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MPAA Rated PG for some mild thematic elements

Sex & Nudity

  • Throughout the movie we see shirtless young men and teen boys.
  • A teenage girl's bare torso is visible when she wears a bikini bathing suit top and short shorts.

Violence & Gore

  • A boy discovers a dolphin washed up on a beach: a rope is wrapped around the dolphin and the boy removes some of it, we see small bloody cuts on the dolphin's tail and muzzle and the water around the dolphin turns red as the tide washes over it.
  • A man and two women examine the tail of a dolphin; it appears slightly gangrenous and small healing cuts are visible as the man explains that an infection seems to be spreading.
  • A woman tells a boy that a dolphin is very ill, showing him the dolphin's slightly gangrenous tail.
  • On two occasions we see a dolphin pull away from a boy holding it, and the dolphin thrashes against the wall of a pool, breaking a prosthetic tail into pieces as people shout at the dolphin to calm down.
  • An older woman tells a man that he will have to "put down" a dolphin.
  • A man tells his young daughter and a boy that a dolphin will be euthanized and the girl cries loudly.
  • An older man tells his adult son that it would be sad to see a dolphin euthanized, since the man had experienced the pain of losing his wife.
  • A man tells his daughter and a boy that a dolphin's tail had to be removed because the infection had progressed too far.
  • A girl tearfully tells a boy that a dolphin's tail had to be amputated.
  • A man explains to several women, a boy and his young daughter that a dolphin may become paralyzed if it continues to use its tail in a particular fashion.
  • A boy warns his mother that an otter could bite off her finger.
  • A boy tells his mother that a dolphin had been run over by a boat but will recover fully.
  • A woman sarcastically tells her young son that he could have "been stabbed by a swordfish" or drown in a pool.
  • A woman sarcastically tells her young son that he must wear a seatbelt properly so he does not "face plant through the windshield."
  • A man sarcastically jokes with a woman that spending time with his family makes him want to "sharpen his cutlery."
  • Two women appear visibly upset while one of the women tells her young son that his cousin (the other woman's son) had been injured in an explosion while deployed in the military.
  • A man tells a boy that he is sorry to hear that the boy's cousin had been injured.
  • A boy explains to a dolphin that his cousin had been injured in an explosion.
  • A young man becomes upset when he and his young cousin discuss how his injury from a wartime explosion injured his leg, leaving him unable to use it fully.
  • We see a woman show a boy and a girl an X-Ray of a turtle with a fishhook stuck in its throat and a man then shows the boy the removed fishhook.
  • Wreckage after a large hurricane is seen, and it's intercut with scenes of a boy and his mother cowering in a hallway for protection and a man wrapping a blanket around his daughter's shoulders.
  • A man drops a glass on the ground in front of a young man to prove a point and the glass shatters.


  • "For crying out loud," "doggone," nothing more than that, except one line in a Jason Mraz song, "You're Free"--an upbeat "open up your plans, and damn, you're free."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Two full margarita glasses are seen in front of a man and a woman at a party.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • But younger viewers may be sensitive to a few mildly upsetting scenes.
  • The opening shot of Winter stuck on the beach with a bloody, tied-up tail.
  • The news of an injured character returning home from his deployment.
  • A sequence showing a hurricane hitting central Florida.

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