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  • The singer is Heather Small. She was the lead singer for the band M People, before going solo in 2000 with her debut album Proud. The name of the song most often sung on the show is called Proud. Edit

  • Miranda revolves around Miranda (Mirada Hart), an unattractive, gormless and accident prone joke shop owner and social misfit who unwittingly finds herself in strange situations as she struggles with everyday life which she constantly irritates her family, friends and all those around her and also struggles to form romantic relationships with men. The supporting characters in the sitcom are Gary Preston (Tom Ellis) a handsome cook who works at the restaurant next to Miranda's joke shop. Stevie Sutton (Sarah Hadland) Miranda's employee and long-time friend. Penny (Patricia Hodge) Miranda's snobby mother who is disappointed in Miranda and doesn't approve of Miranda running a joke shop. Clive Evans (James Holmes) who owns the restaurant where Gary works and Tilly (Sally Phillips) Miranda's old school friend and a selfish socialite. Edit

  • With the restaurant next door, I guess there are a number of stores on street level with apartments above. It does seem odd with the stairs going up from the shop, but they don't go straight into the apartment. There must also be another entrance to the apartments, and the stairs in the shop are left over from some previous configuration of the building. Edit



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