"The Pillars of the Earth" New Beginnings (TV Episode 2010) Poster

(TV Mini-Series)


Ian McShane: Waleran Bigod


  • Philip : [to Waleran]  Satan tempted Christ at his weakest, after 40 days without food or water. I haven't Christ's strength to resist, Eminence, but you... you do not have Satan's cunning. You have taught me, you see. Politics may be a bargain between beggars, but compromise between good and evil is never possible. God's work does not blend with power or greed. Your moral mortar is corrupt. And the walls of your church will crumble, and the roof will fall. And you and everyone who worships with you will be crushed. I would sooner live out the rest of my days feeding pigs at the monastery than feeding your ravenous ambition.

    Waleran Bigod : You're damned.

  • Regan Hamleigh : We know you wish Jack Jackson dead. If only wishes had knives.

    Waleran Bigod : Dear Lady, I think you miss my point. Because of Jack Jackson's miraculous statue, there are now pilgrims in Kingsbridge. And where there are pilgrims, there is a market. They have a licence. They haven't had a turnout simply because your son burned the fleece fair.

    William Hamleigh : That was your idea.

    Waleran Bigod : Is that an accusation or a compliment?

  • Regan Hamleigh : In the midst of battle, your spy will stab Jack with a dagger dipped in poison. Who's to say he didn't defend his church? There's the added bonus of course of destroying Kingsbridge. What do you think?

    Waleran Bigod : Oh, leave it to Eve every time.

  • Waleran Bigod : God, why hast thou forsaken me?

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