle of the same client he has sworn to keep out of jail. Sounds familiar? It could have easily been mistaken for an undercover cop changed from the heat of the dangerous-lifestyle and killed when things went wrong. It all in all tasted the same to a typical cop drama, the only difference was Jane and his ability to show the soft crust of a biker's hard surface.

The entire drama dealing with the son being the killer surrounded by the several other decoys was just washed away elements to broaden the plot. There always has to be an indirect assessment to the actual story; a love affair gone wrong and the sob story. I suspected the son initially while he seemed detached from everything and the mother was just too obvious a suspect. They actually kept the son out of the loop, which writers use to draw the viewers attention away from the actual culprit. It doesn't work if you know how the trick works. One would find themselves discovering who did it in a matter of minutes and would grow impatient waiting for the plot to unravel.

The only thing I seemed to be interested in really was Patrick Jane and his relation to the Red John case. Seeing as Bosco was no where around this episode, there probably wasn't any advancements, which also meant that he didn't find the bug Jane planted in his office.

I am really amused by Jane's witty comments, it is what gives you the drive to remain in the passenger seat. Van Pelt and Rigsby also give each episode that lift. When all else fails with an unfavorable case, the interaction in the office is what keeps things going and maintains your interest for the next installment. I really admired how Jane planted the belief that there was a mole and in the end giving the woman her refuge sought. Did he do it for her? Maybe, but I believe in his twisted way, he gets a high off of what he is able to perceive and use everyone as puppets. What if you actually knew someone like him in real, if you didn't already, you really could not keep things away for long.

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Four Stars

Grade B-

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No Paranoia?
darbski24 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
***SPOILERS*** Yup...where's the paranoia? The kind that almost always accompanies conscienceless tyrannical leaders. That's what did in the main man in the "Sinner Saints". The original dead guy got just what he had coming to him; if you saw this episode you'll know what I mean.

The kid's mom was a serious fox (milf), and I had to wonder what in the hell the dork daddy would ignore her for a skank like he did. Drugs, Huh? Now, my thinking was originally that the nutcake sister who wanted revenge was just a red herring, but it is central to the theme of the entire show. That is, revenge, properly directed and finalized is good. I concur. It's when it gets away with one's mental and emotional control that it becomes a burden rather than a solution.

The kid learning how to drive? A little bit of a stretch. A kid who doesn't play "Grand Theft Auto" or one of many "car driving" games has been abolished in society since 1999. All kids want to learn how to drive. His so-called father being dictatorial and absent when the kid needed him takes away a lot of the guilt for his end. The wrong person being blamed? That re-establishes his humanity. I betting he'll get Man2 with a deferral and suspended sentence. The tyrant? Just desserts; not to be mourned. Great acting, pretty good scooter work and photography, liked Grace's knockdown handling of skanki-poo's escape. Note to all who read this: It is totally against any biker code to sit on (or even touch) anyone's ride without permission from the actual owner. Punishment for disobedience of this rule is usually a beatdown. This episode's a 9.
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