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Amazed that is has been cancelled !??!?!
dannyjcarr7 June 2011
This show has been one of the best Sci-Fi series to come out for years, I enjoyed Lost but occasionally got "Lost" with it, The Event is not hard to follow, something happened during each episode leaving a cliffhanger and you wanting for the next. I can understand why NBC has cancelled another season due to a plummet in viewing figures, but I cannot understand their thinking, the pilot and subsequent episodes faired really well with great viewing figures, they decide to allow the show to have a 3 month break, without warning the show restarts at a later time in the schedule and on a different night (In the UK it went from 10pm on a Friday to 11.55pm on a Monday), I would not have noticed this, only did due to the fact I had it on series record on satellite TV so was able to resume my viewing, many people I think will have been unaware of this or unable to do this, I just don't think the viewing figures dropped due to it being a bad show, I think bad decisions by NBC and lack of advertising. It was truly an entertaining show, especially the last 7 or 8 episodes of the series when it all kicked off, its like an emotional roller coaster at the beginning you can sympathise with the Aliens and dislike the humans especially the president and his decisions but all that changes, I don't want to go into it too much but I think its a series that anyone could enjoy given a chance. There are the odd annoyances, there are a few plot holes and a few minor irritations i.e. the character Sophia, her acting at time was a bit wooden and emotionless, but I suppose you get people like that in real life, I know some myself. Anyway give it a chance and I am sure you will end up thinking like I do, hope they back another series, don't want to be left in another forever limbo with the fantastic cliffhanger of the final show of the series !
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Isle197021 November 2010
I was too busy at the time of premier to get into the program, but I DVR'd all the episodes for a later date. A couple of weeks ago I watched the first 7 episodes all at once, and have stayed up to date since. I am absolutely addicted to this show now, and will be heartbroken for the 3-month hiatus, and if it is subsequently canceled altogether.

I am taken aback by all the haters and pseudo-intellectuals nit-picking this program to death. There is absolutely nothing so onerously out of joint with this show as to draw that level of ire. And some of us prefer a show that requires our attention instead of our minds drifting to the bills or what we're going to make for dinner tomorrow night. I turn my phone off (anyone old enough to remember turning the house phone ringer off for some mini-series everyone wanted to watch?). I swear, there is a generation that simply refuses to be satisfied with anything. If it is infused with reality, the creators lack imagination. If it is imaginative, it has reality boundaries because their "sophisticated" willful suspension of disbelief must be bought off first. It's a cliquish farce.

Make up your own mind.
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I was amazed, twice.
volk200123 September 2010
The first time, I was amazed for 42 minutes or so, while watching the pilot. No more big brother - but a series that has: -a good cast -good directing -great production -intriguing plot (as it seems) -makes you think (yes, that thing that people do sometimes) -makes you wonder (the thing that makes life a bit more interesting)

Then, I was curious and went on IMDb. And was amazed yet again, for about 10 minutes, while reading the reviews. Out of 14, 13 "reviewers" gave it "2 stars"... People complain that they "couldn't follow up"... You know, sometimes it may worth your while, to actually PAY ATTENTION to what you're doing/watching.

If you liked "Flash Forward", and got disappointed when it was canceled (surely, due to the kind of feedback I just witnessed), you will definitely love this. If they manage to keep up with the anticipation left by the pilot, if they manage not to drain it like they did with "Lost", it has the potential of becoming one of the best series of late.

Cheers, and don't let the facts confuse you.
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My Current MUST-WATCH Show!
jasonrobertbiggs23 May 2011
This is a fantastic show. Excellent cast, spearheaded by the amazing Blair Underwood who plays the African-American President. I'm not too keen on the Sophia character, who seems to have the same facial expression and voice mannerism, regardless of the situation at hand. But the rest of the cast is superb, particularly the President's White House team - they seem to have the gravity and charisma to easily pull off a successful "The West Wing" remake.

The show advertised itself as a "what if '24' and 'Lost' had a baby" TV offspring, and I am definitely getting that vibe. The constant pacing of action and suspense remind me of "24", but with more depth and realism, so it's not as cheesy and convoluted (oh don't get offended, I'm a huge "24" fan but I'll readily admit that "24" had a level of cheesiness and hokiness that was good for unintentional laughs). And the aura of mystery and plot development is reminiscent of "Lost." Admittedly, "Lost" had the more interesting character development, but "The Event" seems to have a stronger, more robust plot that certainly knows where it's headed, which makes me feel as if the writers for "The Event" already have a strong ending in plan many seasons in advance - you brave, disappointed "Lost" fans who hanged on until the series finale know EXACTLY what I'm talking about! There were some painfully sad moments that were very compelling. For example, Agent Lee, who seemingly never ages as a result of his extraterrestrial genes, ran into an elderly woman who was his girlfriend of apparently same age many decades ago, and had to pretend to not recognize his long-lost love for the Greater Good. Those were beautifully done, heart-wrenching scenes.

So far, I have been thoroughly satisfied with this show. Every episode has been great. I can see how someone who joins in midway might get confused and lose interest (of course - this IS a serialized drama!) - so I HIGHLY recommend starting from the first episode and watch at least three episodes. You WILL be hooked, guaranteed.

If this show gets canceled, I'll be hugely disappointed - it would really really say something about us as TV viewers if we allowed disappointing garbage like "Heroes" and "V" to run on for more than a season but allow a high-caliber show like "The Event" with excellent production value and strong plot to go off air. Watch it! You will love it, that is my promise.

Edit: I caught the season finale yesterday - I was THOROUGHLY satisfied with it. It was indeed a wild ride. Without giving anything away, I will just say what I saw in the last few seconds give me hope that we are in for a VERY exciting and compelling second season - that is, if the show's still on the air. Come on, NBC execs, don't let us down!
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Great! When the 2 season will be ready?
hristo_betafest18 May 2011
A different and great scenario! Why they do not produce more movies like this, different than the "emo trash" ..vampire stories and scraps like this, which are only pointed for the teens. After "24", "Flash forward" there is a lack of good TV serials. Great actors work, the scenario sway the minds. I suggest the producers to look more in the ratings in the other countries, because they are also a "market" :-) I think NBC has made the right decision to give a credit to the crew filming the serial,so please give them another for filming next season. All Europe is with you:-)) We want more, We want more, we want more!!! Personally I want to see what will happened if the aliens make it to Earth! Just my opinion! The conspiracy is like a narcotic for the audience.
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the best show since prison break
sarmad-g11 May 2011
This is definitely the best show since prison break. I have to admit that the first few episodes of the event were no where near as how good and extremely intriguing and exciting it has become up to the 20th episode!! As a result of the first few episodes not being good enough for some, there has been a dramatic fall in the number of viewers. BUT if all of the viewers carried on watching until now, i am very sure they would find it very difficult to ignore. What has made it better in the second half of the season is that the plot has changed, there are so many twists, its almost the perfect show to watch. Its nothing like I've seen before in terms of the ET stuff, etc! i cant wait for the last 2 episodes. I thought that there would never ever be a show as good as prison break, ever!! This show is definitely the one. I really, really want a season 2!!!
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Finally an Original Show to be glued too...each week is better than the last!
cambodimerican2423 October 2010
For those who've seen many of the other hit shows (I hate to mention it but Lost being one of them...)will be getting a fresh new concept in that this show is as contemporary as things can get...I myself am very intrigued in the way the underlying plot ties into real-world conspiracy and extraterrestrial questions. From the Pilot to every episode released each week the suspense and edge-of-your-seat tension continues to have you glued to the television set waiting for more to be answered. The continuity of the plot is masterful in what I can only describe is something like Christopher Nolan's movie Inception or how the movie Vantage Point cleverly sequenced each cut to finally reveal the truth. The flashbacks and snippets of each character are revealed more and more through brief yet significant cuts. The cast and acting is superb in my opinion. For those who go in wanting to see a more "Lost" like plot should stray away as this is a totally different genre. Too many viewers complain that the cuts are confusing and that they don't reveal enough but this show wouldn't be as original and intriguing if every flashback gave you 100% of what each character was about. Each flashback lasts about a minute or so and does just enough to provide you with another small piece of what The Event is all about without being so info-packed to confuse even the most close-minded viewers. Whats the point of watching the show if the creator gave you the beginning, middle, and end all at once? Don't just take my word for it, go and watch it yourself and see how each episode takes you on a thrill-ride that you wish will never end. I give The Event a 10 out of 10 so far...the best Sci-Fi/Conspiracy Theory show out today
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I enjoyed it!
tinojr22 September 2010
Though some believe it was a bit "busy" and didn't enjoy the flashbacks, this is something a lot of shows or series for that matter are doing. Though it seems confusing at the time its a set up so that in future shows you say,"so that's what that was about, now I get it." It leaves the viewer acknowledging these little "treasures" that give explanation to something previously seen. It wouldn't be any fun if everything was explained as the show progressed. It's the show that makes us think & piece together information viewed so we can try and figure how things are connected and then when revealed we either are proud ewe got it right or realize we didn't take all the facts into account and got it wrong. It almost makes the show an "interactive" experience & then we sit a discuss it with co-workers trying to figure it out. I guess more lazy minded viewers would like it explained bit this way its so much more exciting.You wouldn't want a mystery novel to tell you the killer or meaning of the clues in the first chapter, you read on to see how it relates.These are just my opinions, everyone else has a right to theirs. I loved it.
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This Show Got Lucky
lurksindarkness18 November 2010
So, I had no intention of watching this show. The previews prior to its premiere kind of turned me off. For me, there were aspects of the premise that were too played out to make it worth my time. However, my TV just happened to be on the channel this show comes on and nothing else good had started yet so I stuck it out. The ending of the first episode made me want to know what would happen next. It took until the 3rd episode to get me hooked. Now, I love it. Yeah, the cutting in and out was problematic at first, but I'm a fast learner. The acting, in my opinion, is largely very good. I think it's smartly written and well paced. I will be honest, though. If I didn't have DVR I wouldn't have stuck this show out long enough to find that I like it because Lie To Me comes on in the same time slot. It did take a while to warm up and get into a groove that wasn't so chaotic and confusing, but now I can't wait to see what happens next.
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Getting more and more disillusioned
mike_brunton17 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, okay ,okay, as a long time fan of sci-fi and fantasy the whole plot of the Event is really great. Yes, not in a clever mind-shattering way, but a solidly interesting premise. 97 'beings' with 99% of our own DNA crash land on earth in 1944. Kept in captivity for 60 odd years things are clearly starting to unravel. So far, so freakin' great. However, as another reviewer mentioned, writers seriously have to stop dishing out the same old, same old crap plot devices to carry a story. The cellphone is dead.........duh....the evil agent who gunned down a whole office is left with a little bonk on his head ,so he can promptly get up and chase them for another 3 minutes of 'exciting action'. In real life either the hero, who acts like Indiana Jones one moment or Doofus Dunderbolt the next or the agent who had just seen her entire office gunned down who would have double tapped him twice in the head and once in the heart for safety, I mean really!!!!!!!!!! I don't know if it's just too 'PG' for me, or the writers just aren't cool enough. The hero lacks real charisma and believability as said before and so far there are precious few other characters to care about...... The writers really need to drink a few shots of tequila with worms in it and take the gloves off,,,or just watch HOUSE..where a charismatic lead can carry a whole show, I really don't think the producers or directors know the direction they are taking our computer whizz-kid genius, who obviously will turn out to be an alien child,baby as well !
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commando_jb21 October 2010
At first when I saw all the hype for this show, I was afraid to watch it and when I would watch it, that I would be disappointed. I was completely wrong. Within minutes of watching the pilot, I was a bit overwhelmed by the suddenness of the action and flashbacks that were in the show but, I was able to catch on to what was going on within minutes!! It's a show that makes you think! It's stimulating, and yes if you miss a part of the show you will be lost! But, that's what makes it a great show. Never a dull moment. They've put so much detail and thought into each episode that for the first time, in a long time, I can watch a show and NOT know what to expect every episode. It seems like we've all fell into this rut when it comes to t.v. shows. There are tons of great comedy shows, tons of drama/investigation shows and too many "reality" TV shows. It's been awhile since we've had a good scifi/thriller/action show and, I believe the EVENT is it. We've all gotten to the point where we allow the television to watch us and not the other way around. I'm finally watching t.v. again! The event is surprising, it's suspenseful and has a ton of action!

The cast seemed odd to me at first (as so many good actors from different acting backgrounds are in this ) but, as the show goes on, these actors seem to be in their prime! I believe every actor and the characters that they play.

I've read a bit of negative reviews on the show and, I only hope that people give it a chance. When Lost, or the X-Files or any great scifi show started, they didn't get the best results in their first season, but, we know that they are now considered some of the best scifi shows ever made. I feel that the Event may become part of the list and like so many other shows before it, will have a long running time on the air.
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Stale cookie... *may contain spoilers*
malaidoskop26 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I just finished watching the event and it felt like chewing a stale cookie. I am a real die hard sci-fi fan, but this show was somehow full of plot holes and finally *spoiler* in the last episode the event itself was mentioned and it was a non-event...

So Sophia's people are basically just 2 billion individuals. If they'd come to China and India, nobody would even NOTICE the surplus of 2 billion people. Currently we have 7 billion, by 2020 we'll have 10 billion anyway, so why are 2 billion aliens a big problem? They certainly have technology and knowledge to trade for land?

Of course this show needs to have it all: aliens, government conspiracies, secret templar like organizations (Dan Brown), weird Frenchmen, killers with a conscience and "I am your father, Luke" type daddy issue stories.

The US president Martinez can make all sorts of global decisions without involving the Russians and the Chinese. He also seems to be rather lazy, because he has all the time in the world to take care of all sorts of minor things himself. According to the screenwriter of this show, the president only does some cocktail parties and he meets for one meeting a day with his chief of staff and generals. Cool job! He has the time to lounge around at the hospital.

Of course all doctors - even scientists not working with humans - have stethoscopes around their necks and their acting is telenovela level at best.

Simon Lee always gets out of dangerous situations looking dapper without a stain of dirt on him. Very cool superpower!

Still Zeljko Ivanek, Bill Smitrovich and Laura Innes are great actors and I also like Ian Anthony Dale. The show is fun to watch.
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THIS is what constitutes passable television programming?
redemption3792723 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
JUST SO WE'RE CLEAR, it's a show about some dude whose girlfriend goes missing, which segues into his hijacking a plane flown by his would-be father-in-law to stop an assassination attempt on the President that ultimately gets sucked into a wormhole…and at some point months ago, there was a panel of execs at NBC who heard that and said 'Consider it green-lit!'

It's worth pointing out that I had to rate this '1-star' because there's no option for none. There's a lack of cohesion practically everywhere, which wastes somewhat decent performances by Jason Ritter and Laura Innes, who can't possibly be taking this very seriously themselves. I think THE ONLY WAY this could be even somewhat redeeming is if the creators embrace the absolute absurdity of the circumstances and continue to just throw the most random crap our way. Maybe if they include pirates, tornadoes, Steven Seagal, killer hookers, gigantic Micro Machines, Johnny 5, Roseanne, the '69 Mets, Jeffrey Ross and a cymbal- clapping monkey might I even think about considering this a worthy- enough investment of my time. I highly doubt this will happen, about as much as I doubt this will culminate into something close to relevant.
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Poor show
riqardo-neves1 October 2011
What a terrible series. The writers really messed this up, I was hating the good guys and hoping the aliens would kill them all. Everything was totally predictable (after +/- episode 10). Sean Walker (Jason Ritter) must be the worst hero I have ever seen...I was hoping for his quick demise after two or three episodes.

Watching the last six or seven episodes was pure agony. You will wish for you life to be over rather than watch this garbage. The story was dragged out too much. The logic was illogical. The "hero" knew more about what an agent did than the agent. I was so relieved to find out that this show was cancelled.

The only positive is that the acting is pretty decent.
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Unique concept with adrenaline-pumping action!
msmonicatan28 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Honestly when i first saw the first few minutes of this pilot episode, I started to think maybe this could be somewhat unrealistic. For example, the airplane scene. How on earth did they get guns on board?? I am not going to give names in case i give away too much.

But laziness stopped me from switching the button and i watched on and on and on and then i realize, that the plot behind it actually has a much bigger mastermind to it and involves a lot of things happening at once. That doesn't mean its bad. It just means the writer and producers HAD BETTER explain and come to a conclusion with EVERY loose end they put out there. Otherwise, its damn interesting and addictive and now I am already on the last episode and CAN'T WAIT for Feb when the show returns!

The flashbacks aren't a problem for me AS LONG as the writers DO NOT make it like LOST. Hell, there's a fine line between staying focused and interested, and then there is just plain draining and exhausting to watch. And that was the case with Lost. So please guys, keep THE EVENT moving fast! Keep the flashbacks to a minimum if possible!

Acting wise, great for some. The ones that do it for me are Blake Sterling as the Head of CIA. That dude may be tiny but he sure is a force to be reckoned with. Thomas as the alien gone bad, and Vicky Roberts cos she's so hot! If The Event is able to withhold the audience's interests and keep us hooked with fresh, shocking twists for the rest of the hopefully many more seasons to come, and basically do what they have been doing for the 1st season, then i see this show lasting for as long as Lost did.
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What a Mess!
rffp4 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
One word summarizes The Event: Unbelievable. First, because the plot has no credibility whatsoever, the myriad plot holes increases with every episode. Second, how on Earth, did anyone come up with this and actually get it aired? The first episode was awfully confusing to the point that it became boring. The many flashforwards, flashbacks and other artifices accomplished only a headache.

Then came the airplane subplot, where the writers made a monumental mess. How did the passengers/crew become infected? It seemed to be after the crash, since our protagonist did not become sick as he outran (!) the approaching helicopters. And we never understood if these helicopters belonged to the conspirators, the aliens or the government? And what was that atrocious cover up story of the plane crash? It disappeared in the Brazilian forest? Well, planes have crashed in the Amazon forest and actually have been found after days, specially one that would be probably be monitored by the Manaus radar in Brazil. How the US government would handle the Brazilian authorities to cover up their story? On a flight from the USA to Brazil, expect the majority of the passengers to be Brazilian and not Americans. So this would immediately draw the attention of Brazilian press and government! And then we find out that a Brazilian separatist movement was responsible for poisoning the passengers/crew! Do we have such movement here? I don't think so. But, since the USA is governed by a native Cuban from a Democrat / Republican alliance, I came to the belief that The Event takes place in a parallel Earth where all these bizarre things exist.

The plane plot is just one of the problems with this show. The authors do not have a hint of where they are going. They are more interested in creating far-fetched subplots with a lot of mindless action, paranoid conspiracy theories involving evil assassins and shadow players than rather making these minor stories glue together into a major credible story.

For instance, Jason Ritter's character manages to rescue his girlfriend and then decides to drive aimlessly through the USA. What is his main strategy? With what resources is he going to accomplish anything? It is completely ludicrous.

If The Event actually outlast a show like Jericho, it shall be one of the greatest injustices of TV shows.
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Confusion reigns supreme
carlabrams21 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
My wife and I bought into the hype of the commercials, which made the show look interesting. We then made the mistake of watching the show.

The plot holes were so incredibly painful it wasn't funny.

So we have Sean Walker (played by Jason Ritter) on a plane - and he manages to get a gun onto the plane. Seriously? So you're asking us to completely suspend reality in the opening scene, because apparently the writers have never been through an airport security screening. Fine, then we go back in time to have a flashback. Cool - we need some set-up.

So Sean and his soon-to-be fiancé' Leila Buchanan (played by Sarah Roemer) are going on a cruise. Leila is a single mom, with her daughter being left with Leila's parents. Okay, fine. Then we flash forward. Then we flash back. That continues happening all throughout the whole episode - and basically ruined the whole episode.

Let's see - what other reality breaks were taken? I can handle Blair Underwood portraying a President. Except that his character, Elias Martinez, apparently was a Cuban refugee, based upon the comments made, which means he's not eligible to BE President of the United States.

In another scene, we have Sean on the plane, standing around being full of angst because he's trying to get into the cockpit of the plane. (Which is going to be 'crashed' into the President by Leila's father, in order to obtain the release of his granddaughter from kidnappers, even after his wife was killed in front of him...) Just so happens that there's an Air Marshal on the plane. Sean is distracted - Air Marshal has a clear shot at him. It would screw things up, but the Air Marshal isn't going to say, "Drop your gun!". He's going to put two into center of mass, one into the head, and take out the hijacker.

Oh, and in another flashback, Leila stayed on the cruise ship because she wasn't feeling well. Sean, who was supposed to be proposing to her, goes snorkeling with another woman that he'd rescued. He gets back onto the cruise ship and suddenly his key doesn't work for his room, someone else is in there, and the ship doesn't show any record of being on there. Except, of course, that also shows that the writers have never been on a cruise ship, either. When you come back onto a cruise ship after having been ashore, you have to swipe your card to get through security just to get back ON the ship. If his card didn't work on the room, it wouldn't work to get him onto the ship in the first place.

Oh, and obviously if the President has an IQ higher than room temperature, he's going to figure out that when the head of the CIA and his Vice-President, who were supposed to be at his speech and mysteriously weren't there when suddenly there was an assassination attempt is going to have something to talk about. And we won't even talk about the failure of the Secret Service as shown. The President would have been simply picked up, thrown into that car, and it would have been squealing tires to get out of there, regardless of what was going on - instead of suddenly everyone just sitting there watching an airplane heading at them.

I notice that here on IMDb that they have 8 episodes of this made. I'll be amazed if they all actually air.
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It's all about the questions, and undivided attention...
vengx13 October 2010
Some viewer commentary on a popular pity-less TV website had complaints about not being able to browse the web or even play virtual farming games while 'watching' "The Event". I'll grant that this show requires some serious commitment beyond just allowing it to display on one of your glowing rectangles. You'll need to completely dedicate not only your viewing attention but also your entire uninterrupted cognitive focus for the duration of the program. Let either of these lapse, even for a few seconds, and you might as well have not even bothered to break away from harvesting your crops or sending text messages on your phone.

Perhaps watching a series should be entertainment more so than work, but the sort of entertainment achieved only through considerable effort may be ultimately more rewarding. The video-game generation should be able to relate to this idea. However, given the amount of multi-tasking and attention-dividing that goes on nowadays, "The Event" will probably at best be able to hold only a niche audience for whatever duration it might last.

I watch "The Event" in a dark room with my attention laser-focused. I download the show the day after it is broadcast from a popular online store. This provides the ultimate distraction-less experience, since there are no ads, network logos, or video overlays reminding me to watch the next episode of "The Biggest Loser". I watched the first three episodes in immediate succession, and found it to be gripping, well- acted, and with good production values.

For some people, the most intriguing topics in life are those which don't really have any answers. Even for some of those topics which prove to ultimately have answers, the fun ends when the answers are found - unless it is later discovered that the answers were wrong. If you can muster fulfillment from riding the high of merely raising questions that are teased out in an intricate complex fashion, while also dealing with the tug-of-war that goes on when answers seem within grasp, but then are pulled away... then, you might be able to have some sort of positive experience from viewing "The Event". If all of this sounds too exhausting, you're probably right and you're definitely not alone.
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purrlgurrl7 October 2010
Somehow the show's creators think flashback = suspense. Wrong. In this show they are just a distraction and annoyance. I see they really cut back on them in Episode 3, and that's a good move. Now they need to really juice up the scripts.

I've watched the first three episodes and, well, I'm bored. It's not that the show doesn't have some A-list cast members doing their best (Innes, Underwood, Ivanek, Collins), but even they can't breathe life into a storyline that's just ho hum. Every one of them deserves better material.

The Jason Ritter character and his girlfriend are there to appeal to a young audience, I guess, but are really a tired and uninteresting plot device. Every time the show switches to their little saga, I channel surf (and often watch another network's commercials).

I'll watch one more episode, but if things don't pick up that will be the last.

It will be a surprise if this show finishes its first season.
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Could have been great, but it's not
pool138 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Some reviewers cannot understand why this series has been canceled. To be honest, i can.

The story is OK enough, but the series suffers from a number of problems.

First of all, they never get the pacing right. Most of the episodes are split between 2 separate story arcs. One of them, the Sean-side is mostly very boring. The first episodes are OK, but later on i caught myself skipping whole sections of an episode, because Sean and his accomplices don't get stuff done or its just uninteresting and pointless, what they do most of the time. It doesn't advance the story. They lurk around in the dark, and are following leads which often don't explain anything. Most of the time its just stuffing. Only in the last 2 or 3 episodes this pace picks up a little bit. The president story arc is much more interesting and often interrupted with the slow paced Sean-arc(Further reduced in watchability due to the horrible performance of Sarah Roemer).

Another problem are the very wooden and unconvincing performances of the whole cast. 2 or 3 of them are doing an OK job, but primary Leila has only one look, and one emotion. In every scene may it be sad, agitated or happy, she just looks like she's about to laugh.

That's awkward at its best, and unbelievable at its worst.

The story arc is spread over to many episodes. A good writer could have told this story with a good suspension arc and pace with half of the 22 episodes.

In the end, i'm not really sure what this series is trying to tell us, if anything at all. We are all selfish and aggressive bastards? We know that already. Benevolent aliens are better than us? No, they turn into us and plan a genocide.

The event is only mentioned at the end of the first season, and literally has little to do with everything that has happened in the first season. There are 2 or 3 connections but thats it.

The bottom line is, that "The Event" is slow paced, in times boring and uninspired, the performances are wooden and unbelievable and the story arc stretched extra thin to fill 22 episodes.

If you can see it on TV, you can do that, but i wouldn't pay money for it.
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Stick a fork in it!
bacchae222 November 2010
It's toast.

When I saw (mid)"season finale" at the end of tonight's episode... I said to myself--"hiatus!" And as we all know, that's showbiz teevee talk for dead in the water.

I mean really...writing this bad does not belong on network TV in the 21st century. No wonder cable kicks their ass. I have been a science fiction fan all of my life. I enjoy popular entertainment. But this mess of a series with several actors that I normally admire who deserve much better material is a great disappointment.

Are they really aliens? *yawn* (And isn't that a sad commentary on what should be an exhilarating human discovery?) Did the creators ever watch Lost or The X-Files, intelligently written series that handled this sort of material in a compelling fashion? 'Suspense' should not provoke annoyance. Dialogue should not provoke groans and eye rolling. Actors should not look so embarrassed with the material that they can't wait for it to end no matter what they say to the press.

I was not a "Heroes" fan, but to replace that, at least, fairly competent show with something this atrocious is completely baffling to me. Who green lights something so bad it brings ever decreasing returns every time it airs? Maybe a few network v.p.s or programmers who gave the go ahead for this will be on their way out as well.

We're in a mini neo golden age of TV again with incredibly well written, directed, acted programs like Mad Men and Breaking Bad given to us by AMC who used to show nothing but Maria Montez movies! and NBC, a 'real' network once upon a time, gives us a throwback to the worst kind of scifi schlock, with wooden acting, cliché plotting, and pitiful writing and directing. What were you thinking? I know there are talented writers out here--why employ hacks?! I am sorry for Laura Innes and the other actors who have had previous successful series and I wish you something better in the near future.
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Can't wait till next Monday!
carrielynncarter27 September 2010
The Event got much better the second week and has all of the components of a great show. I don't mind the jumping around. It reminds me of a movie called Vantage Point. This is the type of Sci Fi that we need more of! I love stories that are plausible, covered-up, going on around us without our knowledge and yet affect the future of the human race. I am also pleased that the plot is moving along quickly and not dragged out like Lost. In the second episode we were given quite a bit of new information that keeps me wanting more. The trick will be to see if they can give the characters depth and keep giving us answers to get us invested in the plot.
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Great Show !!
sshh54622 September 2010
Of all the great shows aired in the past 5 years The pilot episode has been Amazing and spot on . Lost , Prison break , Breaking bad etc. In my view this show is gonna succeed . Lot of reviews said it was incoherent , mixed up , lot of stability issues but i say it will be a big success . As i have always Have been a fan of science fiction shows that's the reason i liked the pilot episode . Pilot episode was always gonna be a bit tricky and suspenseful but these things will be cleared as the show proceeds . First Season will be a great hit . At least the pilot episode is worth watching . Plus the characters are fresh who knows this could be the next "LOST" . Also There should be more shows aired of this genre .
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Looks Like a big winner
dgreatgnazzini21 September 2010
As an avid fan of science fiction as well as action / adventure, I turned on the "The Event" Pilot last evening.

It definitely captured my attention. The concept of a conspiracy, interlaced with intrigue, and science fiction will keep me tuned in for hopefully many more seasons.

I was very disappointed that V, Flash-Forward, Surface, and for that matter The Invaders, Star Trek, X-Files, etc. were cancelled.

These are the types of programs that should be on TV. Shows that actually make you think, or present new ideas to the public.

Please no more of the mindless drivel from contemporary programming (Biggest Loser, Apprentice, and my personal NOT favorite Deal or No Deal)
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I like it!
otrohd19317 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Let me begin by saying i have never seen Lost!, so my review is not in any way affected by that series. I was initially irritated by all the time jumping that went on (and continues to go on) in the pilot/Episode 1. As the plot has developed I have become more interested in finding out just how the main characters ended up in the situations in which they find themselves in "real time", and the time jumping accomplishes that nicely.

The plot is not easy. This is not for casual viewing while you read a book. You will get lost. Whether the plane disappearing at the end of the pilot is "The Event" or not is not apparent through the first 4 episodes, but with each episode, the info that is revealed about the characters and situations in the show becomes more and more fascinating, and the suspense created by the lack of knowing who are the good guys and the bad guys continues to escalate. The science fiction aspect with the aliens who landed in 1944 and are only 1% different from us in their DNA adds to the whole mystique and must surely be a tremendous key to the whole thing.

Unlike some other reviews I have seen, I think the writing is crisp and edgy much like 24 (which i have only seen on rare occasions). The acting is superb. I find myself really waiting impatiently for the next episode. They've got me hooked and I seriously want to find out what is going on here!
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