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Season 2

6 Sep. 2012
Pretty Pollie
Alex hits pay dirt when a disgruntled boyfriend of a now, high-ranking government minister slips the scoop of the year under Alex's door; sexually explicit photos of the minister in her younger years.
13 Sep. 2012
Hack in Business
Newly reinstated editor Howard Evans sends Alex to interview big time director Gordon Lynch about his new Ned Kelly film. While he's with Gordon, the editor would also like Alex to expose Gordon's rumoured unsavoury auditioning practices.
20 Sep. 2012
One Fine Gay
When high profile footballer Kade Thompson decides to announce his homosexuality in the Sunday Sun, his only request is that a gay writer does the interview. With no gay writers at the Sunday Sun, the editor calls upon Alex to write the story, telling Kade - and Alex - that Alex is gay. But will the editor's ruse affect Alex's chances with the hot new sandwich girl, Jane?
27 Sep. 2012
Rex, Lies & Videotape
Publicist Hope Van Der Boom organises for Alex to do a puff piece on highly volatile actor Lachlan Reid after an audio of Reid berating the sound recordist was secretly leaked online. Visiting him on the set of his latest show, Alex goes out of his way to antagonise Reid in the hope of provoking a rise that's worth reporting. But Alex gets more than he bargained for from Reid's long-suffering co-star Brent Morrison.
4 Oct. 2012
A Bollywood Ending
When the editor buys salacious text messages between married Australian cricket captain Mark Hardy and Indian national Chandrika Patel, he puts Alex on the case to find Chandrika and get an exclusive for the paper. With his broadsheet rival Stuart King breathing down his neck, Alex manages to find Chandrika and convinces her to sell her story to the Sunday Sun for $10,000 and a first class ticket back to Mumbai. It all seems too good to be true until Alex discovers that he has the wrong Chandrika. Will he be able to salvage the situation?
11 Oct. 2012
Bubble Trouble
To promote the new season of the television reality show 'Life in a Bubble', publicist Trudy March has invited Alex along with four other journalists to spend the night in the Bubble House - a secure compound with cameras everywhere. The journalists are stuck in the house together, with no access to phones or computers, while a pair of cameramen talk cinema history and set up cameras on the other side of the walls. When one of the journalists tragically ends up dead, Inspector Thornbury is called in to investigate, and all evidence points to Alex.
18 Oct. 2012
The Naked Chef
When hot-tempered celebrity chef Brad Gordon publicly humiliates Alex's new girlfriend, fellow journalist Marion Jackson, Alex wants to take him down. Gordon, a married man, is rumoured to be a serial philanderer. With that in mind, the editor agrees to fund an undercover surveillance operation so Alex can catch Brad being intimate with his former mistress, Imogen McMahon. Even though her affair with Gordon is over, Alex manages to convince Imogen that a sex scandal is just what her failing acting career needs. And together they work to frame Brad.
25 Oct. 2012
Ben Behaving Badly
Alex and Bob have a reconciliation lunch with Ben Hollander - the actor-singer the Sunday Sun exposed taking drugs and having sex with a prostitute in a public toilet. But Ben has now turned his back on a life of philandering and is getting re-married on the weekend.

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